Charly Records

Primarily a re-issuer and compiler of jazz records, but also has subsidiary imprints that deal with pop and rock. In the distant past, Charly was apparently a bootleg company. The very name "Charly" probably refers to "Charles Mingus", as some of the earlier releases were bootlegs from the bassist.
It appears some Charly releases from the early era were also available almost unchanged (apart from the name of the imprint) from releases on "Le Jazz" and/or "RedX" (possibly Australian companies).
Charly is one of several labels currently controlled by Snapper Music.

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Doing Their Own ThingMaceo and All the King’s MenVinyl10
Rocking GuitarmanCarl Perkins12" Vinyl16
CR 300003[none]
Lonely Weekends (Charly)Charlie Rich12" Vinyl16
CR 300004[none]
Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping PianoJerry Lee Lewis12" Vinyl16
CR 300002[none]
16 Songs Never Released Before 1Jerry Lee Lewis12" Vinyl16