Touching the Father’s Heart #4: Holiness Unto the LordThe VineyardCD14FLD9118
Touching the Father’s Heart #6: Fire of GodThe VineyardCD14FLD9122
Classical VineyardVineyardCD12FLC9138
Touching the Father’s Heart #11: I Bow DownThe VineyardCD12FLD9139026297913922
Vineyard Collection (Volume 2)VineyardCD16VMD9130
Touching the Father’s Heart #13: Devoted to YouVineyardCD12FLD9148
Vineyard Celebration: Praise to the Holy OneVineyard MusicCD12FLD9160
Psalms Volume 1VineyardCD15VMD9155026297915520
Touching the Father’s Heart #15: Seek RighteousnessVineyardCD12FLD9161
Psalms Volume 2VineyardCD14VMD9166026297916626
Touching the Father’s Heart #17: Glory and HonorVineyard MusicCD12VMD91715019282072952
Winds of Worship 2: Live from AnaheimVineyard MusicCD16VMD9187
Winds of Worship 3: Live From Toronto, CanadaVineyard Music GroupCD12VMD9191
True LoveDavid RuisDigital Media11VND8316
Father's HouseBrian DoerksenCD11VMD 8309601212830920
Inside MeJeff SearlesCD10VMD9003601212900326
Winds of Worship 4: Live From Brighton EnglandVineyard UKCD10VMD9193601212919328
Acoustic Worship 1: Isn’t HeVineyard Music with Brian DoerksenCD14VMD9196
Acoustic Worship 2: EternityVineyard Music with Andy ParkCD14VMD9198
Touching the Father’s Heart #18: Light the Fire AgainVineyard MusicCD13VMD9175
Winds of Worship 5: Live From Arnhem, HollandVineyard MusicCD10VMD9201
Winds of Worship 6: Live From Southern CaliforniaVineyard MusicCD12VMD9207
Change My Heart Oh GodVineyard MusicCD15G2 6012 1 29200 2 7, VMD9200601212920027
Touching the Father’s Heart #25: For Your MercyVineyard MusicCD12VMD9202
Touching the Father’s Heart #26: Faithful FatherVineyard MusicCD13VMD9204
Songs of Renewal: 12 Songs Inspired By Renewal Around The WorldVineyard MusicCD12VMD9206
Acoustic Worship 4: Spirit SongVineyard Music with John WimberCD11VMD9208601212920829
Vintage Vineyard: Refiner’s FireVineyard MusicCD16VMD9224
Winds of Worship 8: Live from Langley, B.C. CanadaVineyard MusicCD11VMD9242
Touching the Father’s Heart #29: I Will Lift My HandsVineyard MusicCD12VMD9239
Touching the Father’s Heart #32: I Love Loving YouVineyard MusicCD13VMD9255
Change My Heart Oh God (Volume 2)Vineyard MusicCD15VMD9243
Change My Heart Oh God For KidsVineyard MusicCD15VDM9244601212924421
Vineyard Café #1: ShelterVineyardCD14VMD9247601212924728
Vineyard Café #2: MercyVineyardCD13VMD9254
A Vineyard Café ChristmasVineyard MusicCD15VMD9261601212926128
Touching the Father’s Heart: Devoted to You / Send Your SpiritVineyard Music GroupCD13
Touching the Father’s Heart #34: You Shelter MeVineyard MusicCD13VMD9267
Come Now Is the TimeVineyard UKCD1319950025028519950024
Why We Worship 3: IntimacyVineyard MusicCD12VMD9281
Winds of Worship 11: Live From AustraliaVineyard MusicCD10g2 6012 1 29266 2 3, VMD9266601212926623
Sweet MerciesDavid RuisCD11VMD9205
Touching the Father’s Heart #33: You Are In ControlVineyard MusicCD13VMD9262
Why We Worship 1: FatherVineyard MusicCD13VMD9264
More Love, More PowerVineyard Music2×CD11 + 13VMD9265601212926524
Vineyard Café #4: FreedomVineyardCD14VMD9273
Winds of Worship 12: Live From LondonVineyard UKCD13VMD9275
The Very Best of Winds of Worship: Live from Around The WorldVineyard MusicCD10
Touching the Father’s Heart #35: I Love Your WaysVineyard MusicCD13VMD9274
