Q (magazine)

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Not a real label. Used to denote promo items given away with Q magazine.

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Now That’s What I Call Free!Various ArtistsCD11
Q: Sweet SixteenVarious ArtistsCD16
Really FreeVarious ArtistsCD15
Freewheelin’ An Hour of Driving ClassicsVarious ArtistsCassette14
XPC 4133[none]
World of NoiseVarious ArtistsCD16
QCDEMI 104[none]
Drive! An Hour of Cruisin’ ClassicsVarious ArtistsCassette15
The White Room AlbumVarious ArtistsCassette7
  • GB1996-01-01
Assorted! The Very Best of 1995Various ArtistsCD16
Q: Mmmmm…Various ArtistsCD18
Q: Decade: The Very Best of 1986–1996Various ArtistsCD15
New to Q: This Year's Best New MusicVarious ArtistsCD6
NEWQ 1[none]
Q The Music 1Various ArtistsCD15
Q the Music 4Various ArtistsCD16
Hello! Discover the Best New Music of 1997Various ArtistsCD15
QMAGMAY 97[none]
Q the Music 3Various ArtistsCD14
  • -1997-08
Q: The Music 2Various ArtistsCD14
Q MAG 2[none]
Q: Splash! 15 Thirst-Quenching TracksVarious ArtistsCD15
Q: Presents the Best of the Best 97Various ArtistsCD15
QMAGJAN 98[none]
Q: All the Best Music From the Best Bands of… Summer Festivals ’98Various ArtistsCD13
QMAGJULY 98[none]
Q the Music 8Various ArtistsCD15
1998:BestVarious ArtistsCD16
Q: 1998: Best: The Best Tracks From the Best Albums of 1998Various ArtistsCD13
Q the Music 9Various ArtistsCD15
Q: Here Comes the Sun: The Best Music of the 1999 Summer Festival SeasonVarious ArtistsCD14
QMAGJUL 99[none]
Q the Music 10Various ArtistsCD15
Q the Music 11Various ArtistsCD16
  • GB1999-09-01
Q: The Best Tracks From the Best Albums of 1999Various ArtistsCD17
QMAGDEC 99[none]
Q: Essential Chill OutVarious ArtistsCD16
Q: The Best Tracks From the Best Albums of 2000Various ArtistsCD16
Q: Essential DanceVarious ArtistsCD17
QDANCE 501358280023005
Q: Essential DriveVarious ArtistsCD21
Best of 2001Various ArtistsCD19
QMAGDEC 01[none]
Q: The Best Tracks From the Best Albums: From 2002Various ArtistsCD18
Q: Rise and Shine: The Best New Music of 2002Various ArtistsCD21
Q: RocksVarious ArtistsCD19
Q: Best of 03Various ArtistsCD18
Q: Essential GlastonburyVarious ArtistsCD12
Ultimate SongwritersVarious ArtistsCD15
QMAGSEP 04[none]
Q: Best of 2004Various ArtistsCD15
Q 221, QBESTYR04[none]
Rule Britannia!Various ArtistsCD15
QMAGMAR 05[none]
Q: Glastonbury JukeboxVarious ArtistsCD12
  • GB2005-06-01
Q: Here Comes the Sun: The Ultimate Summer PlaylistVarious ArtistsCD15
John Lennon Covered #1Various ArtistsCD14
Q 10/05 CD
John Lennon Covered #2Various ArtistsCD14
Q 10/05 CD 2[none]
Q: Best of 2005, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD15
Q 11/05 CD1[none]
Q: Best of 2005, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD15
Q Covered: The EightiesVarious ArtistsCD15
  • GB2006-06-30
Q: Mellow GoldVarious ArtistsCD15
Take It Easy: 15 Soft Rock AnthemsVarious ArtistsCD15
Q242 SEP 06[none]
Q Covered: Best of 86/06Various ArtistsCD14
Q: Live From Glastonbury: 14 Classic Tracks Recorded at the World’s Greatest Music FestivalVarious ArtistsCD14
Q: Best of 2007Various ArtistsCD15
Q: Live From Glastonbury: 14 Outstanding Tracks Live From the World’s Greatest Music FestivalVarious ArtistsCD14
R.E.M. JukeboxVarious ArtistsCD15
New to Q: 15 of the Most Exciting New Acts on the PlanetVarious ArtistsCD15
Born in the USA (Q Magazine)Various ArtistsCD15
QMAGAUG 10[none]
(Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) CoveredVarious ArtistsCD12
  • GB2011-10-25
Back to Back to Black: A Unique Tribute to the Classic Amy Winehouse AlbumVarious ArtistsCD13
Q Presents Absolute Radio Sessions Volume 1Various ArtistsCD15
  • GB2014-10-28
Q: Lost in the ’90s: Buried Treasure From Your Favourite DecadeVarious ArtistsCD14
Modern Classics: The Q Birthday CompilationVarious ArtistsCD15
  • GB2016-05-31
The Best of 2016Various ArtistsCD15
All Back To Michael’sVarious ArtistsCD15
  • GB2019-12-17
Q the Music 6Various ArtistsCD15