Label adjunct of Hearts of Space syndicated music show on public radio and XM Satellite Radio. Launched in 1984, released over 140 titles. Spawned four affiliated labels: Fathom for dark ambient electronica, Hearts O'Space for Celtic fusion, World Class for world music fusions, RGB for electronic pop. All labels sold to Valley Entertainment in 2001. With a few exceptions, the entire catalog is still available in both CD and digital formats. New compilations being produced occasionally by HOS label founder/producer Stephen Hill.

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PerelandraKevin BrahenyCassette2HS001T
Return of the CometDavid Lange12" Vinyl6DL-101[none]
Novus Magnificat (Through the Stargate)Constance DembyCD2HS003
Novus Magnificat: Through the StargateConstance DembyCD2HS003025041100328
The Way HomeKevin BrahenyCD2HS11001-2
The Way HomeKevin BrahenyCassette2HS11001-4
Encounter: A Journey in the Key of SpaceMichael StearnsCD10HS11008-2025041100823
GalaxiesKevin BrahenyCD16HS11004-2025041100427
Music to Disappear InRaphael(unknown)9HS11005-2
Jewel LakeBill DouglasCD14HS11006-2025041100625
Sacred Space MusicConstance DembyCD2HS 11010-2025041101028
Return of the CometDavid LangeCD7HS11011-2
Purple SailsShihoCD9HS11007-202504110072
SpinfieldSteve McDonaldCD8HS11012-2025041101226
RainforestRobert RichCD9HS11014-2025041101424
Set FreeConstance DembyCD11HS11016-2025041101622
Cruisers 1.0Various ArtistsCD12025041110228
StrataRobert Rich & Steve RoachCD10HS11019-2025041101929
Mahogany NightsAl Gromer KhanCD6HS11020-2
Thunder ChordCoyote OldmanCD8HS 11022-2025041102223
Hearts of Space: Universe Sampler 1990Various ArtistsCD15HS11200-2
Lullaby for the Hearts of SpaceKevin BrahenyCassette2HS11002-4
SirensMychael DannaCD9HS11026-2
BeguiledTim StoryCD12HS11027-2025041102728
GaudíRobert RichCD9HS11028-2025041102827
Hearts of Space: Universe Sampler 92Various ArtistsCD14HS11201-2025041120128
Sea of GlassGiles ReavesCD7HS11030-2
Festival of the HeartJohn BoswellCD16HS11031-2025041103121
SkysMychael DannaCD10HS11032-2025041103220
SomaSteve Roach & Robert RichCD8HS11033-2025041103329
Forgotten GodsSuspended MemoriesCD9HS11034025041103428
KaleidoscopeBill DouglasCD12HS11035-3025041103527
Eight String ReligionDavid DarlingCD8HS11037-2025041103725
Sacred SiteMichael StearnsCD11HS11038
Absolute SoundVarious ArtistsCD9HS11103-2025041110327
Celtic TwilightVarious ArtistsCD14HS11104-2025041110426
Earth IslandSuspended MemoriesCD8HS11043-2025041104326
MBNT: A Recollection of Proto-Ambient Music From the Hearts of SpaceVarious ArtistsCD11HS11105
PropagationRobert RichCD7HS11040-2025041104029
The Perfect FlawTim StoryCD12HS11045-2025041104524
Hearts of Space: Universe 3Various ArtistsCD14HS11202-2025041120227
North of NiagaraMychael Danna & Tim ClémentCD12
Circle of MoonsBill DouglasCD13HS11048-2025041104821
Celtic Twilight 2Various ArtistsCD132-HOS-11106025041110624
Angels of the DeepRaphaelCD7HS11047-2
ÆternaConstance DembyCD6HS11051-2025041105125
Wrapped in White: Visions of Christmas PastJohn DoanCD21HS11055-2025041105521
Black Marble & Sweet FireAl Gromer Khan & Kai TaschnerCD7HS11061-2
A Celtic Tale: The Legend of DeirdreJeff & Mychael DannaCD1211063-2025041106320
Deep PeaceBill Douglas feat. Ars Nova SingersCD1311070-2
A Celtic Tale: The Legend of Deirdre (Narrated Version)Mychael DannaCD1211073-2025041107327
AbridgedTim StoryCD18HS11066-2025041106627
Eire: Isle of the SaintsJohn DoanCD112-HOS-11080025041108027
Celtic Twilight 4: Celtic PlanetVarious ArtistsCD142-HOS-11108025041110822
BridgeØystein SevågCD10HOS 11081 CD
World Voices 1Various ArtistsCD1311304
Seven VeilsRobert RichCD711086-2025041108621
Prayers of St. BrendanJeff JohnsonCD1111088-2025041108829
Sacred Treasures: Choral Masterworks From RussiaVarious ArtistsCD1711109-2025041110921
Divine RitesVoxCD1011305-2025041130523
Universe 5: A Hearts of Space CollectionVarious ArtistsCD1311205-2
Africa NorthVarious ArtistsCD11
House Made of DawnCoyote OldmanCD1611093-2025041109321
Sacred Treasures II: Choral Masterworks from the Sistine ChapelVladimir Ivanoff; MétamorphosesCD1411112-2
Best of AgricantusAgricantusCD12HOS11308-20025041130820
Earth PrayerBill Douglas feat. Ars Nova SingersCD13025041109222
Sacred Treasures III: Choral Masterworks From Russia and BeyondVarious ArtistsCD1411114-2025041111423
Eternity's SunriseBill DouglasCD1411401-2025041140126
Slider: Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel GuitarBruce KaphanCD11114042025041140423
ShadowplayTim StoryCD10HS11403-2025041140324
Slow Music for Fast TimesVarious Artists2×CD15 + 12HS11206025041120623
A Place Called MorningBill DouglasCD132-HOS-11405
Cello BlueDavid DarlingCD11HS11406-2
Rasa in ConcertRasaCD8
Celtic Twilight 6Various ArtistsCD122-HOS-11115025041111522
Sanctum SanctuorumConstance DembyCD6025041141123
Set FreeConstance DembyCD122-HOS-11016025041101622
Celtic Twilight 7: Sacred SpiritVarious ArtistsCD142-HOS-11117025041111720
Under an Ancient SkyCoyote OldmanCD711419025041141925
Music For Love (Best of)RaphaelCD102-HOS-11420
Best of Hearts of Space No. 1: First FlightVarious ArtistsCD102-HOS-11500025041150026
Best of Hearts of Space No. 2: Ancient EveningsVarious ArtistsCD102-HOS-11501025041150125
Best of Hearts of Space No. 3: InnocenceVarious ArtistsCD132-HOS-11502025041150224
Songs From BeforeFionnuala SherryCD102-HOS-11422025041142229
Winter PoemSecret GardenCD112-HOS-11423025041142328
Sacred Treasures: Choral Masterpieces From RussiaVarious ArtistsCD17
Just the Two of UsSecret GardenCD152-HOS-11425025041142526
Inner PassionPeter Kater & Tina GuoCD92-HOS-11426025041142625
Sacred Treasures V - From a Russian CathedralVarious ArtistsCD162-HOS-11118025041111829
Slow Music for YogaVarious ArtistsCD8