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Factory Records AKA Factory Communications Ltd.
Cult post-punk label founded by Tony Wilson in Manchester, UK, with a roster that is a who's who? of indie/dance music. Financial reasons led the once proudly independent label to form business relationships with major labels. Most of the back catalogue is controlled by London Records, which has re-issued some recordings via its London Records 90 imprint, with distribution by Warner Music.

Some of the catalogue numbers are not listed here because they were assigned to objects that weren't records. Numbers were given to buildings and posters, for example.

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A Factory SampleVarious Artists2×7" Vinyl4 + 5
ElectricityOrchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-05-21
FAC 6[none]
All Night PartyA Certain Ratio7" Vinyl2
FAC 5[none]
Unknown PleasuresJoy Division12" Vinyl10
  • GB1979-06-15
Time Goes by So SlowThe Distractions7" Vinyl2
FAC 12
Transmission / NoveltyJoy Division7" Vinyl2
FAC 13
English Black BoysX-O-Dus12" Vinyl2
FAC 11
Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy Division7" Vinyl3
  • GB1980-04-18
FAC 23[none]
Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy Division12" Vinyl3
  • GB1980-04-18
FAC 23-12[none]
KomakinoJoy Division7" Flexi-disc3
FAC 28
CloserJoy Division12" Vinyl9
  • GB1980-07-18
FACT 25[none]
Girls Don’t CountSection 257" Vinyl3
FAC 18
Girls Don’t CountSection 2512" Vinyl3
FAC 18-12
The Return Of The Durutti ColumnThe Durutti Column12" Vinyl10
Unknown PleasuresJoy Division12" Vinyl10
FACTUS 1[none]
Sex MachineCrawling Chaos7" Vinyl2
FAC 17
She's Lost Control / AtmosphereJoy Division12" Vinyl2
FACUS 2[none]
AtmosphereJoy Division12" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-09-02
FACUS 2/UK[none]
FlightA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl3
FAC 22
Transmission / NoveltyJoy Division12" Vinyl2
FAC 13.12
Unknown PleasuresJoy Division12" Vinyl10
FACT 10[none]
The Return of the Durutti ColumnThe Durutti Column12" Vinyl9
FACT 14[none]
The Graveyard and the BallroomA Certain RatioCassette14
A Factory QuartetVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl10 + 10
CloserJoy Division12" Vinyl9
FACT 25[none]
Night ShiftThe Names7" Vinyl2
Fac 29
Dolphin Spurt / GoddessMinny Pops7" Vinyl2
FAC 31
CeremonyNew Order12" Vinyl2
  • GB1981-03-06
FAC 33/12[none]
CeremonyNew Order7" Vinyl2
FAC 33[none]
It's Hard to Be an EggJohn Dowie7" Vinyl2
FAC 19
You're No GoodESG7" Vinyl3
FAC 34
To Each...A Certain Ratio12" Vinyl9
Unsightly and SereneCrispy Ambulance10" Vinyl2
Fac Thirty Two[none]
Love Will Tear Us ApartJoy Division7" Vinyl3
Always NowSection 2512" Vinyl10
Ceremony (re-release)New Order12" Vinyl2
FAC 33[none]
ProcessionNew Order7" Vinyl2
FAC 53[none]
The Double 12"A Certain Ratio12" Vinyl + 12" Shellac3 + 4
FACDP 1004
StillJoy Division2×12" Vinyl10 + 11
  • GB1981-10-08
FACT 40[none]
Still (Limited Edition: Clothbound)Joy Division2×12" Vinyl10 + 11
  • GB1981-10-08
FACT 40[none]
Little Voices / Call Me Honey / BoySwamp Children12" Vinyl3
