Founded by Lester Koenig.
Sold to Fantasy in 1984, which issued a few new records.
Now belongs to Concord Music Group which reissues its catalog from time to time.

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Modern Sounds: FranceMartial Solal10" Vinyl8C 2512
Modern Jazz Performances of Songs from Pal JoeyAndré Previn & His Pals Shelly Manne & Red Mitchell12" Vinyl9M 3543[none]
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm SectionArt Pepper12" Vinyl9S7532[none]
The GambitShelly Manne & His Men12" Vinyl7C3557[none]
Art Pepper + ElevenArt PepperCD12S7568
Gettin’ Together!Art Pepper12" Vinyl7S7573[none]
Lookin' Good!Joe Gordon12" Vinyl8S7597
CheckmateShelly Manne & His Men12" Vinyl7S-7599[none]
A World of Piano!Phineas Newborn, Jr.Vinyl8M3600
Make the Man Love MeJoy Bryan12" Vinyl10M3604
A World of Piano!Phineas Newborn, Jr.Vinyl8S7600
The Cry!Prince Lasha & Sonny SimmonsVinyl8
Leroy Walks Again!!Leroy Vinnegar QuintetVinyl8M 3608
The Great Jazz Piano of Phineas Newborn Jr.Phineas Newborn, Jr.Vinyl9M 3611
ConflictJimmy Woods Sextet feat. Elvin Jones12" Vinyl6S7612[none]
All Night Session!, Volume 1The Hampton Hawes Quartet12" Vinyl5S-7545[none]
The Newborn TouchPhineas Newborn Jr. Trio12" Vinyl9S7615
FirebirdsPrince Lasha & Sonny Simmons12" Vinyl5S 7617[none]
Feeling FreeBarney Kessel12" Vinyl6S-7618[none]
Please Send Me Someone to LovePhineas Newborn, Jr.12" Vinyl8S7622
RumasumaSonny Simmons12" Vinyl4S7623[none]
Harlem BluesPhineas Newborn, Jr. With Ray Brown & Elvin Jones12" Vinyl7S7634
Destiny's DanceChico FreemanCD6C-14008
The Latin ConnectionTerry GibbsVinyl9C-14022
Dream BandTerry GibbsCD11CCD 7647-2
Volume 2: The Sundown SessionsTerry Gibbs Dream BandCD11CCD 7652-2
The Trio, Volume 2: This Is Hampton HawesHampton HawesCD9OJCCD-318-2 (C-3515)025218631822
Blame It on My YouthThe Art Farmer QuintetCD7CCD 14042-2025218144223
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm SectionArt PepperCD90025218633826025218633826
Real TimeThe JazztetCD5CCD-14034-2025218143424
Volume 3: Flying HomeTerry Gibbs Dream BandCD11CCD 7654-2
Harold in the Land of JazzHarold LandCD8OJCCD-162-2 (S-7550)025218016223
Benny Golson's New York SceneBenny GolsonCD8OJCCD-164-2 (C-3552)025218616423
Some Like It HotBarney KesselCD12OJCCD-168-2 (S-7565)025218616829
Four!Hampton Hawes with Barney Kessel, Shelly Manne & Red MitchellCD9S-755302521861652
Swingin' the '20sBenny CarterCD15S-7561025218633925
Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary LeadersSonny Rollins(unknown)10S7564
Self-Portrait in SwingJoshua BreakstoneCD8CCD-14050-2025218145022
ReflectionsFrank Morgan All StarsCD7CCD- 14052-2025218145220
SonorityThe Curtis Counce GroupCD9CCD-7655-2025218765527
The Great Jazz Piano of Phineas Newborn Jr.Phineas Newborn, Jr.CD9OJCCD-388-2 (S-7611)025218638821
No LimitArt PepperCD5OJCCD-411-2 (S-7639)025218641128
Volume 4: Main StemTerry Gibbs Dream BandCD10CCD 7656-2
The Trio, Volume 3: Everybody Likes Hampton HawesHampton HawesCD10OJCCD-421-2025218642125
West Side StoryAndré Previn and His Pals Shelly Manne & Red MitchellCD8S-7572025218642224
Elmo Hope TrioElmo Hope TrioCD8S-7620025218647724
At the RenaissanceBen WebsterCD8C-7646025218639026
Smack UpArt Pepper QuintetCD8OJCCD-176-2025218617628
