Crystal KnightCrystal KnightVinyl10
Shooting at the SunThunderCD11STC2003-15055131000011
Mo's BarbequeBowes & Morley(unknown)11STC2004-15055131000042
I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll (CD1)ThunderCD2STC2004-35055131000066
I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll (CD2)ThunderCD3STC2004-45055131000073
The Magnificent SeventhThunderCD11STC2005-15055131000097
Six ShooterThunderCD6STC2005-65055131000127
Robert Johnson's TombstoneThunder2×CD11 + 4STC2006-3, STC2006-45055131000172
Robert Johnson's TombstoneThunder(unknown)11STC2006-35055131000172
The Devil Made Me Do It (CD1)ThunderCD2STC2006-55055131000189
The Devil Made Me Do It (CD2)ThunderCD3STC2006-65055131000196
Six Of One...ThunderCD6STC2007-25055131000233
The Joy Of SixThunderCD6STD2008-25055131000301
20 Years and Out: The Farewall Tour - Live! Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 10.07.09Thunder2×CD9 + 7CLCD1975060158731282
20 Years and Out: The Farewell Tour - Live! Hammersmith Apollo, London, 11.07.2009Thunder2×CD9 + 8CLCD1985060158730865
Rough & ReadyThunder4×CD9 + 8 + 9 + 6STC2011-1[none]
A CD By Danny & BenDanny and BenCD10STC2011-3