Harvest (UK based sub‐label of EMI, re‐activated in 2013 under Capitol Music Group in Hollywood, CA)

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Post 2013 releases will replace mentions of EMI with Parlophone and Warner.

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ForestForest12" Vinyl12
EvilEdgar Broughton Band7" Vinyl2
  • GB1969-06-06
HAR 5001[none]
Brother Thrush / Poor WagesBarclay James Harvest7" Vinyl2
  • GB1969-06-20
HAR 5003
The Book of TaliesynDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
1C 062-04 000[none]
The Book of TaliesynDeep Purple12" Vinyl8
SHVL 751[none]
The Book of TaliesynDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
SHVL 751[none]
A Meal You Can Shake Hands With in the DarkPete Brown & His Battered Ornaments12" Vinyl8
SHVL 752
RainmakerMichael Chapman12" Vinyl11
SHVL 755[none]
Wasa WasaEdgar Broughton Band12" Vinyl8
SHVL 757[none]
UmmagummaPink Floyd2×12" Vinyl4 + 5
  • GB1969-10-25
SHDW 1, SHDW 2[none]
Deep PurpleDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
1C 062-90505[none]
UmmagummaPink Floyd2×12" Vinyl4 + 8
  • US1969-11-10
Mantle-PieceThe Battered Ornaments12" Vinyl9
1E 062◦04188, SHVL 758[none]
Deep PurpleDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
1E 062 ○ 90505, SHVL 759[none]
Joy of a ToyKevin Ayers12" Vinyl10
SHVL 763[none]
UmmagummaPink Floyd2×12" Vinyl4 + 5
4E 188-04 222, 4E 188-04 223[none]
Octopus / Golden HairSyd Barrett7" Vinyl2
HAR 5009
AnthemDeep Purple7" Vinyl2
JB 129
UmmagummaPink Floyd2×12" Vinyl4 + 5
SHDW 1/2[none]
Anthems in EdenShirley & Dolly Collins12" Vinyl8
SHVL 754[none]
AlchemyThird Ear Band12" Vinyl8
SHVL 756
An Asylum for the Musically InsaneTea & SymphonyVinyl9
SHVL 761
BakerlooBakerloo12" Vinyl7
SHVL 762
Panama Limited Jug BandPanama Limited Jug Band12" Vinyl10
UmmagummaPink Floyd2×12" Vinyl4 + 5
SMH 2212, SMH 2213[none]
The Madcap LaughsSyd Barrett12" Vinyl13
  • GB1970-01-03
SHVL 765[none]
Flat Baroque and BerserkRoy Harper12" Vinyl12
1E 062 ○ 04262, SHVL 766[none]
Concerto for Group and OrchestraDeep Purple; The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Malcolm Arnold12" Vinyl4
1E 062 o 90749, SHVL 767[none]
Out Demons OutEdgar Broughton Band7" Vinyl2
  • GB1970-04-03
HAR 5015[none]
The Good Mr. Square / Blue Serge BluesThe Pretty Things7" Vinyl2
HAR 5016
Deep PurpleDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
SHVL 759[none]
Things May Come and Things May Go, but the Art School Dance Goes On ForeverPete Brown & Piblokto!12" Vinyl9
SHVL 768
Black Night / Speed KingDeep Purple7" Vinyl2
HAR 5020
Deep Purple in RockDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
  • GB1970-06-03
1E 062 º 91442, SHVL 777[none]
Barclay James HarvestBarclay James Harvest12" Vinyl7
  • GB1970-06-05
SHVL 770[none]
Deep Purple in RockDeep PurpleVinyl7
1C 062-91442[none]
Up Yours!Edgar Broughton Band7" Vinyl2
HAR 5021[none]
Sing Brother SingEdgar Broughton Band12" Vinyl10
SHVL 772[none]
Third Ear BandThird Ear Band12" Vinyl4
SHVL 773[none]
ParachuteThe Pretty Things12" Vinyl13
SHVL 774
Deep Purple in RockDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
SHVL 777[none]
Indian SummerPanama Limited12" Vinyl10
SHVL 779[none]
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd12" Vinyl5
  • GB1970-10-10
SHVL 781[none]
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd12" Vinyl5
  • US1970-10-10
Backwood ProgressionChris Spedding12" Vinyl13
SHSP 4004[none]
Shooting at the MoonKevin Ayers & The Whole World12" Vinyl4
SHSP 4005[none]
