Reunion Records (US Christian music label from Franklin, Tennessee)

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The imprint has had at least two distinct logos, the commonest one of which is this:

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In ConcertAmy GrantCD9REND-24335720642433522
ProjectMichael W. SmithCD11701000272X[none]
Michael W. Smith 2Michael W. SmithCD10REND-24328720642432822
UnguardedAmy GrantCD10REND-24339720642433928
The Big PictureMichael W. SmithCD117-01-001027-7080688000226
Things BreakElim HallCD107010012725080688020026
VisionChris EatonCD107-01-001372-1080688033323
BluePrism12" Vinyl107-01-001812-x
ImagesKathy TroccoliCD9
Rich MullinsRich MullinsCD10
Pictures in the SkyRich MullinsCD10
Can't Stand Too TallRick CuaCD97010030723080688033224
Take 6Take 6CD107010032726080688035020
Winds of Heaven, Stuff of EarthRich MullinsCD107010036721080688037826
Kim HillKim HillCD9080688033125
i 2 (EYE)Michael W. SmithCD117010037728080688041021
Vigilante of HopeMichael PeaceCD107010050724080688055028
Never Picture PerfectRich Mullins(unknown)11
Go West Young ManMichael W. SmithCD10REND-24325720642432525
Loud 'n' ClearMichael PeaceCD127010058725080688079925
Place in This WorldMichael W. SmithCD3PRO-CD-4234
Our ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD10075021848528
GreenPrism12" Vinyl11701003852X
The World As Best As I Remember It, Volume 1Rich Mullins(unknown)10
Everything ChangesKathy TroccoliCD6PRO-CD-4371[none]
A Christmas Album (Reissue of 1983 release)Amy GrantCD11REND-24397
Hoi PolloiHoi PolloiCD9REND-24409720642440926
Hoi PolloiHoi PolloiCD9REND-24409720642440926
Whirlpool EPThe Prayer ChainCD6REND-24502
Talk About LifeKim HillCD949211080688054922
Change Your WorldMichael W. SmithCD11701 0071 721080688162825
Straight AheadAmy GrantCD10720642433829
The CollectionAmy GrantCD17REND-24340720642434024
the first decade 1983 ~ 1993Michael W. SmithCD1566314777499243576
The First Decade (1983-1993)Michael W. SmithCD15701 0086 729080688289126
Spin MeHoi PolloiCD10701 0082 723080688272722
A Liturgy, a Legacy & a Ragamuffin BandRich Mullins(unknown)12
The First Decade (1983-1993)Michael W. SmithCD1507863 66314-2078636631424
ShawlThe Prayer ChainCD137010080720080688262327
Songs From the LoftVarious ArtistsCD11701 0083 72X080688273729
The Wonder YearsMichael W. Smith2×CD17 + 15701008572080688289027
The Wonder YearsMichael W. Smith2×CD17 + 157010085722080688289027
Ashley ClevelandAshley ClevelandCD4RDJ 62551-2
Bus Named DesireAshley Cleveland(unknown)10
Kathy TroccoliKathy TroccoliCD10701 0090 726080688304324
Supersonic Dream DayIan EskelinCD10701 0094 721 08068-83356-2080688335625
My Place Is With YouClay CrosseCD107010089728080688314125
The Light InsideGary ChapmanCD1282884
Come Join the Living WorldBrent BourgeoisCD10701 0093 725080688334321
TestimonyKim HillCD1049241
I'll Lead You HomeMichael W. SmithCD14REND 839530208311343261
Sounds of HeavenKathy TroccoliCD10701 0110 727080688395728
MercuryThe Prayer ChainCD10701 0099 723
Time to BelieveClay CrosseCD107010104727080688392321
Music You Can Believe InVarious ArtistsCD10701 0112 72X 08068-83995-2080688399528
Brother's KeeperRich MullinsCD10
Church of RhythmChurch of RhythmCD10
I Can Hear YouCarolyn ArendsCD11
Lesson of LoveAshley Cleveland(unknown)10
Where Love Runs DeepMichael JamesCD10
SongsRich MullinsCD16
ShelterGary ChapmanCD1260234 16200 2602341620024
Third DayThird DayCD12701 0117 721 60234 16203 2602341620321
ShelterGary ChapmanCD12
Third DayThird DayCD1201241-41607-2012414160720
All Star UnitedAll Star UnitedCD10CD10001083061025625
Love and MercyKathy TroccoliCD10CD10003083061024529
Conspiracy No. 5Third DayCD13CD10006012414161529
Live the LifeMichael W. SmithCD483061-0185-2083061018528
Stained GlassClay CrosseCD11CD10005083061026127
Feel FreeCarolyn ArendsEnhanced CD11REND 10000777499425996
Feel FreeCarolyn ArendsCD10
Live the LifeMichael W. SmithCD12CD10007083061026325
ChristmastimeMichael W. SmithCD1202341 0015 2602341001526
International Anthems For The Human RaceAll Star UnitedCD1402341-0005-2602341000529
I Surrender All: The Clay Crosse Collection, Volume 1Clay CrosseCD1302341 0008 2
Songs 2Rich MullinsCD16
This Is Your TimeMichael W. SmithCD1302341 0041 2602341004121
Waiting RoomLaRueCD302341 0048 2602341004824
A Different ManClay CrosseCD10
FreedomMichael W. SmithCD1202341-0002-2602341000222
WorshipMichael W. SmithCD138713542005380
Do It RightShine MKCD12
Left BehindJames CovellCD1702341-0027-2602341002721
Joy WilliamsJoy WilliamsCD1010000602341000024
WorshipMichael W. SmithCD1302341-0025-2602341002523
DevotionsMichael W. SmithCD10602341001410
ImagericalMatt BrouwerCD1102341-0024-2602341002424
Army of LoveJakeEnhanced CD1102341-0071-2
HeroDaily PlanetCD1102341-0049-2602341004923
By SurpriseJoy WilliamsCD10602341005920
Worship AgainMichael W. SmithCD1402341-0074-2602341007429
Worship AgainMichael W. SmithCD14CD10074602341007429
Here in AmericaRich Mullins(unknown)13
Greatest HitsKathy TroccoliCD1402341-0075-2602341007528
Michael W. Smith 2Michael W. SmithDigital Media10
The Second Decade (1993-2003)Michael W. SmithCD150234100802602341008020