MCPS (UK rights society; do not use this as a label or work publisher!)

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This is a rights society, not a label in usual MusicBrainz terms. To associate this or any rights society with a release, make use of the Rights Society Relationship Type.

UK Rights Society Legally incorporated 7th July 1924 as Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd. Also appears as - as MCPS Publishing, MCPS Publishing Ltd., M.C.P.S. Ltd. or simply MCPS and m.c.p.s.

The roots of the society were established in 1910 as the Mechanical Copyright Licenses Co. Ltd. (Mecolico) by several London based music publishers, in 1924 Mecolico is merged with a similar organisation Copyright protection Society Ltd. to form Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd. ( M.C.P.S. Ltd. / MCPS Ltd.).

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