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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Limelight / I Don't Want to Be Alone Jimmy Shelton Vinyl 2 K-100
You'll Never Walk Alone / The Boy Next Door Roger Williams Vinyl 2 K-101
One God / For This I'm Thankful Eddie Albert Vinyl 2 K-102
Just a Bird's Eye View / Jimmy Valentine Rosa Rio Trio Vinyl 2 K-103
Baseball, Baseball / Fairweather Friends Jane Morgan Vinyl 2 K-104
Gypsy Boogie / Play the Song, Mr. Man Hipsies Vinyl 2 K-105
Kiss Crazy Baby / Paper Valentine The Crackerjacks Vinyl 2 K-106
Why / The Heart You Break Jane Morgan Vinyl 2 K-107
Come Pretty Little Girl / I'm in Favor of Friendship Eddie Albert Vinyl 2 K-108
Be Good, Be Good, Be Good / Whispering Wind The Crackerjacks Vinyl 2 K-109
A Star Will Fall / Blue Parakeet Roma Sympho-Pop Orchestra Vinyl 2 K-110
I Try to Forget You / Why Don't They Leave Us Alone Jane Morgan Vinyl 2 K-111
You Know You Belong to Someone Else / Just Call Her Jim Hamish Menzies Vinyl 2 K-112
Hey, Mr. Banjo / Zoom, Zoom, Zoom The Sunnysiders Vinyl 2 K-113
Banjo Woogie / I Just Wanna Be Like You Happy Hearts Vinyl 2 K-114
Flyin' High / Give Me Your World Jane Morgan Vinyl 2 K-115
Autumn Leaves / Take Care Roger Williams 7" Vinyl 2 K-116X [none]
Go If You're Going / Just for the Bride and Groom Eddie Albert Vinyl 2 K-117
Moon Must Have Followed Me Home / Far Away From Everybody Helen O’Connell Vinyl 2 K-118
Inspiration / Sailor Boys Have Talk to Me in English Helen O’Connell 7" Vinyl 2 K-119 [none]
Tall Teller of Tall Tales / The Band Played On The Happy Harts Vinyl 2 K-120
In Paree / Take Me Away Jane Morgan Vinyl 2 K-121
Summer Store / As Long As I Live Hal Kanner Orchestra and Chorus Vinyl 2 K-122
Comes Spring / I'm Sure Russ Miller Vinyl 2 K-124
Over the Sea to Skye / Skye Boat Song Hamish Menzies Vinyl 2 K-125
Jingle Bells / Let's Sing a Song for Christmas Dennis James Vinyl 2 K-126
Night Wind / Wanting You Roger Williams Vinyl 2 K-127
Roger Williams Plays Christmas Songs Roger Williams Vinyl 16 K-1042-S
Miracle of the Wheat / Get Along Home Cindy Ed McCurdy Vinyl 2 K-128
Whatever You Want Me to Be / Fall in Love Fall in Love Larry Starr Vinyl 2 K-129
There You Are / Cowpoke Jones Boys Vinyl 2 K-130
What Is a Husband / What Is a Wife Galen Drake Vinyl 2 K-131
Memories of You / You Were Meant for Me Benny Payne Vinyl 2 K-132
L'Homme et l'Enfant / Les Trottoirs Eddie Constantine & Tania 7" Vinyl 2 K-133 [none]
Little Child / Jenny Kissed Me Eddie Albert & Sondra Lee Vinyl 2 K-134
Help Yourself / Ro-Ro-Rolling Along Joanne Wheatley Vinyl 2 K-135
Annabelle / Oom-Pah-Dee-Aye-Ay Al Tereck Vinyl 2 K-136
Watch My Smoke / Somebody Bigger Than You and I Russ Miller 7" Vinyl 2 K-137
Beyond the Sea / Song of Devotion Roger Williams Vinyl 2 K-138
Touch of the Lips / Wee House Hamish Menzies Vinyl 2 K-139
Let's Go Steady / Take Care Jane Morgan & The Jones Boys Vinyl 2 K-140
For Every Drop of Rain / If I Had My Life to Live Over Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy Vinyl 2 K 141
Mi Amor / You Belong to My Heart Eddie Albert & Margo Vinyl 2 K 142
Walk Hand in Hand / Just Sing a Song Danny Vaughn Vinyl 2 K 143
Hi Lili Hi Lo / My Dream Sonata Roger Williams Vinyl 2 K-144
His Hands in Mine / Maybe You'll Be There Lucille Watkins & The Belltones Vinyl 2 K-145
Don't Come Cryin' to Me / The Blue Room Buddy Greco Vinyl 2 K-146
Mary Smith / No One Home Jones Boys Vinyl 2 K-147
