Facedown Records (US hardcore punk)

~ Label


Pressing OnBorn BlindCD14FR005
Sound Track to the End of the WorldDodgin' BulletsCD5FR006
World Wide WarDodgin' BulletsCD6FR010
Refresh, RenewPoint of Recognition(unknown)10
Yesterday, Today & ForeverThe DealCD8FR011
Self TitledOne-21CD13FR020803847102025
No Weapon Formed Against UsFigure FourCD11FR008
When It's All Said and DoneFigure FourCD10FR016803847101622
This Is Not a New AlbumDogwoodCD12FR018
DoxologyxDisciplex A.D.CD18FR022
The Truth of TrumpetsAlove for EnemiesCD5
Who's Pulling Your StringsThe DealCD16FR023
Lost Senses, More InnocenceNodes of RanvierCD10FR027
Earn Your RespectDodgin' BulletsCD12FR021803847102124
22 Ton SamplerVarious ArtistsCD22FR028
Day of DefeatPoint of Recognition(unknown)11
When Breath EscapesSinai BeachCD10FR029803847102926
Turn It AroundComeback KidCD13FR030803847103022
Dead EndSeventh StarCD11FR31
And My Eye Shall WeepIndwellingCD10FR033
Nodes of RanvierNodes of RanvierCD10FR034803847103428
Facedown FamilyVarious ArtistsCD22FR036
Lost Memoirs and Faded PicturesSymphony in PerilCD11FR035803847103527
CutthroatThe DealCD12FR039803847103923
Anam CaraAnam CaraCD4SFR010
Facedown Distribution Sampler 2004Various ArtistsCD26
The Whore's TrophySymphony in PerilCD12FR041803847104128
The HarvestAlove for EnemiesCD11FR043803847104326
They Want You SilentBloodlined CalligraphyCD10FR044803847104425
To Sentence the DeadBloody SundayCD10FR045803847104524
Brood of VipersSeventh StarCD11
The Years to ComeNodes of RanvierCD12FR047
Lay Waste the PoetsInked in BloodCD11FR048803847104821
The Path We TreadxLooking ForwardxCD19FR049803847104920
To Burn AgainNo Innocent VictimCD14FR050803847105026
Doubt Becomes the New AddictionFlee the SeenCD11FR052803847105224
ResistanceAlove for EnemiesCD11FCD53803847105323
Pride of the WickedWar of AgesCD10FR055
YpsilantiBloodlined CalligraphyCD11FCD054803847105422
Facedown Records 06 SampleVarious ArtistsCD10
We Are the ThreatxDEATHSTARxCD11FCD056
Dread Champions of the Last DaysSleeping GiantCD14FCD058803847105828
The Undisputed TruthSeventh StarCD11
Fire From the TombWar of AgesCD12
Fire From the TombWar of AgesDigital Media12
Nailed. Dead. Risen.Impending DoomCD11FCD064803847106429
Sometimes We Are BeautifulInked in BloodCD10FCD062803847106221
A Critique of Mind and ThoughtA Plea for PurgingCD10FDR065
Sending You StrengthMeansCD12FCD057803847105729
Facedown RecordsVarious ArtistsCD10
When Dreams Become RealityThieves & LiarsCD12
Armada on MercuryKingston FallsCD12
EkklesiaFor TodayCD10FR069803847106924
To Keep Me From SinkingMeansCD10FCD070
Can't Fight RobotsTake It Back!CD12
Arise & ConquerWar of AgesCD10
I Am UndoneMy EpicCD12FCD073
Lost Art of Heaping CoalWrench in the WorksCD10FCD074
From IsolationCall To PreserveCD13
The TriumphxDEATHSTARxCD10FCD076803847107624
DepravityA Plea for PurgingCD11FCD077
DepravityA Plea for PurgingDigital Media11
The Serpent ServantImpending DoomCD11FCD078803847107822
PortraitsFor TodayCD10FCD08000803847108027
Sons of ThunderSleeping GiantCD9FCD081803847108126
This World Is Not My HomeOnward to OlympasCD10FCDO89803847108928
Decrease / IncreaseWrench in the WorksCD11FCD087803847108720
RealisA Hope for HomeCD12
EternalWar of AgesCD100803847109123
The Marriage of Heaven and HellA Plea for PurgingCD10093
YetMy EpicCD10803847109420
There Will Be ViolenceImpending DoomCD10FCD095803847109529
The Heart of ManIn the Midst of LionsCD12FCD096
BreakerFor TodayCD12097803847109727
AtonementYour MemorialCD10
Facedown Fest 2011 SamplerVarious Artists(unknown)17
DissimulationHope for the DyingCD11
Give Me RestHandsCD10FCD103803847110327
Broken VoiceMy EpicCD8FCD104803847110426
The Life & Death of A Plea for PurgingA Plea for PurgingCD14FCD 107803847110723
Heart Of A Child / Fat PrideA Plea for Purging7" Vinyl2FCD108803847110815
The Life & Death of a Plea for PurgingA Plea for PurgingDigital Media14
ShadowsIn the Midst of LionsCD10
In AbstractionA Hope for HomeCD7FCD111803847111126
The Great Campaign of SabotageOvercomeCD12FCD100
The War Within UsOnward to OlympasCD11FCD101
Lights and PerfectionsThe BurialCD9BURILAP000-CD00
Now We Are FreeLeadersCD10FCD113803847111324
Return to LifeWar of AgesCD100803847111423
ConclusionsAltarsCD12FCD 1152
MilestoneGideonDigital Media11803847111720
MilestoneGideonDigital Media11
RedirectYour Memorial(unknown)12
RedEverything in Slow MotionDigital Media2
IndicatorOnward to OlympasCD12FCD122803847112222
Unholy AngerThose Who Fear(unknown)11