Two by TwoThe Green Telescope7" Vinyl4MIRAGE 001
PomonaThe Mock Turtles12" Vinyl4Mirage 003[none]
Fast 'n' Bulbous: A Tribute to Captain BeefheartVarious ArtistsCD14ILLCD 2005016555720022
LolaCUD7" Vinyl2MIRAGE 007
When in Rome, Kill MeCUDCD8ILLCD5005016555750029
Only (A Prawn in Whitby)CUD12" Vinyl4MIRAGE 010
Shangri-La: A Tribute to The KinksVarious ArtistsCD20ILLCD 300
See My FriendsThe Reegs12" Vinyl3MIRAGE 0065016555700666
Wicker ManThe Mock Turtles12" Vinyl4MIRAGE 009[none]
Chorus of the LostThe Reegs12" Vinyl3MIRAGE 0125016555701267
Hey!WireCUD12" Vinyl3MIRAGE 018T
Elvis BeltCUDCassette12ILLCASS 0135016555701342
Elvis BeltCUDCD12ILLCD 013
Elvis BeltCUD12" Vinyl12ILLUSION 0135016555701311
Robinson CrusoeCUD7" Vinyl2MIRAGE 021S5016555702172
Leggy MamboCUDCassette12ILL CASS 021
Leggy MamboCUDCD12ILLCD 0215016555702127
Leggy MamboCUD12" Vinyl12ILLUSION 021
Turtle SoupThe Mock TurtlesCD11ILLCD 0125016555701229
Heaven & Hell: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground, Volume OneVarious ArtistsCD10ILLCD 016
PubertyThe Infant GodCD11ILLCD 020
Stoned AgainVarious ArtistsCD17ILLCD 6005016555760028
Fast 'n' Bulbous: A Tribute to Captain BeefheartVarious Artists12" Vinyl14ILLUSION 002
PubertyThe Infant GodVinyl10ILLUSION 020
And Then She SmilesThe Mock Turtles12" Vinyl3MIRAGE 015[none]
InfotainmentThe Rhythm Sisters12" Vinyl3MIRAGE 023
MagicCUD12" Vinyl4MIRAGE 027T
Heaven and Hell : A Tribute to The Velvet Underground, Volume TwoVarious ArtistsCD10ILLCD 017
Heaven and Hell : A Tribute to The Velvet Underground, Volume TwoVarious ArtistsCD10ILLCD 017
Heaven and Hell: A Tribute to The Velvet Underground, Volume TwoVarious ArtistsCD10ILLCD 017
87-90The Mock TurtlesCD12ILLCD 0195016555701922
LuminousBill NelsonCD15ILL CD024[none]
Return of the Sea MonkeysThe ReegsCD9ILLCD 029
Designer KarmaThe PrudesCD10ILLCD 0305016555703025
Out of Time: The Best of the Imaginary Tribute SeriesVarious ArtistsCD19ILL CD 0315016555703124
LuminousBill Nelson12" Vinyl15ILLUSION 0245016555702417
WillerbyThe Rhythm Sisters12" Vinyl10ILLUSION 0275016555702714
Here Today...Gone TomorrowThe ChameleonsCD12ILLCD 035
Live in TorontoThe ChameleonsCD13ILLCD 0365016555703629
Last Time AroundThe StairsCD4MIRACD 0405016555704053
Outlaw BluesVarious ArtistsCD10ILLCD 014
Heaven and Hell, Volume Three: A Tribute to the Velvet UndergroundVarious ArtistsCD10ILLCD 0225016555702226
Brittle Days: A Tribute to Nick DrakeVarious ArtistsCD15ILLCD 0265016555702622
Free Trade Hall RehearsalThe ChameleonsCD13ILLCD 039P5016555703926
Aufführung in BerlinThe ChameleonsCD11ILLCD 0425016555704220
Dali's PictureThe ChameleonsCD10ILLUSION0415016555704121
Fifteen Minutes: A Tribute to Velvet UndergroundVarious ArtistsCD14ILLCD 047P5016555704794
Through the Looking Glass 1966Various ArtistsCD13
Dreaming of NowShambhuCD11888174173863