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1964Chimes of FreedomSpecial RiderBruce Springsteen
1992Chimes of FreedomSpecial RiderBruce Springsteen
Jah Knows BestSizzla
Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)Joshua Redman
1970 –Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues
1971 –I Shall Be Free #10
1973 –Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie
1975 –Money Blues (song from the "Desire" sessions)
1977 –Patty’s Gone to Laredo (song from the "Renaldo & Clara" soundtrack)
1978If I Don’t Be There by Morning (song from the "Street Legal" sessions)
1978 –Baby Stop Crying
1978 –Changing of the Guards
1978 –Coming From the Heart (The Road Is Long)
1978 –Is Your Love in Vain?
1978 –New Pony
1978 –No Time to Think
1978 –Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)
1978 –Stepchild
1978 –Stop Now (song from the "Street Legal" sessions)
1978 –True Love Tends to Forget
1978 –Walk Out in the Rain
1978 –We Better Talk This Over
1978 –Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)
1979-11-13 –Blessed Is the Name
1979If I Don’t Be There by Morning (song from the "Street Legal" sessions)
1979 –Baby Give It Up
1979 –Do Right to Me Baby (Do Unto Others)
1979 –Gonna Change My Way of Thinking
1979 –Gotta Serve Somebody
1979 –I Believe in You
1979 –I Must Love You Too Much
1979 –Man Gave Names to All the Animals
1979 –More Than Flesh and Blood
1979 –Precious Angel
1979 –Pressing On
1979 –Responsibility
1979 –Slow Train
1979 –Someone Else’s Arms
1979 –Stand by Faith
1979 –Tell Me the Truth One Time
1979 –The Wandering Kind
1979 –Trouble in Mind
1979 –What’s the Matter
1979 –When He Returns
1979 –When You Gonna Wake Up?
1979 –Without You
1979 –Ye Shall Be Changed
1980 –Afternoon
1980 –Ain’t Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody
1980 –Are You Ready?
1980 –Brown Skin Girl
1980 –City of Gold
1980 –Covenant Woman
1980 –Cover Down, Break Through
1980 –Her Memory
1980 –I Will Love Him
1980 –In the Garden
1980 –Miss Tea and Sympathy
1980 –Romance Blues
1980 –Satisfy Me
1980 –Saved ("I’ve been saved / by the blood of the lamb")
1980 –Saving Grace
1980 –Solid Rock
1980 –What Can I Do for You?
1980 –Yonder Comes Sin (Shot of Love outtake)
1981 –Ain't No Man Righteous, No Not One (Slow Train Coming outtake)
1981 –Angelina
1981 –Dead Man, Dead Man
1981 –Every Grain of Sand
1981 –Heart of Mine
1981 –In the Summertime
1981 –Legionnaire's Disease
1981 –Lenny Bruce
1981 –Property of Jesus
1981 –Shot of Love
1981 –The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar
1981 –Trouble
1981 –Watered‐Down Love
1982 –Don’t Ever Take Yourself Away (song from the "Shot of Love" sessions)
1982 –Fur Slippers (song from the "Shot of Love" sessions)
1982 –Jesus Is the One (Lyrics from 1981-07-09: Drammenshallen, Drammen, Norway)
1982 –Let's Keep It Between Us
1982 –Need a Woman
1982 –Thief on the Cross
1982 –You Changed My Life
1983 –Blind Willie McTell
1983 –Death Is Not the End
1983 –Don’t Fall Apart on Me Tonight
1983 –Foot of Pride
1983 –I and I
1983 –Jokerman
1983 –Julius and Ethel (song from the "Infidels" sessions)
1983 –License to Kill
1983 –Lord Protect My Child
1983 –Man of Peace
1983 –Neighborhood Bully
1983 –Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart
1983 –Sweetheart Like You
1983 –Tell Me
1983 –Union Sundown
1984 –Clean Cut Kid
1984 –Enough Is Enough
1984 –Go 'Way Little Boy (Bob Dylan song from the "Empire Burlesque" sessions)
1984 –New Danville Girl (song from the "Empire Burlesque" sessions)
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