Intrada (US soundtrack label)

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Night CrossingJerry Goldsmith12" Vinyl11
RVF 6004
Red DawnBasil Poledouris12" Vinyl9
RVF 6001
Red DawnBasil PoledourisCD9
RVF 6001D720258600127
Poltergeist II - The Other SideJerry Goldsmith12" Vinyl5
Poltergeist II - The Other SideJerry GoldsmithCD5
RVF 6002D
Islands in the StreamJerry Goldsmith12" Vinyl13
Islands in the Stream (1986 re-recording, first edition on CD)Jerry GoldsmithCD13
RVF 6003D[none]
Extreme PrejudiceJerry GoldsmithCD12
  • US1987-06-01
MAF 7001D
Night Crossing (original album)Jerry GoldsmithCD11
RVF 6004D[none]
First Blood (Film Music Treasury Series)Jerry GoldsmithCD12
FMT 8001D[none]
InchonJerry GoldsmithCD20
FMT 8002D720258800220
Rent-a-CopJerry GoldsmithCD12
MAF 7002D
The Bourne Identity (1988 TV series)Laurence RosenthalCD16
RVF 6005D[none]
WarlockJerry GoldsmithCD11
MAF 7003D720258700322
DeepStar SixHarry ManfrediniCD15
MAF 7004D[none]
Rio Conchos (re-recording)Jerry GoldsmithCD13
RVF 6007D720258600721
Hider in the HouseChristopher YoungCD6
The Night of the GeneralsMaurice JarreCD14
FMT 8004D720258800428
Quigley Down UnderBasil PoledourisCD11
MAF 7006D720258700629
The BarbariansPino DonaggioCD16
MAF 7008D720258700827
Flowers in the AtticChristopher YoungCD14
MAF 7009D720258700926
LionheartJohn ScottCD21
MAF 7011D720258701121
The Lord of the RingsLeonard RosenmanCD18
FMT 8003D720258800329
King Solomon's Mines (includes previously unreleased music)Jerry GoldsmithCD18
FMT 8005D720258800527
Def-Con 4 / Avenging Angel / Torment / The TelephoneChristopher YoungCD27
MAF 7010D720258701022
Not Without My DaughterJerry GoldsmithCD11
MAF 7012D720258701220
Company BusinessMichael KamenCD6
MAF 7013D720258701329
Bright AngelChristopher YoungCD15
MAF 7014D720258701428
Toy SoldiersRobert FolkCD24
MAF 7015D720258701527
Red King, White Knight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John ScottCD15
MAF 7016D720258701626
Shogun Mayeda (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)John ScottCD21
MAF 7017D720258701725
The Astronomers (Original Television Soundtrack)J.A.C. RedfordCD12
MAF 7018D720258701824
Beastmaster 2: Through The Portal Of TimeRobert FolkCD16
MAF 7019D720258701923
Hour of the GunJerry GoldsmithCD10
MAF 7020D720258702029
Aces: Iron Eagle IIIHarry ManfrediniCD18
MAF 7022D720258702227
O Pioneers!Bruce BroughtonCD17
MAF 7023D720258702326
The ResurrectedRichard BandCD12
MAF 7036D720258703620
ThunderheartJames HornerCD13
  • US1992-04-03
MAF 7027D720258702722
The Wind and the LionJerry GoldsmithCD14
MAF 7005D720258700520
CrissCrossTrevor JonesCD11
  • US1992-11-24
MAF 7021D720258702128
Rambo III: The Complete Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJerry GoldsmithCD23
  • US1992-11-24
RVF 6006D720258600622
The Old Man and the SeaBruce BroughtonCD19
  • US1992-11-24
RVF 6008D[none]
Planet of the ApesJerry GoldsmithCD11
FMT 8006D720258800626
Keeper Of The City (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Leonard RosenmanCD13
MAF 7024D720258702425
The Great EscapeElmer BernsteinCD13
MAF 7025D720258702524
RubyJohn ScottCD20
MAF 7026D720258702623
The VagrantChristopher Young(unknown)14
MAF 7028D720258702821
MagdaleneCliff EidelmanCD16
MAF 7029D720258702920
Honey, I Blew Up the KidBruce BroughtonCD15
