Twenty One Hit WondersVarious ArtistsCD20
C5CD 607
The EP Collection, Volume TwoThe VenturesCD26
SEECD 3635014661036334
Fever Tree / Another Time Another PlaceFever TreeCD20
SEECD 3645014661036433
The Great British Psychedelic Trip Vol. 3 1965–1970Various ArtistsCD24
SEE CD 365
KitesSimon Dupree & The Big SoundCD20
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I’m A Moody GuyShane Fenton & The FentonesCD20
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Mēan and MoodyChris SpeddingCD15
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Space Cabaret / Open SpacesCMUCD14
SEECD 3735014661037331
The Very Best Of The EqualsThe EqualsCD25
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The Chess EP CollectionVarious ArtistsCD25
The Other Side of Billy FuryBilly FuryCD22
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The Best of Dave BerryDave BerryCD20
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The Blues of Otis Spann... PlusOtis SpannCD16
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A Raise of Eyebrows / As He StandsRon GeesinCD30
SEECD 4335014661043332
The Ultimate JourneyQuicksilver Messenger ServiceCD12
SEECD 615014661006139
Tonite Let's All Make Love in London... PlusPink FloydCD4
Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London… PlusPink FloydCD3
SFM 25014661000298
Spring…plusAmerican SpringCD16
  • GB1994-03-31
SEE CD 2695014661026939
The EP CollectionFats DominoCD24
  • GB1994-12-01
Indian Reservation - The Best OfDon FardonCD24
  • GB1994-12-16
Walk, Don’t Run / The VenturesThe VenturesCD24
Another Smash!!! / The Colourful VenturesThe VenturesCD24
Twist With The Ventures / Twist Party, Volume 2The VenturesCD24
C5HCD 6215014661562130
The EP Collection, Volume 2 ...plusJerry Lee LewisCD29
SEECD 3975014661039731
The Definitive Downliners Sect: Singles – A's & B'sDownliners SectCD29
  • -1994
SEECD 3985014661039830
Growers of Mushroom...plusLeaf HoundCD10
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Swaddling SongsMellow CandleCD12
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Stack Waddy / Bugger Off! (Abridged)Stack WaddyCD21
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A Candle for Judith / TractorThe Way We Live / TractorCD16
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Case History... PlusKevin CoyneCD11
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Soundtrack / The Asmoto RunningPrincipal Edwards Magic TheatreCD15
SEECD 4125014661041239
Siren / Strange LocomotionSirenCD23
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Ear of BeholderLol CoxhillCD19
His Twangy Guitar / The RebelsDuane EddyCD10
SEECD 4175014661041734
Stack Waddy / Bugger Off!Stack WaddyCD21
  • -1995
Guitar Freakout / Super PsychedelicsThe VenturesCD24
The EP CollectionThe HolliesCD22
SEE CD 945014661009437
The EP CollectionGerry & the PacemakersCD22
SEE CD 955014661009536
London ’66–’67Pink FloydCD2
SFMDP 35014661990032
Tracks… PlusHeads Hands & FeetCD12
  • GB1996-06-16
SEECD 4595014661045930
Swamp Rock / Hawaii Five‐OThe VenturesCD23
  • GB1996-07-29
C5HCD 6475014661564738
Keats ... PlusKeatsCD11
SEECD 4475014661044735
EP Collection...PlusJohn Lee HookerCD24
  • -1996-09-29
Psychedalia: Rare Blooms from the English Summer of LoveVarious ArtistsCD22
SEECD 4635014661046333
Underground Fire / Hollywood Metal Dinamic Sound 3000The Ventures(unknown)24
C5HCD 6365014661563632
Joy! The Ventures Play the Classics / Latin AlbumThe VenturesCD25
C5HCD 6385014661563830
Flights of Fantasy / The Ventures in SpaceThe VenturesCD24
C5HCD 6445014661564431
Future Legends / Seven SecretsFruuppCD13
C5HCD 6455014661564530
The Prince Of Heaven’s Eyes / Modern MasqueradesFruuppCD13
