Putumayo Presents: The Best of World Music, Volume 1: World VocalVarious ArtistsCD14
  • US1993-04-20
Putumayo Presents: The Best of World Music, Volume 2: InstrumentalVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1993-04-20
Putumayo Presents: The Best of Folk Music: Contemporary FolkVarious ArtistsCD13
Putumayo Presents: The Best of World Music: AfricanVarious ArtistsCD14
Putumayo Presents: The Super Sawalé CollectionKotojaCD12
  • US1994-08-16
Putumayo Presents: The Best of World Music: ReggaeVarious ArtistsCD14
  • US1994-08-16
Putumayo Presents: The Best of World Music: World Dance PartyVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1994-08-16
Shelter: The Best of Contemporary Singer-SongwritersVarious Artists2×CD14 + 14
  • US1994-11-15
A Putumayo ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1994-11-15
Putumayo Presents: The Dougie MacLean CollectionDougie MacLeanCD11
  • US1995-03-17
Putumayo Presents: The Laura Love CollectionLaura LoveCD11
M118-2, PUTU118-2790248011820
Putumayo Presents: The Best of World Music: AfricanVarious ArtistsCD14
  • US1995-04-18
PUTU 108790248010823
Putumayo Presents: Women of the World: CelticVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1995-10-26
Putumayo Presents: Women of the World: InternationalVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1995-10-31
Putumayo Presents: Women of the World: CelticVarious ArtistsCD13
  • -1995-10-31
Putumayo Presents: The Touré Kunda CollectionTouré KundaCD10
  • US1996-03-19
PUTU 121-2790248012124
Putumayo Presents: The Dalom Kids & Splash CollectionThe Dalom Kids & SplashCD10
  • US1996-03-19
PUTU122-2 / M122-2790248012223
Putumayo Presents: A World Instrumental CollectionVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US1996-03-19
Putumayo Presents: A Celtic CollectionVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1996-05-21
Putumayo Presents: One WorldVarious ArtistsCD15
  • US1996-07-02
PUT 126-2790248012629
One WorldVarious ArtistsCD14
  • XW1996-07-02
PUTU 125-S790248012629
Putumayo Presents: A Johnny Clegg and Juluka CollectionJohnny Clegg and JulukaCD10
  • US1996-07-02
PUTU 127-2/M127-2790248012728
Putumayo Presents: Women's WorkVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1996-11-05
A Touré Kunda, Dalom Kids/Splash and World Instrumental SamplerVarious ArtistsCD10
  • -1996
PUTU 124-2[none]
Putumayo Presents: IslandsVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US1997-02-04
Travel the World With PutumayoVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1997-05-20
PUTU 130-2790248013022
Putumayo Presents: ¡Latino! ¡Latino!Various ArtistsCD10
  • US1997-06-24
PUTU 131-2790248013121
Putumayo Presents: Caribbean PartyVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US1997-07-22
PUTU 132-2 / M132-2790248013220
Putumayo Presents: Women of the World: Celtic IIVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1997-09-07
PUTU 134-2790248013428
A Putumayo Blend: Music From the Coffee LandsVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1997-09-22
M 135-2, PUTU 135-2790248013527
A Putumayo Blend: Music From the Coffee LandsVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1997-09-22
PUTU 135-2790248013527
A Putumayo Blend: Music From the Coffee LandsVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1997-10-21
PUTU 135-2790248013527
A Putumayo Blend: Music From the Coffee LandsVarious ArtistsCD13
PUTU 135-2790248013527
Putumayo Presents: Romantica, Great Love Songs From Around the WorldVarious ArtistsCD11
  • -1998-01-13
PUTU136-2 / M136-2790248013626
Hazy DazeEquationCD11
  • US1998-02-02
PUTU 155-2790248015521
Putumayo Presents: Women of SpiritVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1998-03-10
PUTU 137-2790248013725
Mambo Yo YoRicardo Lemvo & Makina LocaCD10
  • US1998-05-19
PUTU 138-2790248013824
Putumayo Presents: Afro-LatinoVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1998-05-19
Galo NegroSam MangwanaCD10
  • US1998-05-19
PUTU 140-2790248014029
Putumayo Presents: Reggae Around the WorldVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US1998-07-14
PUTU 142-2790248014227
Putumayo Presents: Cairo to Casablanca: An Arabic Musical OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US1998-08-25
PUTU 143-2790248014326
Cairo to CasablancaVarious ArtistsCD6
  • US1998-08-25
PUTU 143-S
Putumayo Presents: Celtic Tides: A Musical OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD11
  • -1998-09-28
PUTU 141-2790248014128
Putumayo Presents: Celtic Tides: A Musical OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1998-10-22
PUTU 141-2790248014128
Putumayo Presents: A Native American Odyssey: Inuit to IncaVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1998-11-10
PUTU 144-2790248014425
Party With PutumayoVarious ArtistsCD8
PUTU 142-S[none]
Putumayo Presents: A Native American Odyssey: Inuit to IncaVarious ArtistsCD13
PUTU 144-2790248014425
Putumayo Presents: Mali to Memphis: An African-American OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1999-01-26
PUTU 145-2790248014524
Ma YaHabib Koité & BamadaCD12
