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The Roaring MechanismPEE12" Vinyl10AK-001
Baby Got AwayVirginia DareCD13AK002653225000227
IliumTelegraph MeltsCD6AK004653225000425
To the InnocentThingyCD19AK003653225000326
Kiss Without MakeupFranklin BrunoCD14AK005
Optiganally Yours Presents: Exclusively Talentmaker!Optiganally YoursCD15AK010553225001029
The Autopilot Knows You BestThe PlacesCD11AK011653225001125
The Coroner's GambitThe Mountain GoatsCD16AK012653225001224
It's Winter HereThe Jim Yoshii Pile-UpCD8AK008653225000821
The Swords ProjectThe Swords ProjectCD4AK013653225001323
Bless YouThe Court & SparkCD10AK016653225001620
Martial Arts WeekendThe Extra GlennsCD12AK017653225001729
Chapel of the ChimesXiu XiuCD5AK023653225002320
Practical WirelessJack HayterCD12
A Cat May Look at a QueenFranklin BrunoCD13AK019653225001927
Some VoicesPinbackCD4AK020653225002023
Homemade DrugsThe Jim Yoshii Pile-UpCD9AK022
Information ChangerEltroCD7AK014
History Will Absolve UsEltroCD7
Summer at Shatter CreekSummer at Shatter CreekCD9AK024
The Omaha RecordBottom of the HudsonCD14AK028
The MeadowlandsThe WrensCD17AK009A
My Room Is a MessRob CrowCD18AK029
SubmarinerThe Dead ScienceCD10AK033
The MeadowlandsThe WrensCD13AK009653225000920
Past and Present FuturistsEltroCD9AK026
Ego ScriptorFrog EyesCD11AK035653225003525
Dead Diamond RiverThe Court & SparkCD5AK038
From Gutter With LovePidgeonCD16AK041653225004126
From Gutter With LovePidgeonDigital Media16AK041
Witch SeasonThe Court & SparkCD12AK040
The Arms of His IllThe Hidden Cameras10" Vinyl7AK037
The Folded PalmFrog EyesCD13AK043653225004324
In the Food ChainJukeboxerCD11AK042
Bird Bones in the BughouseThe Dead ScienceCD5AK044
The Arms of His "Ill": 4-Track DemosThe Hidden CamerasCD8AK037653225003723
ShpilkesVarious ArtistsCD-R21[none]
Low RoadOkayCD11AK039653225003921
High RoadOkayCD11AK045653225004522
In Love With The Dudley CorporationThe Dudley CorporationCD14AK048
Picks Us ApartThe Jim Yoshii Pile-UpCD11AK046
Geography ConesGet Him Eat HimCD12AK 052[none]
Holiday MachineBottom of the HudsonCD6AK054
Bagged and BoardedGoblin CockCD14AK034653225003426
Frost GiantThe Dead ScienceCD9AK050653225005024
The White Belt Is Not EnoughMoggsCD11AK049
ChosenVarious ArtistsCD23[none]
No TsurisVarious ArtistsCD-R20[none]
No TsurisVarious ArtistsCD-R20[none]
Jeffrey Hyman Was a RamoneVarious ArtistsCD-R23[none]
Dear JohnEx-BoyfriendsCD11AK055653225005529
The Bloody HandFrog EyesCD21AK062653225006229
The Golden RiverFrog EyesCD24AK063653225006328
HeartsThe Court & SparkCD12AK057
Shut Up I Am DreamingSunset RubdownCD10AK060653225006021
Let's Build a Fire+/-Enhanced CD16AK068653225006823
The MeadowlandsThe Wrens2×12" Vinyl8 + 9AK0094260064990075
Yes Yes to YouThe AffairCD13AK061
A Picture of Uncalculated ProportionsFrog EyesCD-R13
VU featuring Lou RabinowitzVarious ArtistsCD22
Music for TouristsChris GarneauCD14AK067653225006724
Tears of the ValedictorianFrog Eyes12" Vinyl9AK053653225005314
Tears of the ValedictorianFrog EyesCD9AK053653225005321
Arms DownGet Him Eat HimCD13ak069653225006922
Fantastic HawkBottom of the HudsonCD13AK066653225006625
60 Watt Kid60 Watt KidCD14AK070
In WithEx-BoyfriendsCD12AK072653225007226
Into the TreesSybrisCD13AK082653225008223
Huggable DustOkayCD18653225006427
Into the TreesSybrisDigital Media13
Zero HitsThe GangDigital Media9
Zero HitsThe GangCD9
In Flesh TonesAzeda BoothCD12
In Flesh TonesAzeda BoothDigital Media12
Child Bearing ManLittle TeethCD10
Child Bearing ManLittle TeethDigital Media10
Might As Well Go Eat WormsPidgeonCD12AK059653225005925
Might As Well Go Eat WormsPidgeonDigital Media12
Xs on Your Eyes+/-CD11AK088653225008827
Xs on Your Eyes+/-12" Vinyl11AK 088
La ForêtXiu Xiu12" Vinyl11AK077653225007714
GreatVarious ArtistsCD24
El RadioChris GarneauCD13AK083653225008322
El RadioChris GarneauDigital Media13
We Come From the Bright Side60 Watt KidCD13AK092
Chelsea Silver, Please Come HomeChetCD7AK087653225008728
Hard TimesHimalayan Bear12" Vinyl7AK 097-I653225009718