BarrettSyd Barrett12" Vinyl11
  • GB1970-11-14
SHSP 4007
Apache Drop OutEdgar Broughton Band7" Vinyl2
  • GB1970-11-20
har 5032[none]
Music From The BodyRon Geesin & Roger Waters12" Vinyl22
  • GB1970-11-28
SHSP 4008[none]
October 26 / Cold StoneThe Pretty Things7" Vinyl2
HAR 5031
Thousands on a RaftPete Brown & Piblokto!12" Vinyl6
SHVL 782
Speed KingDeep Purple7" Vinyl2
1C 006-91 220 M
HorizonsThe Greatest Show on Earth12" Vinyl8
1C 062-04 310[none]
QuatermassQuatermass12" Vinyl9
1 C 062-91 248[none]
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd12" Vinyl5
1 J 064-04.550[none]
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd12" Vinyl5
2C 064-04 550, SHVL 781[none]
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd12" Vinyl5
3C 062-04 550[none]
Butterfly Dance / Puis-je?Kevin Ayers7" Vinyl2
5C 006-04646[none]
Black Night / Living WreckDeep Purple7" Vinyl2
6E 006 91611
Black Night / Speed KingDeep Purple7" Vinyl2
HAR 5020[none]
Butterfly Dance / Puis-je?Kevin Ayers And The Whole World7" Vinyl2
HAR 5027[none]
Butterfly Dance / Puis-je?Kevin AyersVinyl2
HAR 5027
Flight of the Rat / And the AddressDeep Purple7" Vinyl2
Deep PurpleDeep Purple7" Vinyl4
P 12016
Concerto for Group and OrchestraDeep Purple & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Malcolm Arnold7" Vinyl2
PSR 325
UmmagummaPink Floyd2×12" Vinyl4 + 5
SHDW 1, SHDW 2[none]
A Lot of BottleClimax Chicago Blues Band12" Vinyl11
SHSP 4009[none]
Picnic: A Breath of Fresh AirVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl10 + 9
SHSS 1, SHSS 2[none]
Fully Qualified SurvivorMichael Chapman12" Vinyl11
SHVL 764[none]
Love, Death & The LadyShirley & Dolly Collins12" Vinyl13
SHVL 771[none]
The Going's EasyThe Greatest Show on Earth12" Vinyl6
SHVL 783[none]
Full CircleForest12" Vinyl10
SHVL 784[none]
Jo SagoTea & SymphonyVinyl16
SHVL 785
WindowMichael Chapman12" Vinyl9
SHVL 786[none]
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd12" Vinyl5
SHZE 297[none]
Atom Heart MotherPink Floyd12" Vinyl5
The Sun and the Moon Have Come TogetherThe Fourth Way12" Vinyl6
SKAO 423
WerewolfThe Fourth Way12" Vinyl6
Abelard and HeloiseThird Ear BandCD6
Southern ComfortSouthern ComfortVinyl11
SHVL 799
Strange Kind of Woman / I’m AloneDeep Purple7" Vinyl2
  • GB1971-02-12
HAR 5033[none]
Prepared in PeaceThe Flying Circus12" Vinyl13
SHSP 4010
Once AgainBarclay James Harvest12" Vinyl8
SHVL 788[none]
Message From the CountryThe Move12" Vinyl10
1E 062-04785, SHSP 4013[none]
Stone-Hearted Mama / Summertime / Circus MindThe Pretty Things7" Vinyl3
HAR 5037
Hotel RoomEdgar Broughton Band7" Vinyl2
  • GB1971-06-25
HAR 5040[none]
Tonight / Don't Mess Me UpThe Move7" Vinyl2
HAR 5038[none]
Relics: A Bizarre Collection of Antiques & CuriosPink Floyd12" Vinyl11
  • US1971-07-15
FireballDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
  • GB1971-09-15
SHVL 793
FireballDeep Purple12" Vinyl7
IE 064 o 92726, SHVL 793[none]
MeddlePink Floyd12" Vinyl6
  • US1971-10-30
MeddlePink Floyd12" Vinyl6
  • CA1971-10-31
Chinatown / Down on the BayThe Move7" Vinyl2
HAR 5043[none]
Barclay James Harvest and Other Short StoriesBarclay James Harvest12" Vinyl9
  • GB1971-11-05
SHVL 794
MeddlePink Floyd12" Vinyl6
  • GB1971-11-13
SHVL 795[none]
MeddlePink Floyd12" Vinyl6
2 C 064-04917, SHVL 795[none]
Wrecked AgainMichael Chapman12" Vinyl11
SHVL 798[none]
MeddlePink Floyd12" Vinyl6
  • JP1971-12-05
Le bal du rat mortKomintern12" Vinyl5
2C 062-11.774[none]
Southern ComfortSouthern Comfort12" Vinyl11
IE 064 04941, SHVL 799