Evoke Records is an independent record label run by the artists that make the music you hear. We believe that music is an art form and strive to produce and promote music on its own merit without the use of gimmicks to often seen today.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Age of the Moon April Berton Digital Media 9 ER-CD05201e
Album Nine The Gafferbobs Digital Media 9 ercd05301e
Hardcore Ballerina April Berton Digital Media 8 ercd05202e
Emulated Emotions Robot 219 Digital Media 4 ers701
Associative Array Zero HumanTonic Digital Media 2 ers702
Closely Guarded Secrets April Berton Digital Media 2 ers703
Deconstructed HumanTonic Digital Media 3 ers704
Speak to me April Berton Digital Media 3 ers705
Machine-Made Music HumanTonic Digital Media 5 ers801
Deconstructed (Remastered) HumanTonic Digital Media 9 2011er1
Box by the Window April Berton Digital Media 8 2011er2