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Western UnionThe Five AmericansCD20
The Best of Metrobeat!Various Artists12" Vinyl14
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Live May 11, 1968H.P. LovecraftCD8
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Tube City! The Best of The Trashmen!The TrashmenCD20
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Breakout...!!!Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsCD13
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Surf & Drag, Volume 2: More Sounds From the Beach and Strip!Various ArtistsCD20
At The River's Edge (Remastered)The New Colony SixCD22
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I Want OutThings to ComeCD18
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Twist & Shout!The Isley BrothersCD15
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Bustin' SurfboardsThe TornadoesCD15
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The Kingsmen in PersonThe KingsmenCD15
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Volume 2The KingsmenCD15
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Volume 3The KingsmenCD15
Sock It to MeMitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsCD13
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Sundazed SamplerVarious ArtistsCD25
Lose Your MindThe Third Bardo7" Vinyl4
SEP 106
Dirty WaterThe StandellsCD15
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Foolish Little GirlThe ShirellesCD12
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The Great Lost Trashmen Album!The TrashmenCD16
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Since We've Been GoneThe KingsmenCD12
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It Ain't Me BabeThe TurtlesCD14
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The Turtles Present the Battle of the BandsThe TurtlesCD14
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Choir PracticeThe ChoirCD18
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Intoxica!!! The Best of the RevelsThe RevelsCD19
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On CampusThe KingsmenCD15
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Up and AwayThe KingsmenCD15
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The Hot Ones!The StandellsCD15
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Try ItThe StandellsCD15
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The Inner MystiqueThe Chocolate Watch BandCD12
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One Step BeyondThe Chocolate Watch BandCD11
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ColonizationThe New Colony SixCD15
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All Mitch Ryder Hits!Mitch RyderCD13
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You BabyThe TurtlesCD14
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Happy TogetherThe TurtlesCD14
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Sing "A Lover's Concerto" and "Attack!"The ToysCD14
Why Pick on MeThe StandellsCD15
Nancy in London (stereo)Nancy SinatraCD15
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How Does That Grab You? (stereo)Nancy SinatraCD15
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On the BandstandBuck OwensCassette14
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On the BandstandBuck OwensCD14
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I Don't CareBuck Owens and His BuckaroosCD14
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Surfin’ BirdThe TrashmenCD16
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You're for MeBuck OwensCD14
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The GO Sound of the Slots!The Revells(unknown)12
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Beyond the GarageBonniwell Music MachineCD20
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Trip Thru HellC.A. QuintetCD19
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Penetration! The Best of the PyramidsThe PyramidsCD20
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Introducing... The E-TypesThe ’E’ TypesCD22
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Born to Be BurnedThe Great SocietyCD17
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Feel... The VejtablesThe VejtablesCD17
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Sit Down... It's the Mojo MenThe Mojo MenCD18
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Introducing the Beau BrummelsThe Beau BrummelsCD14
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Volume 2The Beau BrummelsCD14
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Buck OwensBuck OwensCD14
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I’ve Got a Tiger by the TailBuck Owens and His BuckaroosCD14
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Before You Go / No One But YouBuck Owens And His BuckaroosCD14
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BootsNancy SinatraCD15
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Sugar (stereo)Nancy SinatraCD15
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ArmageddonThe MazeCD13
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Out of ControlThe CrossfiresCD16
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Bombora!The Original SurfarisCD12
Surf War: The Battle of the Surf GroupsVarious ArtistsCD12
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The Moth ConfessesThe Neon PhilharmonicCD14
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The Instrumental Hits of Buck Owens and His BuckaroosBuck Owens and His BuckaroosCD14
Whys Ain't Supposed to BeThe Mojo MenCD21
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The GesturesThe GesturesCD16
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Bow Street RunnersBow Street RunnersCD10
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The Best of the New DimensionsThe New DimensionsCD22
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Country, My Way (stereo)Nancy SinatraCD14
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Something HappeningPaul Revere and the RaidersCD14
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SuperSneakers (Reissue, Remastered)Flamin’ GrooviesCD17
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Revolution!Paul Revere and the RaidersCD14
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Is You Is Or Is You Ain't?Huelyn Duvall12" Vinyl13
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Rebel Kind: The Best of Dino, Desi and BillyDino, Desi & BillyCD20
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Save for a Rainy Day (stereo / mono)Jan & DeanCD23
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FlashbacksThe FuzztonesCD22
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Movin’ With NancyNancy SinatraCD15
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Movin’ With NancyNancy SinatraCD15
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A Session With the RemainsThe RemainsCD13
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Sing All BiggiesThe CrestsCD16
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Out of LimitsThe MarkettsCD15
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Turtle SoupThe TurtlesCD14
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Wooden HeadThe TurtlesCD13
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Go Sidewalk Surfing!The ChallengersCD14
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The Spirit of '67Paul Revere and the RaidersCD14
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Hey Little CobraThe Rip ChordsCD15
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Three Window CoupeThe Rip ChordsCD15
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Satisfaction GuaranteedThe Mourning Reign7" Vinyl4
SEP 115
Volume OneThe West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandCD22
  • US1997-06-17
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You Turn Me On! / Ian Whitcomb's Mod, Mod Music Hall...Ian WhitcombCD28
  • -1997-08-16
IfyoubelieveinBryan MacLeanCD16
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Christmas with Buck OwensBuck Owens and His BuckaroosDigital Media12
  • US1997-10-05
Present TenseSagittariusCD20
  • US1997-10-28
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