FAC 49
MovementNew Order12" Vinyl8
  • GB1981-11-13
FACT 50, FACT. 50[none]
WaterlineA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl2
FAC 52
CeremonyNew Order12" Vinyl2
StillJoy Division2×12" Vinyl10 + 11
FACT 40[none]
LCThe Durutti Column12" Vinyl10
FACT 44[none]
Fairy TalesStockholm Monsters7" Vinyl2
FAC 41
Art - Dream - DominionRoyal Family and the Poor12" Vinyl3
FAC 43
Ophelia's Drinking SongKevin Hewick7" Vinyl2
FAC 48
TemptationNew Order12" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-05-10
FAC 63[none]
TemptationNew Order7" Vinyl2
  • GB1982-05-10
FAC 63
The BeastSection 2512" Vinyl4
FAC 66[none]
SextetA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl9
FACT 55[none]
Happy Ever AfterStockholm Monsters7" Vinyl2
FAC 58
Look Into My Eyes52nd Street12" Vinyl2
FAC 59
Secret Story / IslandMinny Pops7" Vinyl2
FAC 57
Knife Slits WaterA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl2
FAC 62
Knife Slits WaterA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl2
FAC 62
Knife Slits WaterA Certain Ratio7" Vinyl2
FAC 62
HarmonyThe Wake12" Vinyl7
So HotSwamp Children12" Vinyl9
Merry Xmas From the Haçienda and Factory RecordsNew Order7" Flexi-disc2
FAC 51 B
I'd Like to See You AgainA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl8
FACT 65[none]
Blue MondayNew Order12" Vinyl2
  • GB1983-03-07
FAC 73
YasharCabaret Voltaire12" Vinyl2
FAC 82
Power, Corruption & LiesNew Order12" Vinyl8
FACT 75[none]
I Get Along Without You Very Well / PrayerDurutti Column7" Vinyl2
Fac 64
I Need Someone ToniteACR12" Vinyl2
FAC 72
ConfusionNew Order12" Vinyl4
  • GB1983-08-22
FAC 93[none]
Another SettingThe Durutti Column12" Vinyl11
JimoneJames7" Vinyl3
FAC 78[none]
Love TempoQuando Quango12" Vinyl2
FAC 79
Back to WonderSection 257" Vinyl2
FAC 68
Blue Monday (silver inner sleeve)New Order12" Vinyl2
FAC 73, RTD 10[none]
Act on InstinctStreetlife12" Vinyl3
FAC 97
Blue MondayNew Order12" Vinyl2
FACTUS 10[none]
Power, Corruption & LiesNew Order12" Vinyl8
FACTUS 12[none]
Reach for LoveMarcel King12" Vinyl2
FAC 92
TelstarAd Infinitum7" Vinyl2
FAC 96
From the HipSection 2512" Vinyl8
Thieves Like UsNew Order12" Vinyl2
FAC 103[none]
Thieves Like Us / Lonesome TonightNew Order7" Vinyl2
FAC 103
2 From QuandoQuando Quango12" Vinyl2
FAC 102
Atom RockQuando Quango7" Vinyl2
FAC 102
Tell MeLife7" Vinyl2
FAC 106
All at Once / National PastimeStockholm Monsters7" Vinyl2
FAC 107
Looking From a HilltopSection 2512" Vinyl2
FAC 108
Alma MaterStockholm Monsters12" Vinyl10
Can't Afford52nd Street12" Vinyl2
FAC 118
Can't Afford to Let You Go52nd Street7" Vinyl2
FAC 118
Too Crazy CowboysThick Pigeon12" Vinyl11
Lifes A Scream / There's Only ThisA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl2
FAC 112
Thieves Like UsNew Order12" Vinyl2
FAC 103
Thieves Like UsNew Order12" Vinyl2
FAC 103
Life's a ScreamA Certain Ratio12" Vinyl2
FAC 112
Reach for LoveMarcel King12" Vinyl3
Fac 92
Without MercyThe Durutti Column12" Vinyl2
fact 84[none]
From the HipSection 2512" Vinyl8
FACT 904005902538015
Atom Rock: New York RemixQuando Quango12" Vinyl2
FAC 102 R
James IIJames7" Vinyl2
FAC 119