Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Psychic Air Null Cassette 2 NUX-01
Ti Con Zero Null Cassette 2 NUX-02 [none]
Darh Eroc Evil Merzbow Null Cassette 2 NUX-03 [none]
Zamuza Gelhit Null Cassette 2 NUX-04 [none]
Deus Irae Merzbow Null Cassette 2 NUX-05 [none]
Disembody Merzbow Null Cassette 1 NUX-06 [none]
Overload Extasya Various Artists Cassette 6 NUX-07 [none]
Absolut Null Punkt Absolut Null Punkt Cassette 2 NUX-08
Dyspareunia A.N.P & Null Cassette 3 NUX-09
Teikoku Noise, Vol. 1 Various Artists Cassette 7 NUX-10 [none]
DeKreatures Null & NP Cassette 2 NUX-11 [none]
最終物質 [Saishiyu Bushitsu] Null 12" Vinyl 2 NUX-R1
Death Match Session The Loods & Null Cassette 2 NUX-13
Maximum Lethal Dose Null Cassette 4 NUX-17 [none]
Ultima Hyper Drugs Null / A.N.P 12" Vinyl 4 NUX-R2
Skullfuck Live Zeni Geva Cassette 5 NUX-14
Ultrasonic Action Absolut Null Punkt 12" Vinyl 8 NUX-R3
Ultima Action Absolut Null Punkt 12" Vinyl 2 NUX-R4 [none]
Hellzonic Bio-Metal Null Cassette 2 NUX-16
Sonic Erosion Null Cassette 3 NUX-19 [none]
Neuro Eco Media Null & Jim O’Rourke Cassette 5 NUX-20 [none]
Null & Fred Frith Null & Fred Frith Cassette 2 NUX-21 [none]
Kaleidoscope Experience Null & Scott Ayers Cassette 2 NUX-22 [none]
Sonicfuck U.S.A. Null CD 1 NUX-D 1
Live in Amerika Zeni Geva CD 16 NUX-D2
Ultrasonic Action Absolut Null Punkt CD 6 NUX-D 3
Deus Irae Merzbow & Null CD 1 NUX-D 4 [none]
Hatsu-Koi Space Streakings CD 11 NUX-D5
Absolute Heaven Null CD 3 NUX-D8 785031990826
Live in Tokyo Shellac CD 12 NUX-D10
Yona-Kit LP Yona-Kit CD 9 NUX-D11 036172602025
Yona-Kit LP Yona-Kit 12" Vinyl 9 NUX-D11
Trance Europe Experience Zeni Geva CD 9 NUX-D12 785031991229
"Scratch or Stitch" Melt‐Banana 12" Vinyl 22 NUX-D14 [none]
Scratch or Stitch Melt‐Banana CD 22 NUX-D14 036172603428
Guitar Organism Kazuyuki K.Null with Fred Frith, Guy Lohnes, Ichiro Agata & Jim O’Rourke CD 6 NUX-D13 785031991328
Extropy Zero 1 Null (Kazuyuki Kishino) CD 2 NUX 2011_001
Behind the Signal Terminal Hz CD 13 NUX-2011_002
Cryptozoon 1 KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X001
Cryptozoon 2 KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X002
Cryptozoon 3 KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X003
Cryptozoon 4 KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X004
Cryptozoon 5 KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X005
Total Castration (Remastered) Zeni Geva Digital Media 8 NUXZG001 [none]
Kaoss Piano KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X006
Vulcanoid 1 KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X007
Vulcanoid 2 KK Null Digital Media 1 NUX-0X008
Edging KK Null CD 1 NUX-2013_0003
All Right! You Little Bastards! (Live in Japan 1992) Zeni Geva & Steve Albini Digital Media 1 NUXZG003 [none]
Kaoss Piano KK Null Digital Media 11 [none]