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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Diez Deditos José-Luis Orozco (unknown) 34
The Lord, and Its Penguin First Wave Hello Digital Media 11
Rima Motion Turns It On Digital Media 6
Heart Attack Time Machine Waterdeep (unknown) 11
34 Stars Various Artists 2×(unknown) 17 + 17
2008 Demo Flee the Seen Digital Media 4
Tipping the Bridge Darren Roberts CD 10 859700585351
Hearing Colours Seeing Sounds Anarbor Digital Media 8
Kids in Love Red Car Wire Digital Media 1
Running in Place Langus CD 15
Just No Better Way A Change of Pace Digital Media 10
Into the Mouths of Lions Ocean Is Theory CD 5
Finally Raccoon Fink CD 13 X069387 859700700853
Bloomsbury Princeton Digital Media 4
Casey The Rise of Science Digital Media 11
Initial Person L CD 8
The Calm Blue Sea The Calm Blue Sea Digital Media 6
Maggie Thatcher's Death Anthem The Maggie Thatcher Experience Digital Media 1
So Shush So Shush Digital Media 9 X148553 859701504054
Moonlight The Moths: US CD 9
The Lady's Not for Burning The Maggie Thatcher Experience Digital Media 1
Magic Tape / Housefire 2.0 Bell Digital Media 2
Travel Back EP Bess Rogers Digital Media 6
Wistful Wanders So Shush Digital Media 9 859701488620
S.Darko Ed Harcourt Digital Media 43
Ugly EP Ward Bones CD 6
Fixin to Thrill Dragonette Digital Media 5 [none]
We Won't Break Zoot Woman (unknown) 2
Peering Through the Bars Darren Roberts CD 12 859701982395
Inspiration Point The Morning Birds (unknown) 16
Limited Edition (demo) MEN Digital Media 4
Skin Hélène Muddiman (unknown) 17
One LorD and Master Digital Media 11 859701959328 859701959328
The Book Of Love Corjan (unknown) 1
Unreleased Sessions Jamie's Elsewhere CD 4
City Of Secrets (The Grail In You) Corjan (unknown) 1
Feel It When You Know VHS or Beta Digital Media 4
Live at the Ryman Jonny Lang Digital Media 12
Theme for Great Cities (Nissn remix) Simple Minds Digital Media 1
Tungi Mim Suleiman Digital Media 10
Sleepless Dreams Dreamkiller CD 12 696211503791
Manchester Times So Shush Digital Media 9 859702821211
No Reason Jynine James CD 4 859703221690 [none]
The Unbearable Romanticism of Melancholia Musical Mind Control Digital Media 5 859703229856
Love Corjan (unknown) 1
David G. Cox David G. Cox Digital Media 13
I Man Manpanics Digital Media 7 319568 859703525927
The Complete Jazz Collection Louis Armstrong Digital Media 85
All Summer in a Day VHS or Beta Digital Media 3
Book of Souls Corjan (unknown) 1
Oranjuly Oranjuly (unknown) 10
Mystery Pop Corjan CD 5
Experience Halloween: A Tunecore Music Sampler Various Artists Digital Media 16
Experience Music: A TuneCore Dance/Electronic Sampler Various Artists Digital Media 13 [none] [none]
Turbo-Laser Turbo-Laser CD 12 0793573732934
The Electric Modern The Electric Modern Digital Media 9 859705160294
Experience Music: A Tunecore 2010 Pop Sampler Various Artists Digital Media 15 [none]
Experience Valentine's: A Tunecore Sampler Various Artists Digital Media 20 [none]
Trash Hit Mr. Dream (unknown) 13
Experience Austin: A Tunecore Music Sampler Various Artists Digital Media 29 [none]
You Pick Me Up Zamrish Digital Media 1 TCAAW1176614 859705647702
Mindscape Corjan (unknown) 1
Lost Without You Corjan (unknown) 1
Haunting Me Down Corjan (unknown) 1
Nobody Knows Zamrish Digital Media 1 TCAAZ1172431 859706520103
P Town Pirates Manpanics (unknown) 7 668442 859707176811
Jeffree Star vs. J.J. Star Jeffree Star vs. J.J. Star CD-R 1 PR3333124 0610708492290
The Best Thing Corjan (unknown) 1
Sketches Conner Youngblood Digital Media 9 [none]
Mellow R2OS Digital Media 7 859708107104 [none]
Mellow R2OS CD-R 7 859708107104 859708107104
The Space Between Us Manpanics Digital Media 11 771860 859708262780
In a Minute Marcel Ziul CD 9 7898555780446
Moving Mountains Jeff Deyo Digital Media 10 [none]
Saying Goodbye Butterfly Island Digital Media 1 859708771510
This Is How It Feels Corjan (unknown) 1
Under My Skin Corjan (unknown) 1
Adventure SoulEye Digital Media 19
Camera Girl Corjan (unknown) 1
Scènes Corjan CD 15 8717624740206
Sprookje Corjan CD 1
Destroy and Rebuild, Volume 1 Krystian Shek (unknown) 14
Violin Without Rules Kate Tsvetaeva Digital Media 12
Wont U Lose Girl Amar Digital Media 1 859709375632
Revolution B Yellow CD 4 859709542980 859709542980
Valentine's 2013 - A TuneCore Artist Compilation, Vol. 1 Various Artists (unknown) 28
Valentine's 2013 - A TuneCore Artist Compilation, Vol. 2 Various Artists (unknown) 28
Dief Corjan CD 2 [none]
Dief Live & Unplugged Corjan (unknown) 1
Skyline The Julia Set Digital Media 6 859710869229 [none]
Destiny B Yellow CD 8 859710932602 859710932602
She Just Wants to Rock Lord Jason & the Xplosive Dance Inc. Digital Media 1 [none]
Pieces Of Angels Filter Digital Media 5
Salt and Pepper Dave Whiffin Digital Media 12 859711451881 [none]
Make Me Faster... Conner Youngblood Digital Media 4 [none]
Freedom As the Sky Darkens Digital Media 11 [none]
Confidence Conner Youngblood Digital Media 4 [none]
Stay in My Sight New Arcades Digital Media 1
Kids’ Praise! 3: Funtastic Family! Ernie Rettino, Debby Kerner Rettino & Psalty Digital Media 20
The Schizo Show EP Three Thirds Below CD 5