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Bad InfluenceThe Robert Cray Band12" Vinyl10
HT 8001012928800112
No Road Back HomeDoug MacLeodCD9
HCD 8002012928800228
False AccusationsThe Robert Cray Band12" Vinyl9
Bad Influence (Track 11/12 order is reversed from other similar relase)The Robert Cray BandCD12
HCD 8001
Bad InfluenceThe Robert Cray BandCD12
HCD 8001012928800129
Right Place, Wrong TimeOtis RushCD10
Strong PersuaderRobert Cray12" Vinyl10
830 568-1042283056817
Strong PersuaderRobert CrayCD10
830 568-2 M-1042283056824
Right Next Door (Because of Me)Robert Cray12" Vinyl3
CRAY 312042288832713
Cold Is the NightJoe Louis WalkerVinyl10
Lord of the HighwayJoe ElyCD11
HCD 8008012928800822
The Delgado BrothersThe Delgado BrothersCD10
HCD 800901292880092
Lord Of The HighwayJoe Ely12" Vinyl10
Don’t Be Afraid of the DarkThe Robert Cray BandCD10
  • CA1988-07-25
834 923-2042283492325
Don’t Be Afraid of the DarkThe Robert Cray BandCD10
  • US1988-07-25
834 923-2042283492325
Right Next Door (Because of Me)Robert CrayCDV5
080 056-2044008005629
Fair & SquareJimmie Dale GilmoreCD10
HCD 8011012928801126
The GiftJoe Louis WalkerCD10
HCD 8012[none]
BluesPhillip WalkerCD10
HCD 801301292880132
Dig All NightJoe ElyCD11
HCD 8015
Blue SoulJoe Louis WalkerCD9
FIEND CD 1595014757071591
Jimmie Dale GilmoreJimmie Dale GilmoreCD10
HCD 8018012928801829
The Bottom of the TopPhillip WalkerCD10
HCD 8020012928802024
Jimmie Dale GilmoreJimmie Dale Gilmore12" Vinyl10
Cry of the ProphetsChris Thomas KingCD11
9 26186-2[none]
Cold Is the NightJoe Louis WalkerCD10
HCD 8006
BattlegroundGary StewartCD10
HCD 8023
Backslider's Tractor PullRev. Billy C. WirtzCD17
HCD 8024012928802420
Brand NewGary StewartCD10
  • -1990
Live at Slim’s, Volume 1Joe Louis WalkerCD10
  • US1991-02-12
HCD 8025012928802529
I Feel So BadEddie TaylorCD12
  • -1991
HCD 8027012928802727
Johnny ShinesJohnny ShinesCD12
HCD 8028012928802826
Blue BlvdDave AlvinCD11
HCD 8029012928802925
Gary's GreatestGary StewartCD17
Someday You'll Have These BluesPhillip WalkerCD10
HCD 8032012928803229
Charcoal LaneArchie RoachCD10
  • US1992-04-07
HCD 8037012928803724
Live at Slim's, Volume 2Joe Louis WalkerCD9
HCD 8036012928803625
Tennessee BorderSonny Burgess with Dave AlvinCD10
HCD 8039012928803922
Blue Collar BluesBilly Lee RileyCD13
HCD 8040012928804028
After the FarmRosie FloresCD11
A Turn for the Wirtz Confessions of a Hillbilly Love-GodReverend Billy C WirtzCD12
Live in Las VegasThe Pleasure BaronsCD11
  • US1993-02-21
HCD 8044012928804424
It Ain't EasySuperman & SpidermanCD10
HCD 7002012928700221
SimpleChris Thomas KingCD12
HCD 8043012928804325
Tribal ThunderDick DaleCD12
HCD 8046012928804622
Once More With FeelingRosie FloresCD12
HCD 8047012928804721
The Price for LoveThe Loved OnesCD14
HCD 8048
Museum of HeartDave AlvinCD13
HCD 8049012928804929
I'm a TexanGary StewartCD12
HCD 8050
Tribal ThunderDick DaleCD11
HCD 8064012928804622
Strong PersuaderRobert CrayCD10
MMTCD 17186001210645337