Revival: 10 Songs From England, Brownsville, Toronto and the WorldVineyard MusicCD10
Winds of Worship 13: Live From SeattleVineyard MusicCD12VMD93017898104882546
Change My Heart Oh God (Volume 3)Vineyard MusicCD14
Touching the Father’s Heart #37: Your Love Reaches MeVineyard MusicCD10VMD9279
The Burn ServiceVineyard MusicCD12VMD9305
Hungry (Falling on My Knees)Vineyard UKCD1419950125028519950123
Night and DayAndy ParkCD14MDAP1620486729020
Change My Heart Oh God Kids 2Vineyard MusicCD13pwchxx601212930422
Doing the stuffVineyard Music(unknown)1219950425028519950420
The Best of Acoustic WorshipVineyard MusicCD13VMD9319
ABC's of Worship #3Vineyard Music (Kids)CD8VMD9327
SurrenderVineyard UKEnhanced CD11VMD93414029856461649
I Want to Be Like JesusVineyard Music (Kids)CD12VMD9334
Surrender (Released with sampler)Vineyard UK2×CD11 + 1319950325028519950321
BelieveVineyard Music CanadaCD16VCD2001620486200123
Why We Worship 5: The CrossVineyard MusicCD15VMD9315
An Evening of Vineyard Worship: NashvilleVineyard MusicCD13VMD9329
Fruit of the SpiritVineyard Music (Kids)CD + Enhanced CD17 + 17VMD9377
Hungry (Falling on My Knees)Vineyard UKCD14BIC 02, VMD93106573300020022
I Love Your Presence (Live from the UK)Vineyard UKCD12VMD9355
Great Big GodVineyard UK (Kids)CD + Enhanced CD17 + 17VMD9375601212937506
All I NeedVineyard Music CanadaCD14VMD9374
The MysteryVineyard Music CanadaCD + Enhanced CD17 + 20VMD9373
The MysteryKÉDĒ-R2×Enhanced CD17 + 19VCD30014029856482637
Never Looking Back (Live Worship From a Burn Service)Vineyard MusicCD12VMD9331601212933126
We Welcome You (2001 Sampler)Vineyard MusicCD10VMD9360
Wonderful Mercy (Live From South Africa)Vineyard Music South AfricaCD12VMD9379
An Evening of Vineyard Worship: Columbus OhioVineyard MusicCD12
25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Change My Heart Oh GodVineyard Music2×CD15 + 146 01212 93610 3, VMD9361R601212936103
1000 GenerationsVineyard Music USACD11VMD9394657330020224
If You Say GoVineyard Music USACD13VMD9397601212939708
25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Draw Me CloseVineyard Music2×CD13 + 14VMD8010
BeautifulVineyard Music UKCD14VMD9404
25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Refiner’s FireVineyard Music2×CD14 + 13VMD93630601212936301
25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: The River Is HereVineyard Music2×CD13 + 14VMD9365
Fall on Me: Women in Worship LiveVineyard MusicCD10VMD8013
Come Now Is the Time to Worship: 14 Modern Worship ClassicsVineyard MusicCD15VMD93457898104882607
HolyVineyard Music UKCD14VMD9376
Free to Fly (Home Again)Vineyard Music CanadaCD12VMD9402R657330090227
25 Top Vineyard Worship Songs: Come Now Is the Time to WorshipVineyard Music2×CD14 + 13VMD93670601212936707
Alma hambrientaVina MusicCD14VMD9392
Great Big God 2: Tiny Little MeVineyard UK (Kids)CD16VMD8015601212801500
Hungry LiveVineyard MusicCD13VMD8016
One GlimpseVineyard Music NZCD11VMD8025
Wash Over MeVineyard MusicCD13VMD8027R601212802705
DwellVineyard MusicCD14VMD8032601212803207
Lord Reign in MeVineyard UKCD14VMD8026
Desire (Live Worship Expression)Vineyard Music NordicCD12VMD80216573300203128
Just Like HeavenVineyard MusicCD12VMD9398R6573300103220
AtitudeVineyard BrasilCD8VMGBR050
Hold OnVineyard UKCD12VMD8028