Spend the DayUrban Cookie CollectiveCD4CD LOSE 85
Everybody’s Free (to Feel Good)RozallaCD212 LOSE 135018524026364
Faith (In the Power of Love)RozallaCD6CD LOSE15, CDLOSE 155018524030903
Run to YouRageCD4CD LOSE 335024085040800
Why Don’t YouRageCD6CD LOSE 395024085003904
The Key: The SecretUrban Cookie Collective12" Vinyl412 LOSE 485024085004864
More and MoreCaptain Hollywood Project12" Vinyl412 LOSE 505024085005069
Feels Like Heaven (Promo)Urban Cookie Collective12" Vinyl412 LOSE 55 DJ
Only With YouCaptain Hollywood ProjectCD6CD LOSE 40
The Key, the SecretUrban Cookie CollectiveCD6CD LOSE 489399601151329
More and MoreCaptain Hollywood ProjectCD7CD LOSE 505024085005007
More And MoreCaptain Hollywood ProjectCD7CD LOSE 505024085005007
Give It UpRageCD6CDLOSE 535024085005304
Feels Like HeavenUrban Cookie CollectiveCD7CDLOSE555024085005502
Why Don’t YouEn-RageCD4INT 827.2124006758272122
SaviourEn-RageCD12INT 847.2074006758472072
Pulsating Rhythms, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD12PULSE CD 109399603103524
Everybody's Free-Style 1993 (remixed to perfection)RozallaCD10PULSECD 115024085001122
Get-A-WayMaxxCD6CD LOSE 595024085005908
To the MaxximumMaxxCD15PULSE 15 CD5024085001528
Bring It On HomeUrban Cookie CollectiveCD4CD LOSE 735024085007308
ImpossibleCaptain Hollywood ProjectCD6CD LOSE 545024085005403
This BeatBillie GodfreyCD5CDLOSE615024085006103
No More (I Can't Stand It)MaxxCD7CD LOSE 66
Let Me Do My ThingFunnymanCD3CDLOSE765024085007605
You're So VainZan + WandalisCD6CD LOSE 78
Pulsating Rhythms, Volume 5Various ArtistsCD10PULSE14CD5024085001429
Sole PurposeSecret LifeCD12PULSE18CD5024085001825
Sex on the StreetsPizzamanCD30061575 PUL4009880615751
Pulsating Hits: the best of Pulse-8 1990-1995Various ArtistsCD1801624 15443-2016241544326
Tales From the Magic FountainUrban Cookie CollectiveCD1021016497319201016493
My Cryings DoneRageCD5CDLOSE875024085008701
I Can Make You Feel LikeMaxxCD4CDLOSE 885024085008800
Its a Mans Mans Mans WorldJeanie Tracy & Bobby WomackCD7CDLOSE895024085008909
Black Men UnitedShut Up and DanceCD21PULSE22CD5024085002228
NightmovesAbigailCD6CDLOSE 1075024085010704
Everybodys FreeRozallaCD5CDLOSE1105024085011008
NightmovesAbigail12" Vinyl312LOSE1075024085010766
People Get HighBoxcarCD5CD LOSE 1055024085010506
Love. Love. LoveSecret LifeCD3CD LOSE 995024085009999
CatchSunscreemCD4CD LOSE 117
Catch RemixesSunscreemCD4CD LOSE X 117
CatchSunscreem3×12" Vinyl2 + 2 + 212LOSE117DJ[none]
Missing YouE'vokeCD4CDXLOSE 121
Groovin'TysonCD2CD7 LOSE 65
Are You Ready to FlyRozallaCD6CD LOSE 21