The Kevin Ayers CollectionKevin Ayers12" Vinyl16
CM 117
Liverpool 1963-1968Various Artists12" Vinyl20
Rock Rock RockDon Lang and His Frantic Five12" Vinyl22
CM 1195014661011911
The Pretty Things 1967-1971The Pretty ThingsVinyl13
LP CM 103
Seven Is a Jolly Good TimeEgg12" Vinyl10
SEE 47
The Hand Don't Fit The GloveTerry Reid12" Vinyl13
SEE 50
Rock-A-Beatin' BoogieDeep River Boys12" Vinyl16
SEE 55[none]
Live at the CavernVarious Artists12" Vinyl20
SEE 58[none]
Got to Get You Into My LifeCliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers12" Vinyl20
CM 1085014661010815
Boogie With Canned HeatCanned Heat12" Vinyl10
SEE 62[none]
The British Psychedelic Trip, Volume 1: 1966-1969Various Artists12" Vinyl20
SEE 66[none]
The British Psychedelic Trip, Volume 2: 1966-1969Various Artists12" Vinyl20
SEE 765014661007617
The British Psychedelic Trip, Volume 4: 1965-1970Various Artists12" Vinyl20
SEE 2065014661020616
Blues Is KingB.B. King12" Vinyl12
SEE 216[none]
The British Psychedelic Trip, Volume 3: 1966-1969Various Artists12" Vinyl20
SEE 865014661008614
California Bloodlines PlusJohn Stewart12" Vinyl17
SEE 875014661008713
Never Get Out of These Blues AliveJohn Lee Hooker12" Vinyl11
SEE 895014661008911
Music in a Doll’s HouseFamilyCD15
Family EntertainmentFamilyCD11
SEE CD 2005014661020036
Walk on Gilded SplintersMarsha HuntCD14
SEE CD 2095014661020937
The Best of AceAce featuring Paul CarrackCD14
SEE CD 2145014661021439
The EP CollectionThe Shadows12" Vinyl22
SEE 246
Tokolosche ManJohn KongosCD15
SEE CD 2215014661022139
Couldn’t Get It Right … PlusClimax Blues BandCD18
SEE CD 2225014661022238
The Sixties Explosion, Volume One: 1961–1967Various ArtistsCD30
SEE CD2235014661022337
The Great British Psychedelic Trip Vol. 1 1966-1969Various ArtistsCD26
SEE CD 2255014661022535
The Great British Psychedelic Trip Vol. 2 1965-1970Various ArtistsCD25
SEE CD 226
The EP CollectionThe Lovin’ SpoonfulCD20
SEE CD 2295014661022931
The Best Of Michael Chapman (1969-1971)Michael ChapmanCD16
Into the SeventiesGene VincentCD21
SEE CD 2335014661023334
The Best of HeronHeronCD19
SEE CD 2425014661024232
The Early Years 1967-1972Bon Scott with The Valentines & FraternityCD23
SEE CD 2475014661024737
The Singles A's & B'sThe ZombiesCD23
SEE CD 305014661003039
Not the Hits AgainThe HolliesCD22
  • GB1989-05-01
See CD 635014661006337
EP CollectionThe SearchersCD30
  • GB1989-07-01
SEE CD 2755014661027530
I Pity the Fool / You’ve Got a Habit of LeavingThe Manish Boys / Davy Jones & The Lower ThirdCD4
  • GB1989-12-01
sea cd 15014661000137
Farmyard BoogieTennessee Ernie Ford and Friends12" Vinyl20
HallelujahCanned Heat12" Vinyl11
SEE 2485014661024812
Sing Their Hearts OutThe Louvin Brothers12" Vinyl20
SEE 2505014661025017
Into Your Ears...plusPete Dello and Friends12" Vinyl16
Titus Groan ... PlusTitus Groan12" Vinyl8
SEE 260
Canned Heat (stereo)Canned Heat12" Vinyl11
SEE 2685014661026816
The Pretty Things 1967-1971The Pretty ThingsCD13
SEE CD 1035014661010334
Walk Away From the Left Banke PlusStoriesCD20
SEECD 2385014661023839
The E.P. CollectionThe AnimalsCD20
SEE CD 2445014661024430
EP CollectionManfred MannCD20
SEE CD 2525014661025239
E. P. CollectionGene VincentCD22
SEE CD 2535014661025338
Wild ThingsThe TroggsCD20
SEE CD 256
Velvett Fogg …PlusVelvett FoggCD10
SEE CD 2595014661025932