Lennie Niehaus, Volume 3: The Octet # 2Lennie NiehausCD12OJCCD-1767-2025218176729
Guiding SpiritKenny BurrellCD9CCD-14058-2025218145824
Sunup to SundownKenny BurrellCD9CCD-14065-2025218146524
Volume 5: The Big CatTerry Gibbs Dream BandCD11CCD 7657-2
Sunday Jazz à la LighthouseHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐StarsCD8OJCCD-151-2 (C-3501)025218615129
Oboe/Flute, Volume 4Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐StarsCD12OJCCD-154-2 (C-3520)025218015424
A World of Piano!Phineas Newborn, Jr.CD8OJCCD-175-2025218617529
Harlem BluesPhineas Newborn, Jr.CD7OJCCD-662-2 (C-7634)025218666220
Leroy Walks!Leroy VinnegarCD7S-7542025218616027
All Night Session!, Volume 2Hampton HawesCD7S-7546025218663922
Green Leaves of SummerHampton HawesCD8S-7614025218647625
Man of Many PartsBuddy ColletteCD12C-352202521862392
Walkin' the BassesLeroy VinnegarCD11CCD-14068-202521814682
Double Play!André Previn & Russ FreemanCD9S-753702521861572
At the Manne Hole, Volume 2Shelly Manne & His MenCD5S-7594025218671521
The Newborn TouchPhineas Newborn Jr., TrioCD12S-761502521862702
Deed I DoHelen Humes(unknown)16
The Complete Village Vanguard SessionsArt Pepper9×CD11 + 9 + 6 + 10 + 5 + 9 + 8 + 6 + 54417025218441728
Lennie Niehaus, Volume 4: The Quintets & StringsLennie NiehausCD-R12OJCCD-1858-2025218185820
FocusChico Freeman Quintet Featuring Arthur BlytheCD7CCD-14073-2025218147323
Sunday Jazz à la LighthouseHoward Rumsey’s Lighthouse All‐StarsCD8VICJ-2020
The West Coast Sound, Volume 1Shelly Manne & His MenCD12VICJ-2021
Barney Kessel, Volume 1: Easy LikeBarney KesselCD14VICJ-2029
Barney Kessel, Volume 3: To Swing or Not to SwingBarney KesselCD11VICJ-2038
The Trio, Volume 1Hampton HawesCD10VICJ-2041
The Trio, Volume 2: This Is Hampton HawesHampton HawesCD9VICJ-2042
Volume 4: Swinging SoundsShelly Manne & His MenCD8VICJ-2053025218626729
The Trio, Volume 3: Everybody Likes Hampton HawesHampton HawesCD10VICJ-2055
Shelley Manne & His Friends, Volume 1Shelly ManneCD6VICJ-2058
My Fair LadyShelly ManneCD8VICJ-2076
The Curtis Counce Group, Volume 1: LandslideCurtis CounceCD6VICJ-2084
Art Pepper With Warne MarshArt Pepper & Warne MarshCD10VICJ-2090
All Night SessionHampton Hawes2×CD9 + 8VICJ-40223, VICJ-40224
Art Pepper Meets the Rhythm SectionArt PepperCD10VICJ-2098
Way Out WestSonny RollinsCD9VICJ-21084988002338382
The Poll Winners: Barney Kessel With Shelly Manne and Ray BrownThe Poll WinnersCD9VICJ-2110
Jazz GiantBenny CarterCD7VICJ-21314988002338610
At The PianoHampton HawesCD6C-7637025218687720
Mean Streets BeatEric AllisonCD10CCD-14080-2025218148023
Pacific StandardLanny MorganCD10CCD-14084-2
Art Pepper + ElevenArt PepperCD15VICJ-2202
Gettin' Together!Art PepperCD9VICJ-2219
IntensityArt PepperCD9VICJ-2230
A World of Piano!Phineas Newborn, Jr.CD8VICJ-60019
Play Peter GunnShelly Manne & His MenCD10S-7560025218694629
Harlem BluesPhineas Newborn, Jr.CD7VICJ-60065
Lennie Niehaus, Volume 2: Zounds!Lennie NiehausCD12OJCCD-1892-2025218189224
Gone with the Woodwinds!Lyle MurphyCD10C-3506, OJCCD-1905-2025218190527
Please Send Me Someone to LovePhineas Newborn, Jr.CD8S-7622025218694728
Relaxin' at CamarilloJoe HendersonCD5VICJ-60129
Sonic TextJoe FarrellCD6VICJ-60130
Cables' VisionGeorge CablesCD6VICJ-60131