EMI Group (aka "Music from EMI" - this is a company, not an imprint! and neither are its regional subsidiaries)

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The Electric and Musical Industries Ltd. formed in March 1931 from a merger of the UK Columbia Graphophone Company and the Gramophone Company. From its beginning, the company was involved in both the manufacture of recording and playback equipment and the provision of music to play on its machines.

This label and all its national subsidiaries should generally not be used as release labels unless verified to be valid as imprints; rather, the "EMI" imprint should be used.

Electric and Musical Industries Ltd. changed its name to EMI Ltd in 1971, merged with THORN Electrical Industries in 1979 to form Thorn EMI, and in 1996 was split from Thorn EMI to form EMI Group PLC.

2011-11-12EMI announced it would sell its recorded music operations to Universal Music Group and its music publishing operations to a Sony-led consortium.
2012-09-21 – sale of EMI to Universal Music Group was approved in both EU and the US by the European Commission and Federal Trade Commission respectively.
2012-09-28 – Universal Music Group completed their acquisition of EMI.

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