Titus Groan …PlusTitus GroanCD8
SEE CD 2605014661026038
March Hare... PlusColin HareCD14
SEE CD 2615014661026137
At Their BestHoneybusCD25
SEE CD 2645014661026434
The EP CollectionEddie CochranCD20
SEECD 2715014661027134
2 Ozs of Plastic With a Hole in the MiddleManCD6
SEECD 2735014661027332
Zior... PlusZiorCD20
SEE CD 2765014661025734
Smash Hits! From the Eagles PlusThe EaglesCD26
SEE CD 2775014661027738
HypeRobert CalvertCD12
SEECD 2785014661027837
The E.P. CollectionBilly FuryCD20
SEE CD 595014661005934
Boogie With Canned HeatCanned HeatCD10
SEE CD 625014661006238
Livin’ the BluesCanned HeatCD17
SEE CD 975014661009734
The Ep CollectionFreddie & the DreamersCD22
  • GB1990-03-26
SEECD 2995014661029930
The EP CollectionThe Kinks12" Vinyl24
  • GB1990-06-18
SEE 2955014661029510
The EP Collection, Volume 2The ShadowsVinyl20
  • XE1990-06-19
SEE 296
The Kevin Ayers CollectionKevin AyersCD16
  • DE1990-06-19
SEE CD 1175014661011737
The EP Collection, Volume 2The ShadowsCD20
  • XE1990-06-19
SEE CD 296
The EP CollectionThe KinksCD24
SEECD 2955014661029534
The EP CollectionThe ShadowsCD22
SEE CD 246
HallelujahCanned HeatCD11
SEE CD 2485014661024836
Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London... Plus (black text)Various ArtistsCD24
SEE CD 2585014661025833
Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London... Plus (pink text)Various ArtistsCD24
SEE CD 2585014661025833
Canned HeatCanned HeatCD11
SEE CD 2685014661026830
BundlesSoft MachineCD12
SEECD 2835014661028339
The EP CollectionHerman’s HermitsCD22
SEECD 2845014661028438
SoftsSoft MachineCD11
SEE CD 2855014661028537
The Classic and RareJohnny Kidd and the PiratesCD22
SEECD 2875014661028735
A Time Before This...PlusJulian’s TreatmentCD18
SEE CD 2885014661028834
Alive and Well in ParisSoft MachineCD11
SEE CD 2905014661029039
The EP CollectionThe VenturesCD24
SEECD 2925014661029237
The Singles A's & B's...plusSmall FacesCD28
Ride Again: The Singles As & BsThe OutlawsCD18
SEECD 3035014661030332
The EP CollectionSandie ShawCD26
SEECD 3055014661030530
The EP CollectionPetula ClarkCD29
SEECD 3065014661030639
The EP CollectionJerry Lee LewisCD28
SEECD 3075014661030738
The Best of the Idle Race featuring Jeff LynneThe Idle RaceCD25
SEE CD 605014661006030
Fundamental Reggay... PlusJimmy CliffCD20
SEE CD 835014661008331
I Couldn't Believe My Eyes Plus...Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry with Earl HookerCD16
SEE CD 925014661009239
The EP Collection, Vol. TwoThe Kinks12" Vinyl22
  • GB1991-11-18
SEE 3295014661032916
The EP Collection, Vol. TwoThe KinksCD28
  • GB1991-11-18
SEECD 3295014661032930
Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London… PlusPink FloydCD3
SEA CD 45014661000434
Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London… PlusPink FloydCD3
The EP CollectionFrank Ifield12" Vinyl20
SEE 312501466103216
The Ep CollectionBobby VeeCD22
SEECD 2975014661029732
The EP CollectionAdam FaithCD24
SEE CD 2985014661029824
The EP CollectionGene PitneyCD26
SEECD 3135014661031339
The Harvest Years 69-72Climax Blues BandCD16
SEE CD 3165014661031636
The Mark Leeman Five Memorial AlbumThe Mark Leeman FiveCD25
SEE CD 317
Nobody but MeThe Human BeinzCD11
SEE CD 3275014661032732
California BloodlinesJohn StewartCD17
SEE CD 875014661008737
Singles A’s & B’sBe Bop DeluxeCD15
SEECD 3365014661033630