Med School (A division of Hospital Records)

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A division of Hospital Records
Dealing with the more experimental drum and bass releases.

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Black Flag / Double DragonS.P.Y.12" Vinyl2medic 1
Black + White / Tell Me What You WantCLSDigital Media2MEDIC2
Ventura / Sagrada FamiliaFracture & Neptune12" Vinyl2medic3
Black + White / Tell Me What You WantCLS12" Vinyl2medic2
Ventura / Sagrada FamiliaFracture & NeptuneDigital Media2MEDIC003DD
My Detroit / Flick the SwitchCraggzDigital Media2MEDIC6DD
My Detroit / Flick the SwitchCraggz12" Vinyl2medic 6
So Close / NumbersIcicle12" Vinyl2medic4
Ghost Ship / Silent SleeperS.P.Y12" Vinyl2medic5
New Blood EPVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl2 + 2medic7
8-Bit Bouncer / HalowMartsmanDigital Media2MEDIC84260151468029
8-Bit Bouncer / HalowMartsman12" Vinyl2medic 84260151468029
Time Will Tell / Sky SongFracture & NeptuneDigital Media2MEDIC94260166381955
Time Will Tell / Sky SongFracture & Neptune12" Vinyl2medic 9
Don't Worry / Torn BetweenMinotaur12" Vinyl2medic 10
Blind / JoblessRandomer12" Vinyl2medic 11
Trueschool Drumkit WonderMartsmanDigital Media4MEDIC12
Morning Rain / Structured LightTrisector12" Vinyl2medic 13
Song About My DogBop12" Vinyl2MEDIC14
Clear Your MindBopCD13MEDIC15CD666017208220
Scapegoat / AppetiteRandomer12" Vinyl2MEDIC16
LifeformsTrisector / Trisector + inZtance12" Vinyl2MEDIC175060208840070
New Blood 010Synkro / Circa / Enei / Helios2×12" Vinyl2 + 2MEDIC18
New Blood 010Various ArtistsDigital Media12MEDIC18[none]
New Blood 010Various ArtistsCD12MEDIC18CD5060208840148
Remix Your MindBop2×12" Vinyl2 + 3medic 195060208840186
More Blood 010Stray / Synkro / Royalston / CircaDigital Media4MEDIC205060208840346
More Blood 010Stray / Synkro / Royalston / Circa2×12" Vinyl2 + 2MEDIC20
Hide Your Tears Because We Are in Heaven / Lubov MoyaUnquote / Unquote & Molecular Structures12" Vinyl2MEDIC215060208840506
New Blood 011Various ArtistsCD12MEDIC225060208840650
New Blood 011Various ArtistsDigital Media16MEDIC22DD[none]
The Amazing Adventures of One Curious PixelBopCD11MEDIC23CD5060208840933
The Amazing Adventures of One Curious PixelBopDigital Media13MEDIC23DD[none]
The Amazing Adventures of One Curious PixelBop12" Vinyl + CD7 + 11MEDIC23LP, MEDIC23LPD5060208840940
Reverberation BoxUnquoteCD12MEDIC25CD5060208841336
Reverberation BoxUnquote12" Vinyl + CD7 + 12MEDIC25LP5060208841343
Cerulean BlueRoyalstonDigital Media4MEDIC26
Blood PressureVarious ArtistsDigital Media18MEDIC27
Medical MixVarious ArtistsDigital Media34MEDIC31DD
New Blood 013Various Artists12" Vinyl + CD6 + 14MEDIC33CD, MEDIC33LP
New Blood 013Various ArtistsDigital Media21MEDIC33DD
Sprouted and FormedRawtekkCD13MEDIC34CD
Wait Less SuspenseLungCD14MEDIC35CD5060208844474
Wait Less SuspenseLung12" Vinyl8MEDIC35LP
EtherwoodEtherwoodDigital Media19MEDIC36DD
Nocturne EPKeenoDigital Media6MEDIC37
New Blood 013Various ArtistsCD14MEDIC33CD5060208844245
EtherwoodEtherwood12" Vinyl + CD7 + 14MEDIC36LP5060208844528
OCDRoyalstonDigital Media19MEDIC39[none]
Sprouted and ReformedRawtekkDigital Media5MEDIC38
Life CycleKeenoDigital Media15MEDIC405060208844894
Life CycleKeenoCD14MEDIC40CD5060208844849
Punk's Not DeadBopDigital Media15MEDIC41DD[none]
Punk's Not DeadBopCD14MEDIC41CD
New Blood 014Various ArtistsDigital Media20
Losing My Mind EPAnile12" Vinyl4MEDIC43T
DesireThe ErisedDigital Media4
The Truth EPSunchaseDigital Media6MEDIC45DD[none]
You'll Always Be a Part of MeEtherwood7" Vinyl1MEDIC46
PreludesKeenoDigital Media4MEDIC47
SouvenirsEtherwood feat. Zara KershawDigital Media4MEDIC48DD
FlawlessElectrosoul SystemCD13MEDIC49
FlawlessElectrosoul SystemDigital Media14MEDIC49DD[none]
PerspectiveAnileDigital Media14MEDIC50DD
Blue LeavesEtherwoodCD14MEDIC52CD5060208845921
Blue LeavesEtherwoodDigital Media14MEDIC52DD5060208845938
Ambient's Not DeadBopDigital Media10MEDIC53DD
People on the GroundRoyalstonDigital Media16MEDIC54DD5060208846249
People on the GroundRoyalstonCD15MEDIC54CD5060208846140
FuturistKeenoDigital Media17MEDIC 56DD5060208846515
FuturistKeeno4×12" Vinyl + CD4 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 16MEDIC56LP5060208846362
Ten Years of Med SchoolVarious ArtistsDigital Media30MEDIC57[none]
Ten Years of Med SchoolVarious Artists2×CD15 + 28MEDIC575060208846539
Here's to ThemRawtekkDigital Media13MEDIC58DD[none]
Room 414The ErisedDigital Media14
Are We There Yet?: The Med School ScansLondon ElektricityDigital Media15MEDIC60
AllergensAnileDigital Media4MEDIC61DD
New Blood EPVarious ArtistsDigital Media4
New Blood 016Various ArtistsCD14MEDIC62CD5060208849356
Flea WaltzFrederic RobinsonDigital Media14MEDIC63
Stranger TidesWhineyDigital Media4MEDIC65
Stranger TidesWhiney(unknown)4MEDIC65DD
Music for Orchestra: Drums & BassKeenoDigital Media4MEDIC68[none]
FlashlightWhineyDigital Media1MEDIC69DD3
TalismanWhineyDigital Media12MEDIC69DD5060514960363
Popular MechanicsRoyalstonDigital Media14MEDIC71DD5060514960820
All the Shimmering ThingsKeenoDigital Media12MEDIC72DD5060514960974
Untitled PatternsBopDigital Media4MEDIC76DD[none]
In StillnessEtherwood2×12" Vinyl7 + 8MEDIC77
In StillnessEtherwoodCD15MEDIC77CD
In StillnessEtherwoodDigital Media15MEDIC77DD5060514961131
Sunday GrungeWhineyDigital Media4MEDIC78DD
New Blood 018Various ArtistsDigital Media16MEDIC80DD
Waystone (album mini-mix)WhineyDigital Media15060514962169