Points West: New Horizons in Country MusicVarious ArtistsCD14
  • US1994-02-01
Jumping From 6 to 6Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite BoysCD16
  • US1994-05-01
HCD 8053012928805322
Dis Unu Fi HearBeenie ManCD12
  • US1994-09-25
HCD 7010012928701020
Dis Unu Fi HearBeenie Man12" Vinyl12
  • US1994-09-25
HT 7010012928701013
Tulare Dust: A Songwriters' Tribute to Merle HaggardVarious ArtistsCD15
  • US1994-11-08
HCD 8058012928805827
Waterhouse RevisitedVarious ArtistsCD12
  • -1994-11-23
Hightone Records: The First 10 YearsVarious ArtistsCD21
HCD2002, HCD 2002012928200226
Producer's Trophy - Jahmento RecordsVarious ArtistsCD12
HCD 7006012928700627
Producer's Trophy - Roof InternationalVarious ArtistsCD14
HCD 7008012928700825
ClassicsHalf PintCD12
HCD 7009
Pianist EnvyReverend Billy C. WirtzCD19
HCD 8051012928805124
King of CaliforniaDave AlvinCD13
HCD 8054012928805421
Unknown TerritoryDick DaleCD13
HCD 8055012928805520
County Fair 2000Phil AlvinCD16
Better Do RightThe Loved OnesCD13
HCD 8057
Classics In DubHalf PintCD13
  • US1995-02-21
Up on the LowdownChris SmitherCD10
HCD 8060012928806022
Losers ParadiseChris GaffneyCD12
HCD 8062012928806220
Your Love and Other LiesBuddy MillerCD13
HCD 8063012928806329
Swingin' WestBig Sandy and His Fly-Rite BoysCD15
HCD 8064012928806428
Full CircleTed RoddyCD13
HCD 8065012928806527
The Rose of the San JoaquinTom RussellCD13
HCD 8066012928806626
The Rose of the San JoaquinTom RussellCD11
HCD 80667391946071791
Rockabilly FillyRosie FloresCD14
HCD 8067012928806725
Sleeping With a StrangerJames ArmstrongCD12
HCD 8068012928806824
Cheatin' Heart AttackDale WatsonCD14
Sin Now, Pray LaterThe CarpetbaggersCD17
  • US1996-05-07
HCD 80710012928807128
You Can Say That AgainJohnny RodriguezCD12
HCD 8073012928807326
Here's To The Honky TonksMarty BrownCD11
  • US1996-09-17
No Kinder RoomWagonCD14
Interstate CityDave Alvin and the Guilty MenCD13
HCD 8074012928807425
You Win the BrideastroPuppeesCD15
Blessed or DamnedDale WatsonCD14
Small RevelationsChris SmitherHDCD10
  • US1997-01-14
HCD 8077012928807722
Blue PonyJulie MillerCD13
  • US1997-04-15
HCD 8079012928807920
The Long Way AroundTom RussellCD17
  • US1997-05-16
I Hate These SongsDale WatsonCD14
  • US1997-06-10
Sound Machine GrooveR.L. BurnsideCD13
  • US1997-07-22
Sound Machine GrooveR.L. BurnsideCD11
  • US1997-07-22
HMG 6501012928650120
Do the Rump!Junior Kimbrough & The Soul Blues BoysCD13
  • US1997-08-12
TexabillyJohnny CarrollCD18
  • US1997-08-18
Rollin' Rock: Got the Sock, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD20
  • US1997-09-23
Salacious Rockabilly CatJimmie Lee MaslonCD20
Nothing to LoseThe SkeletonsCD13
HCD 8080012928808026
Feelin' Kinda LuckyBig Sandy and His Fly-Rite BoysCD14
HCD 8083012928808323
Hot Rod Lincoln - LiveBill KirchenCD12
HCD 8085012928808521
American MusicThe BlastersCD19
HCD 8086012928808620
Babies in the MillDorsey DixonCD19
HMG 2502012928250221
Just Your FoolChicago Bob NelsonCD13