"We want you to sign to our record label.

But before you do… you should know that we will do nothing for you. That said, we also won’t cost you anything, we won’t take anything from you or own anything of yours either. No exploitation – and there is no small print.

We want to sign you simply so that you will no longer be “unsigned”. We want to sign EVERYONE so that there are no more “unsigned artists” in the world.

That’s our mission."

Annotation last modified on 2021-10-27 04:34 UTC.


Three Wise MonkeysAlberto RigoniCD10
Rave On!Shuriken BeatDigital Media4
  • XW2019-02-19
DystopiaShuriken BeatDigital Media1
  • XW2019-03-05
Minimal NightShuriken BeatDigital Media4
  • XW2019-03-08
ClaustrophobicShuriken BeatDigital Media3
  • XW2019-04-16
DiscolabirintoShuriken BeatDigital Media1
  • XW2019-07-09
Warrior’s DanceShuriken BeatDigital Media1
  • XW2019-07-23
Voodoo PeopleShuriken BeatDigital Media1
  • XW2019-09-16