  • US1999-01-26
PUTU 146-2790248014623
Putumayo Presents: Dublin to Dakar: A Celtic OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US1999-02-23
PUTU 147-2790248014722
Putumayo Presents: A Mediterranean OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD11
  • -1999-04-06
PUTU 148-2790248014821
Putumayo Presents: A Mediterranean Odyssey - Athens to AndalucíaVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1999-04-06
PUTU 148-2790248014821
Putumayo Presents: CubaVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US1999-05-25
PUTU 149-2790248014920
Putumayo Presents: BrasileiroVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US1999-05-29
PUTU 150-2790248015026
Putumayo Presents: Caribe! Caribe!Various ArtistsCD10
  • US1999-06-22
PUTU 153-2790248015323
The Lucky FewEquationCD12
  • US1999-07-11
PUT 176-2790248017624
Putumayo Presents: AfricaVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1999-07-13
PUTU 151-2790248015125
Putumayo Presents: Tuku MusicOliver MtukudziCD9
  • US1999-07-13
PUTU 152-2790248015224
Putumayo Kids Presents: World Playground - A Musical Adventure for KidsVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1999-08-24
PUTU 154-2790248015422
Putumayo Presents: Cape VerdeVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US1999-10-12
PUTU 156-2790248015620
Putumayo Presents: New World PartyVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US1999-11-09
PUTU 157-2790248015729
Putumayo Summer Party SamplerVarious ArtistsCD8
PUTU 904-S[none]
Putumayo Presents: ZydecoVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US2000-01-25
PUTU 160-2790248016023
Putumayo Presents: Louisiana GumboVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US2000-01-25
PUTU 161-2790248016122
São SalvadorRicardo Lemvo & Makina LocaCD9
  • XE2000-02-22
PUTU 158-2790248015828
São SalvadorRicardo Lemvo & Makina LocaCD10
  • -2000-02-22
PUTU 158-2790248015828
Putumayo Presents: Republica DominicanaVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2000-02-22
PUTU 162-2790248016221
Putumayo Presents: South African LegendsVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US2000-04-25
PUTU 163-2790248016320
HomelandMiriam MakebaCD10
  • US2000-04-25
PUTU 164-2790248016429
Putumayo Presents: ¡Mo’ Vida!Various ArtistsCD10
  • US2000-05-23
PUTU 166-2790248016627
Putumayo Presents: Puerto RicoVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2000-05-23
PUTU 167-20790248016726
PaivepoOliver MtukudziCD10
  • US2000-06-13
PUTU 168-20790248016825
Putumayo Presents: Festa BrasilVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US2000-06-27
PUTU 169-2790248016924
Chico CésarChico CésarCD12
  • US2000-06-27
PUTU 170-2790248017020
Perolas aos PovosRita RibeiroCD11
  • US2000-06-27
PUTU 171-2790248017129
Putumayo Presents: Latinas: Women of Latin AmericaVarious ArtistsCD11
  • XE2000-07-25
PUTU 172-2790248017228
Putumayo Presents: Latinas: Women of Latin AmericaVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2000-07-25
PUTU 172-2790248017228
Cantos del AlmaMariana MontalvoCD10
  • US2000-07-25
PUTU 174-2790248017426
Putumayo Presents: Music From the Tea LandsVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US2000-08-22
PUT 180-2790248018027
Putumayo Presents: A Jewish OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2000-09-26
PUT 182-2790248018225
A Putumayo World ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2000-10-10
PUT 181-2
Putumayo Presents: Italian Musical OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2000-10-24
PUT 159-2790248015927
Putumayo World Music SelectsVarious ArtistsCD12
  • -2000
PUT 930-S693233005227
Louisiana Music SamplerVarious ArtistsCD8
Putumayo Presents: ¡Mo’ Vida! / Puerto Rico Advance SamplerVarious ArtistsCD10
PUTU 920-S[none]
¡Fiesta Putumayo!Various Artists(unknown)9
PUTU 922-S
¡Fiesta Putumayo!Various ArtistsCD8
Putumayo Presents: CarnivalVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US2001-01-09
PUT 183-2790248018324
Putumayo Presents: CajunVarious ArtistsCD12
  • XW2001-01-09
PUT 184-2790248018423
Putumayo Presents: Gypsy CaravanVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2001-02-13
PUT 185-2790248018522
Gardens of EdenVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2001-03-13
PUT 186-2790248018621
Putumayo Presents: MexicoVarious ArtistsCD13
  • US2001-04-10
PUT 187-2790248018720
Putumayo Presents: Jamaica (Reggae Homeland)Various ArtistsCD11
  • US2001-05-08
PUT 188-2790248018829
Putumayo Presents: ColombiaVarious ArtistsCD12
  • US2001-07-10
PUT 190-2790248019024
BaroHabib Koité & BamadaCD13
  • DE2001-07-24
PUT 192-2790248019222
BaroHabib Koité & BamadaCD13
  • US2001-07-24
PUT 192-2790248019222
Putumayo Presents: Arabic GrooveVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2001-08-06
PUT 189-2790248018928
Putumayo Presents: African OdysseyVarious ArtistsCD10
  • US2001-09-11
PUT 191-2790248019123
Putumayo Presents: World Playground 2Various ArtistsCD10
  • -2001-09
PUT 193-2790248019321
Putumayo Presents: Music From The Coffee Lands IIVarious ArtistsCD11
  • US2001-10-09
PUT 194-2790248019420