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G.O.A.T. (The Greatest of All Time) (clean)LL Cool JCD17314 546 810-2731454681025
G.O.A.T. (The Greatest of All Time) (explicit)LL Cool JCD18314 546 819-2731454681926
What You WantDMXCD3562 958-2, PLG-5629582731456295824
Rule 3:36Ja RuleCD16542 934-2731454293426
Rule 3:36Ja RuleCD16314 542 934-2731454293426
Aijuswanaseing (Special Edition)Musiq Soulchild2×Digital Media15 + 7
La KlikariaLa KLiKARiACD15013320 2
Party Up (Up in Here)DMX12" Vinyl6314 562 605-1731456260518
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Between Me And YouJa Rule feat. Christina MilianCD4572 740-2731457274026
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2 Original CDs: Yo! Bum Rush the Show / It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us BackPublic EnemyCD + Enhanced CD12 + 18527 357-2, 542 423-2, 586 022-2731458602224
Pain Is LoveJa RuleCD16384 586 437-2731458643722
Pain Is LoveJa RuleCD16586 437-2731458643722
The Great DepressionDMXCD17
The Great DepressionDMXCD17314 586 450-2
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Τη Λόλα απ' τη φωτιά ποιός θα τη βγάλει;ΗμισκούμπριαCD19016577 2044001657726
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Oh YeahFoxy BrownEnhanced CD4588 731-2731458873129
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We Right Here / You Could Be BlindDMX12" Vinyl6DEFR 15379-1
Rollout (My Business)LudacrisCD10DEFR 15437-2[none]
No SunshineDMX12" Vinyl4SPRO 16149708761614916
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State PropertyState Property(unknown)13
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FoolishAshantiCD3582 936-20731458293620
Rollout (My Business)LudacrisEnhanced CD3
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God's FavoriteN.O.R.E.CD183145865022731458650225
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Take You Home With Me a.k.a. BodyJay-Z & R. KellyCD4DEFR 15533-2
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Live at the Roxy: The Complete ConcertBob Marley & The WailersDigital Media13
'03 Bonnie & ClydeJay-Z feat. BeyoncéCD2044006376721
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X Gon' Give It to YaDMXEnhanced CD3044007794425
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Joe BuddenJoe BuddenCD189807936602498079362
He's Keith MurrayKeith MurrayCD17B0000316-02044006350127
Grand ChampDMXCD24986 0896602498608968
Grand Champ (special edition)DMXCD24986 1021602498610213
Grand ChampDMXCD19440 063 368-2044006336824
Grand ChampDMXCD23440 063 369-2044006336923
Grand ChampDMXCD23B0001166-02602498608036
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Red Star presents Def JamaicaVarious ArtistsCD16986129-2
Blood in My EyeJa RuleCD14B0001577-02
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Joe BuddenJoe Budden2×12" Vinyl7 + 7B0000505-01044007737514
Def JamaicaVarious ArtistsCD15B0001195-02602498607398
10LL Cool JCD16UICY-6081