MAF 7030D720258703026
Unlawful EntryJames HornerCD8
MAF 7031D720258703125
The ArrivalRichard BandCD15
MAF 7032D720258703224
Crash and Burn (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Richard BandCD10
MAF 7033D
In The Line Of Duty (Original Television Soundtrack)Mark SnowCD4
MAF 7034D720258703422
SilveradoBruce BroughtonCD12
MAF 7035D720258703521
Son Of The Morning Star (Original Soundtrack)Craig SafanCD16
MAF 7037D720258703729
SamanthaJoel McNeelyCD14
MAF 7040D720258704023
Dr. GigglesBrian MayCD16
MAF 7043D720258704320
SaharaEnnio MorriconeCD20
MAF 7047D720258704726
Trusting Beatrice / Cold Heaven (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Stanley MyersCD11
MAF 7048D720258704825
LeprechaunKevin KinerCD16
  • US1993-03-09
MAF 7050D720258705020
Homeward Bound: The Incredible JourneyBruce BroughtonCD10
MAF 7041D720258704122
The House on Sorority Row / The AlchemistRichard BandCD20
  • US1993-11-02
MAF 7046D720258704627
FortressFrédéric TalgornCD8
FCTN 1001[none]
GenocideElmer BernsteinCD16
FMT 8007D720258800725
TombstoneBruce BroughtonCD18
MAF 7038D720258703828
One Against The Wind (Original Soundtrack)Lee HoldridgeCD10
MAF 7039D720258703927
A Far Off PlaceJames HornerCD9
MAF 7042D720258704221
CrittersDavid NewmanCD15
MAF 7044D720258704429
Critters 2: The Main CourseNicholas PikeCD25
MAF 7045D720258704528
Warlock: The ArmageddonMark McKenzieCD13
MAF 7049D720258704924
AngelCraig SafanCD10
MAF 7051D720258705129
Cinema SeptetChristopher Young2×CD3 + 4
VJF 5001D[none]
Poltergeist II: The Other SideJerry GoldsmithCD13
VJF 5002D[none]
Bandolero! (original album)Jerry GoldsmithCD10
VJF 5003D[none]
Frank & JesseMark McKenzieCD16
  • US1994-11-23
MAF 7059D720258705921
Creature From The Black LagoonHans J. SalterCD4
MAF 7054D720258705426
Ivanhoe (re-recording)Miklós RózsaCD18
MAF 7055D720258705525
Night Crossing (expanded)Jerry GoldsmithCD19
VJF 5004D720258500427
The UtilizerDennis McCarthyCD11
  • US1995-11-21
MAF 7067720258706720
Julius Caesar (re-recording)Miklós RózsaCD21
MAF 7056D720258705624
QB VIIJerry GoldsmithCD12
MAF 7061D720258706126
Castle FreakRichard BandCD10
The Last StarfighterCraig SafanCD11
  • US1996-01-23
MAF 7066D0720258706621
Carried AwayBruce BroughtonCD12
  • US1996-04-23
MAF 7068D720258706829
The StupidsChristopher StoneCD18
  • US1996-08-15
MAF 7071720258707123
InfinityBruce BroughtonCD15
MAF 7072D720258707222
Shadow ConspiracyBruce BroughtonCD13
MAF 7073D720258707321
Islands in the Stream (re-recording, 2nd edition)Jerry GoldsmithCD13
  • US1997-03-08
MAF 7074D720258707420
King Solomon's Mines (reissue)Jerry GoldsmithCD18
MAF 7075D720258707529
A Patch of BlueJerry GoldsmithCD19
  • US1997-06-17
MAF 7076720258707628
The Disappearance of Garcia LorcaMark McKenzieCD19
  • US1997-11-18
MAF 7080720258708021
Rough RidersPeter Bernstein; Elmer BernsteinCD18
MAF 7079
CarriersErnest TroostCD15
CreatureJohn Van TongerenCD11
MAF 7081720258708120
Holly vs HollywoodDouglass FakeCD9
MAF 7082720258708229
One Tough CopBruce BroughtonCD9
MAF 7084720258708427
Lost in SpaceBruce BroughtonCD20
  • US1999-03-23
MAF 7086720258708625
DurangoMark McKenzieCD16
  • US1999-04-20
MAF 7087720258708724
Heart of DarknessBruce BroughtonCD11
  • US1999-06-29
MAF 7085720258708526
The Lighter SideBruce BroughtonCD13
CD 4001[none]