The Avant Garde Project was the name given to a series of high-quality vinyl rips of (then) out-of-print experimental and contemporary classical LPs, released in the early days of bittorrent and FLAC.
Each release came with detailed liner notes on the composer and source of the music.

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AGP73Richard CraigDigital Media5
Piano WorksMilton Babbitt; Robert TaubDigital Media11
  • XW2011-06-05
Josef Anton Riedl - AGP1Josef Anton RiedlDigital Media9
AGP3 - Robert EricksonRobert EricksonDigital Media4AGP003[none]
AGP8 New Phonic Art (Bootleg torrent taken from the Wergo LP)New Phonic ArtDigital Media3AGP008[none]
AGP9 Ben JohnstonBen JohnstonDigital Media4AGP009
AGP011 Aribert Reimann IAribert Reimann, Júlia Várady, Helga Dernesch, Dietrich Fischer‐Dieskau, RIAS Kammerchor, RIAS Symphonie-Orchester Berlin & Gerd AlbrechtDigital Media4AGP011[none]
AGP012 Aribert Reimann IIAribert ReimannDigital Media3AGP012[none]
AGP013 Electronic Panorama I (Partial bootleg digital release of the box set of same name)Various ArtistsDigital Media14AGP013[none]
AGP014 Electronic Panorama II (Partial bootleg digital release of the box set of same name.)Various ArtistsDigital Media8AGP014[none]
Works for Chamber Groups and Orchestra from 1975-1978Dieter SchnebelDigital Media4
AGP017Luis de PabloDigital Media4
AGP018 - John CageJohn CageDigital Media4
AGP021 - Percussiions de StrasbourgLes Percussions de StrasbourgDigital Media6
AGP025 - Bruno MadernaBruno MadernaDigital Media5
AGP028: Whale Songs[no artist]Digital Media14AGP028[none]
AGP029 - Cristóbal HalffterCristóbal HalffterDigital Media4
Bernd Alois ZimmermannBernd Alois ZimmermannDigital Media3
AGP24: Toru TakemitsuToru TakemitsuDigital Media14AGP24
Ilhan Mimaroglu, 1964-69İlhan MimaroğluDigital Media14AGP30[none]
AGP33: Goffredo PetrassiGoffredo PetrassiDigital Media5AGP33[none]
AGP4 - Jacob DruckmanJacob DruckmanDigital Media6AGP4[none]
Avant Garde Project 59: Morton Subotnick IIMorton Subotnick, Morton FeldmanDigital Media4AGP59[none]
AGP6 Morton SubotnikMorton SubotnickDigital Media4AGP6[none]
AGP7 Ezra SimsEzra Sims & Dinosaur Annex Music EnsembleDigital Media5AGP7[none]
AGP019: Jean-Claude ÉloyJean-Claude ÉloyDigital Media5