La Ronde / Midnight Blues Jane Morgan Vinyl 2 K-148
Portuguese Washerwomen / Song for the Searchers Joe Sherman Vinyl 2 K 149
Big D / Climb Up Sunshine Mountain The Happy Harts Vinyl 2 K 151
Somebody's Wrong / Mighty Blue Miss Joy Vinyl 2 K 152
Pack of Letters, Pack of Lies / Little Blue Bonnet, Little Pink Face Billy Shephard Vinyl 2 K 153
Don't Ranga Da Bell / I Only Want a Buddy Larry Starr Vinyl 2 K 154
In Time to Come / Love Don't Be a Stranger Buddy Greco Vinyl 2 K 155
Tumbling Tumbleweeds / I'll Always Walk With You Roger Williams Vinyl 2 K 156
Witch on the Mountain / Where Are the Kisses Jerry Tyfer Vinyl 2 K 157
The Joker / The Greatest Gift Ronnie Gaylord Vinyl 2 K 158
Puddinhead / If I Had My Druthers Jones Boys Vinyl 2 K 159
Man Man Is for Woman Made / La La Collette Hal Kanner Orchestra and Chorus Vinyl 2 K-160X
Two Different Worlds / Nights in Verona Roger Williams & Jane Morgan Vinyl 2 K 161
Old Blue Bugle / Gypsy Boogie Bernie Nee Vinyl 2 K-162 X
Calypso Rock / Blue Davy Dee & The Redcoats Vinyl 2 K-163
She Said / Walkin' Up Four Flights of Stairs Frank Scott Vinyl 2 K-164
Holiday Romance / You're the Love of My Love Buddy Greco Vinyl 2 K-165
I Guess I'll Get the Papers and Go Home / 'til Roses Cry Joanne Wheatley Vinyl 2 K166
Down the Road of Love / Lady of Fortune Ronnie Gaylord Vinyl 2 K167
Roger Williams Roger Williams 12" Vinyl 12 KL-1012 [none]
Roger Boom / Red Hair and Green Eyes Ed McCurdy Vinyl 2 K168
Rainbows Russ Hamilton 12" Vinyl 12 KL-1076 [none]
The John Towner Touch John Towner Vinyl 12
Here Comes Summer / Time Has a Way Jerry Keller 7" Vinyl 2 K-277X [none]
Till Roger Williams 12" Vinyl 12 KL-1081 [none]
La Fabulosa Amália Rodrigues 12" Vinyl 10 KL-1095
Favorite Polkas Clare Wirkowski & His Orchestra 12" Vinyl 12 KL-1150 [none]
When You're Away Carmen McRae 12" Vinyl 12 KS-3018
White Goddess Frank Hunter and His Orchestra 12" Vinyl 12 KS-3019 [none]
Revisited Eartha Kitt (unknown) 12 KL-1192
The Submarine Officer Jose Jimenez 12" Vinyl 9 KL-1215
The Bashful Blond Brian Hyland 12" Vinyl 12 KS-3202
The Astronaut Jose Jimenez 7" Vinyl 2 K-409X
Images / Estampes / D’un cahier d’esquisses / Berceuse heroique Debussy; Daniel Ericourt 12" Vinyl 11 KCL-9061 [none]
12 Hits 4 Lads 12" Vinyl 12 KL 1224
The Hustler Kenyon Hopkins 12" Vinyl 15 KL-1264
Jose Jimenez the Astronaut: The First Man in Space Jose Jimenez 12" Vinyl 5 KS 3238
The Sound Of Hawaii Percussive Pineapples Lani RoyalWith TheThe Diamond Head Band 12" Vinyl 12 MS-7516
Our Day Will Come Ruby & The Romantics Vinyl 4 214018
Lollipops and Roses / Julie Jack Jones Vinyl 2 435
Jose Jimenez in Orbit (Bill Dana on Earth) Jose Jimenez 12" Vinyl 8 KL-1257
Jose Jimenez Talks to Teenagers of All Ages Jose Jimenez 12" Vinyl 9 KL 1304
Midnight in Moscow Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen 12" Vinyl 11 KS-3276 [none]
Blowin' in the Wind The Chad Mitchell Trio Vinyl 13 KS-3313
At the Bitter End The Chad Mitchell Trio Vinyl 12
Meet The Searchers The Searchers 12" Vinyl 12 KL-1363
Mr. Bass Man / Sacred Lovers Vow Johnny Cymbal 7" Vinyl 2 K-503X
Our Secret Weapon Jose Jimenez 12" Vinyl 11 KL-1320
A New Bag of Songs Billy Edd Wheeler Vinyl 12 KL-1351
Blowin' in the Wind The Chad Mitchell Trio 12" Vinyl 13 KP-7222 [none]
Our Day Will Come Ruby and the Romantics 12" Vinyl 12 KS-3323 [none]
Jose Jimenez in Jollywood Bill Dana 12" Vinyl 11 KS-3332