Smithsonian Folkways (imprint of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)

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Previously known as: Folkways Records


Broadside Ballads, Volume 2Pete SeegerCD14
  • US1963-01-01
Dock Boggs: Legendary Singer and Banjo PlayerDock Boggs12" Vinyl15
Union TrainJoe GlazerVinyl12
Bricklain' Union ManJoe GlazerDigital Media11
Folkways: The Original VisionVarious ArtistsCD20
CD SF 40001, CD-SF-40001093074000120
Woody Guthrie Sings Folk SongsWoody GuthrieCD14
CD SF 40007093074000724
The Broadside Tapes 1Phil OchsCD16
CD SF 40008093074000823
Freight Train and Other North Carolina Folk Songs and TunesElizabeth CottenCD14
CD SF 40009093074000922
Big Bill Broonzy Sings Folk SongsBig Bill BroonzyCD11
CD SF 40023093074002322
Traditional Christmas CarolsPete SeegerCD13
CD SF 40024093074000120
Abiyoyo and Other Story Songs for ChildrenPete SeegerCD7
CD SF 45001093074500125
My Street Begins at My HouseElla JenkinsCD9
CD SF 45005093074500521
Adventures In RhythmElla JenkinsCD23
CDSF 45007093074500729
Travellin' With Ella JenkinsElla JenkinsCD16
  • -1989
CD SF 45009093074500927
Folkways: The Original VisionVarious ArtistsCD20
  • -1989
SF 40001
This-A-Way, That-A-WayElla JenkinsCD13
SF 45002093074500224
You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a SongElla JenkinsCD15
SF 45010093074501023
Musics of the Soviet UnionVarious ArtistsCassette14
Hawaiian Drum Dance Chants: Sounds of Power in TimeBishop MuseumCD25
At Folk CityDoc Watson & Jean RitchieCD17
CD SF 40005093074000526
Cajun Social MusicVarious ArtistsCD13
CD SF 40006093074000625
Leadbelly Sings Folk SongsLead BellyCD15
CD SF 40010093074001028
The Doc Watson FamilyThe Doc Watson FamilyCD26
CD SF 40012043074001221
Tuva: Voices From the Center of AsiaVarious ArtistsCD33
CD SF 40017093074001721
Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin’ HopkinsCD10
CD SF 40019093074001929
Don't Mourn - Organize!: Songs of Labor Songwriter Joe HillVarious ArtistsCD15
CD SF 40026093074002629
Been in the Storm So Long: A Collection of Spirituals, Folk Tales and Children's Games from Johns Island, SCVarious ArtistsCD28
CD SF 40031, SF 40031093074003121
Happy Woman Blues (Reissue)Lucinda Williams12" Vinyl11
SF 40003093074000311
Country Songs, Old and NewThe Country GentlemenCD16
SF 40004093074000427
Happy Woman BluesLucinda WilliamsCD11
SF CD 40003093074000328
Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin’ HopkinsCD10
Sing for Freedom: The Story of the Civil Rights Movement Through Its SongsVarious ArtistsCD26
Folk Songs for Young PeoplePete SeegerCD17
SingalongPete Seeger2×CD20 + 21
CD SF 40027/8093074002728
The Folkways Years, 1944-1963Sonny TerryCD17
CD SF 40033093074003329
The Folkways Years, 1945-1959Brownie McGheeCD17
CD SF 40034093074003428
Mountain Music Bluegrass StyleVarious ArtistsCD23
CD SF 40038093074003824
Classical Music of Iran: The Dastgah SystemsVarious ArtistsCD10
CD SF 40039093074003923
The Folkways Years 1959-61Dave Van RonkCD20
CD SF 40041093074004128
Ramblin'Lucinda WilliamsCD14
CD SF 40042093074004227
Cowboy Songs on Folkways (reissue)Various ArtistsCD26
CD SF 40043093074004326
Bukhara - Musical Crossroads of AsiaVarious ArtistsCD13
CD SF 40050093074005026
Caribbean Revels: Haitian Rara & Dominican GagaVarious ArtistsCD14
CD SF 40402093074040225
Mountain Music of Peru, Vol. 1Various ArtistsCD45
  • -1991
SF 40020
Pure Religion & Bad CompanyReverend Gary DavisCD17
SF 40035093074003527
Songs to Grow On for Mother and ChildWoody GuthrieCD18
SF 45035093074503522
Cowboy Songs on FolkwaysVarious ArtistsCD26
Music of Indonesia, Vol. 2: Indonesian Popular Music: Kroncong, Dangdut, and Langgam JawaVarious Artists(unknown)15
  • -1991
Folk Songs and BluegrassThe Country GentlemenCD16
  • US1992-02-14
CD SF 40022093074002223
The Early Years 1958 - 1962The New Lost City RamblersCD26
  • US1992-07-13
CD SF 40036093074003626
Music of Indonesia 1: Songs Before Dawn - Gandrung BanyuwangiGandrung ensemble from BanyuwangiCD11
  • US1992-07-13
CD SF 40055093074005521
Music Of Indonesia 2: Indonesian Popular Music: Krongcong, Dangdut, & Langgam JawaVarious ArtistsCD15
  • US1992-07-13
CD SF 40056093074005620
Music of Indonesia, Vol. 3: Music from the Outskirts of Jakarta: Gambang KromongVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US1992-07-13
CD SF 40057093074005729
Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry SingBrownie McGhee & Sonny TerryCD13
  • -1992-07-13
SF 40041093074001127
Musics of the Soviet UnionVarious ArtistsCD14
  • US1992-07-13
Woody Guthrie Sings Folk SongsWoody GuthrieCD14
  • US1992-07-13
Navajo SongsVarious ArtistsCD19
  • US1992-11-10
CD SF 40403, SF 40403093074040324
American Banjo: Three Finger and Scruggs StyleVarious ArtistsCD43
CD SF 40037093074003725
American Industrial BalladsPete SeegerCD24
CD SF 40058093074005828
Complete Folkways RecordingsJoseph SpenceCD9
CD SF 40066093074006627
Music of New Mexico: Native American TraditionsVarious ArtistsCD19
CD SF 40408093074040829
The Folkways Years, 1955-1992: Songs of Love and PoliticsPeggy SeegerCD21
SF 40048093074004821
Plains Chippewa/Metis Music From Turtle MountainVarious ArtistsCD32
Music of Indonesia, Vol. 4: Music of Nias and North Sumatra: Hoho, Gendang Karo, Gondang TobaVarious ArtistsCD16
Indeterminacy: New Aspect of Form in Instrumental and Electronic MusicJohn Cage, David Tudor2×CD2 + 2
SF40804, SF40805
Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri RainforestColin Turnbull and Francis S. ChapmanCD26
SF CD 40401093074040126
StruggleWoody GuthrieCD12
Drums of Defiance: Maroon Music From the Earliest Free Black Communities of JamaicaVarious ArtistsCD35
Music of New Mexico: Hispanic TraditionsVarious ArtistsCD26
Off the Record, Volume 1: Live Recordings, 1956–1969Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass BoysCD27
  • US1993-09-14
Traditional Music of the World, Vol. 5. Bandoneon Pure: Dances of UruguayRené Marino RiveroCD25
  • US1993-11-18
SF 40431093074043127
Musical Traditions of St. Lucia, West IndiesVarious ArtistsCD32
40416, CD SF 40416093074041628
The World's Musical Traditions, Volume 4: Bunggridj-Bunggridj: Wangga Songs: Northern AustraliaAlan MaralungCD8
CD SF 40430093074043028
Song Creators in Eastern TurkeyVarious ArtistsCD20
CD SF 40432093074043226
Darling Corey and Goofing-Off SuitePete SeegerCD30
SF 40018093074001820
Folk Masters: Great Performances Recorded Live at The Barns of Wolf TrapVarious ArtistsCD22
SF 40047093074004722
The Complete Folkways RecordingsLonnie JohnsonCD24
Bosnia: Echoes From an Endangered WorldVarious ArtistsCD14
Armenian Music Through the AgesRichard HagopianCD13
Out Standing in Their Field 1963 - 1973The New Lost City RamblersCD27
SF CD40040093074004029
Live Duet Recordings 1963-1980: Off the Record, Volume 2Bill Monroe & Doc WatsonCD17
SF CD 40064093074006429
Borderlands: from Conjunto to Chicken ScratchVarious ArtistsCD18
SF CD40418093074041826
Jazz Piano: A Smithsonian Collection, Volume 1Various Artists4×CD21 + 20 + 17 + 10
  • US1994-02-01
Piano MusicHenry Cowell; Henry CowellCD20
  • US1994-02-01
SF 40801093074080122
The Folkways Years, 1944-1961Cisco HoustonCD29
  • US1994-04-19
SF CD 40059093074005927
Wade in the Water, Volume 2: African American Congregational Singing: Nineteenth-Century RootsVarious ArtistsCD17
  • -1994-04-28
Long Ways to Travel: The Unreleased Folkways Masters, 1944-1949Woody GuthrieCD17
  • US1994-05-01
SFW CD 40046093074004623
The Original Folkways Recordings of Doc Watson and Clarence Ashley: 1960 Through 1962Doc Watson & Clarence Ashley2×CD25 + 23
  • US1994-06-28
CD SF 40029/30093074002926
Lead Belly's Last SessionsLead Belly4×CD35 + 18 + 20 + 23
  • US1994-09-25
SF CD 40068/71093074006825
African American Gospel: The Pioneering Composers / Wade in the Water (Volume 3)Various ArtistsCD16
CD SF40074093074007426
Creation's Journey: Native American MusicVarious ArtistsCD17
CD SF 40410093074041024
Wade in the Water, Volume 1: African American Spirituals: The Concert TraditionVarious ArtistsCD19
SF 40072093074007228
African American Gospel : The Pioneering Composers Volume III Wade In The WaterVarious ArtistsCD16
SF 40074093074007426
Royal Court Music of ThailandVarious ArtistsCD4
SF 40413093074041321
Music of Indonesia, Vol. 6: Night Music of West SumatraVarious ArtistsCD12
SF 40422093074042229
Mountain Music of Peru, Volume IIVarious ArtistsCD29
Music of Indonesia, Vol. 5: Betawi and Sundanese Music of JavaVarious ArtistsCD10
SF CD 40421093074042120
The Classic Hoagy CarmichaelVarious Artists3×CD19 + 20 + 18
Rythyms of Rapture: Sacred Music of Haitian VodouVarious ArtistsCD20
  • US1995-08-22
SF CD 40464093074046425
Multicultural Children's SongsElla JenkinsCD23
  • US1995-10-17
SF 45045