C5HCD 6465014661564639
Theme From Shaft / The HorseThe VenturesCD24
C5HCD 6515014661565131
Someone to Give My Love To / Ain't Gonna Take No for an AnswerFrank IfieldCD23
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The First Class / The First Class "SST"...PlusThe First ClassCD23
SEECD 4435014661044339
Solo Casting… PlusWilliam LyallCD12
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The EP CollectionThe TroggsCD22
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Heads Hands & FeetHeads Hands & FeetCD15
SEECD 4585014661045831
A Gift From Euphoria (Reissue)EuphoriaCD15
SEECD 4655014661046531
Drummin' Up a Storm / Compelling PercussionSandy NelsonCD16
Plays Teen Beat / He's a Drummer BoySandy NelsonCD24
The Shadows VocalsThe ShadowsCD20
  • XE1997-04-25
SEE CD 475
Birtha / Can't Stop the MadnessBirthaCD19
  • GB1997-05-06
SEECD 4745014661047439
The Ventures Play the "Batman" Theme / T.V. ThemesThe VenturesCD24
  • GB1997-07-08
C5HCD 6535014661565339
John FarrarJohn FarrarCD9
  • GB1997-07-28
SEECD 4845014661048436
Southern Delight / Barefoot JerryBarefoot JerryCD21
  • GB1997-07-28
The EP Collection Vol. 2Fats DominoCD26
  • GB1997-08-05
SEECD 4555014661045534
New Testament / More Golden GreatsThe VenturesCD24
C5HCD 6525014661565230
Play Guitar / Play Guitar, Volume 2The VenturesCD33
C5HCD 654
Rock Dreams / VoyageBrian BennettCD19
C5HCD 661
Watchin' TV / You Can't Get Off With Your Shoes OnBarefoot JerryCD20
SEECD 4665014661046630
I Can Help / Rock 'n' Roll MoonBilly SwanCD21
SEECD 4705014661047033
Billy Swan / FourBilly SwanCD20
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The EP Collection... PlusThe Pretty ThingsCD26
SEECD 4765014661047637
Come Up and See Us Sometime / The First Day of Your LifeStamford BridgeCD26
SEECD 4785014661047835
The Ep CollectionPat BooneCD25
SEECD 4875014661048733
Spontaneous Combustion & TriadSpontaneous CombustionCD13
ShadstraxThe ShadowsCD21
  • GB1998-09-16
SEE CD 4945014661049433
Alias Terry Dactyl & The Dinosaurs …PlusBrett Marvin and The ThunderboltsCD14
C5CD 671
Family Entertainment (Reissue, Remastered)FamilyCD11
SEECD 200H5014661120033
The Eyes of the Beacons Street Union / The Clown Died in Marvin GardensBeacon Street UnionCD19
SEECD 4955014661049532
The EP Collection, Volume ThreeThe VenturesCD26
SEECD 4985014661049839
Sadistic Mika Band / Black ShipSadistic Mika BandCD19
SEECD 6745014661567432
The EP CollectionEarl BosticCD26
  • GB1999-06-23
SEECD 6885014661568835
The Beautiful Changes.. PlusJulie CovingtonCD15
  • -1999-10-01
With the Spektors and the ValentinesBon ScottCD18
  • GB1999-10-25
SEECD 7045014661070437
The EP CollectionEarl BosticCD26
SEECD 6885014661568835
The EP CollectionBill DoggettCD25
SEECD 6895014661068939
Still in Chains / Holt... PlusJohn HoltCD26
SEECD 6915014661069134
Godington BoundryDavy Graham & HollyCD15
SEECD 6935014661069332
Things to Come / Psi-FiSeventh WaveCD24
SEECD 6965014661069639
The EP Collection...PlusTiny BradshawCD29
SEECD 7035014661070338
In London 1966–1967 (reissue w/bonus CD-ROM)Pink FloydCD + Data CD2 + 6
SFM 19665014661019665
Family EntertainmentFamilyCD11
SFM 19685014661019689
Music in a Doll’s HouseFamilyCD17
SFM 19685014661019689
RaritiesJohnny Kidd and The PiratesCD20
  • GB2000-03-27
SRC / MilestonesSRCCD18
The Savage ResurrectionSavage ResurrectionCD13
SEECD 4675014661049730
The EP Collection... PlusJohnny TillotsonCD30
SEECD 6985014661069837
The EP Collection...PlusLee DorseyCD26
SEECD 7065014661070635
Andy Fraser Band / In Your EyesAndy FraserCD19
SEECD 7075014661070734
The EP CollectionJohnny and the HurricanesCD30
SEECD 7105014661071038
The Best Of UnicornUnicornCD20