Facedown Records (US hardcore punk)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Pressing On Born Blind CD 14 FR005
Sound Track to the End of the World Dodgin' Bullets CD 5 FR006
World Wide War Dodgin' Bullets CD 6 FR010
Refresh, Renew Point of Recognition (unknown) 10
Yesterday, Today & Forever The Deal CD 8 FR011
Self Titled One-21 CD 13 FR020 803847102025
No Weapon Formed Against Us Figure Four CD 11 FR008
When It's All Said and Done Figure Four CD 10 FR016 803847101622
This Is Not a New Album Dogwood CD 12 FR018
Doxology xDisciplex A.D. CD 18 FR022
The Truth of Trumpets Alove for Enemies CD 5
Who's Pulling Your Strings The Deal CD 16 FR023
Lost Senses, More Innocence Nodes of Ranvier CD 10 FR027
Earn Your Respect Dodgin' Bullets CD 12 FR021 803847102124
22 Ton Sampler Various Artists CD 22 FR028
Day of Defeat Point of Recognition (unknown) 11
When Breath Escapes Sinai Beach CD 10 FR029 803847102926
Turn It Around Comeback Kid CD 13 FR030 803847103022
Dead End Seventh Star CD 11 FR31
And My Eye Shall Weep Indwelling CD 10 FR033
Nodes of Ranvier Nodes of Ranvier CD 10 FR034 803847103428
Facedown Family Various Artists CD 22 FR036
Grenade One-21 CD 13 FR038
Lost Memoirs and Faded Pictures Symphony in Peril CD 11 FR035 803847103527
Cutthroat The Deal CD 12 FR039 803847103923
Anam Cara Anam Cara CD 4 SFR010
Facedown Distribution Sampler 2004 Various Artists CD 26
The Whore's Trophy Symphony in Peril CD 12 FR041 803847104128
The Harvest Alove for Enemies CD 11 FR043 803847104326
They Want You Silent Bloodlined Calligraphy CD 10 FR044 803847104425
To Sentence the Dead Bloody Sunday CD 10 FR045 803847104524
Brood of Vipers Seventh Star CD 11
The Years to Come Nodes of Ranvier CD 12 FR047
Lay Waste the Poets Inked in Blood CD 11 FR048 803847104821
The Path We Tread xLooking Forwardx CD 19 FR049 803847104920
To Burn Again No Innocent Victim CD 14 FR050 803847105026
Doubt Becomes the New Addiction Flee the Seen CD 11 FR052 803847105224
Resistance Alove for Enemies CD 11 FCD53 803847105323
Pride of the Wicked War of Ages CD 10 FR055
Ypsilanti Bloodlined Calligraphy CD 11 FCD054 803847105422
Facedown Records 06 Sample Various Artists CD 10
We Are the Threat xDEATHSTARx CD 11 FCD056
Dread Champions of the Last Days Sleeping Giant CD 14 FCD058 803847105828
The Undisputed Truth Seventh Star CD 11
Fire From the Tomb War of Ages CD 12
Fire From the Tomb War of Ages Digital Media 12
Nailed. Dead. Risen. Impending Doom CD 11 FCD064 803847106429
Sometimes We Are Beautiful Inked in Blood CD 10 FCD062 803847106221
A Critique of Mind and Thought A Plea for Purging CD 10 FDR065
Sending You Strength Means CD 12 FCD057 803847105729
Facedown Records Various Artists CD 10
When Dreams Become Reality Thieves & Liars CD 12
Armada on Mercury Kingston Falls CD 12
Ekklesia For Today CD 10 FR069 803847106924
To Keep Me From Sinking Means CD 10 FCD070
Can't Fight Robots Take It Back! CD 12
Arise & Conquer War of Ages CD 10
I Am Undone My Epic CD 12 FCD073
From Isolation Call To Preserve CD 13
The Triumph xDEATHSTARx CD 10 FCD076 803847107624
Depravity A Plea for Purging CD 11 FCD077
Depravity A Plea for Purging Digital Media 11
The Serpent Servant Impending Doom CD 11 FCD078 803847107822
Portraits For Today CD 10 FCD080 00803847108027
Sons of Thunder Sleeping Giant CD 9 FCD081 803847108126
Creator Hands CD 10 FCD083 803847108324
This World Is Not My Home Onward to Olympas CD 10 FCDO89 803847108928
Realis A Hope for Home CD 12
Eternal War of Ages CD 10 0803847109123
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell A Plea for Purging CD 10 093
Yet My Epic CD 10 803847109420
There Will Be Violence Impending Doom CD 10 FCD095 803847109529
The Heart of Man In the Midst of Lions CD 12 FCD096
Breaker For Today CD 12 097 803847109727
Atonement Your Memorial CD 10
Costs Gideon (unknown) 9
Facedown Fest 2011 Sampler Various Artists (unknown) 17
Dissimulation Hope for the Dying CD 11
Give Me Rest Hands (unknown) 10 FCD103 803847110327
Broken Voice My Epic CD 8 FCD104 803847110426
The Life & Death of A Plea for Purging A Plea for Purging CD 14 FCD 107 803847110723
Heart Of A Child / Fat Pride A Plea for Purging 7" Vinyl 2 FCD108 803847110815
The Life & Death of a Plea for Purging A Plea for Purging Digital Media 14
Shadows In the Midst of Lions CD 10
In Abstraction A Hope for Home CD 7 FCD111 803847111126
The Great Campaign of Sabotage Overcome CD 12 FCD100
The War Within Us Onward to Olympas CD 11 FCD101
Lights and Perfections The Burial CD 9 BURILAP000-CD00
Now We Are Free Leaders CD 10 FCD113 803847111324
Return to Life War of Ages CD 10 0803847111423
Conclusions Altars CD 12 FCD 1152
Milestone Gideon CD 11 803847111720
Milestone Gideon Digital Media 11 803847111720
Milestone Gideon Digital Media 11
Redirect Your Memorial (unknown) 12
Red Everything in Slow Motion Digital Media 2
Indicator Onward to Olympas CD 12 FCD122 803847112222
Unholy Anger Those Who Fear (unknown) 11
Aletheia Hope for the Dying CD 9 FCD126
Backdraft Fallstar CD 11