Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Les Années Lumières Quartier Rouge CD 10 THRT003
How Hate Is Hard to Define Plebeian Grandstand 12" Vinyl 9 THRT001
Open the Gates of Shambhala Huata CD 5 THRT002 [none]
Lines Breaking Circles As We Draw 12" Vinyl 9 THRT007
Nesseria Nesseria 12" Vinyl 10 THRT006
Cottbus Birds in Row CD 7 THRT008
Fools Will Crush the Crown The Rodeo Idiot Engine CD 11
The Journey Is Over Now Comity Vinyl 4
The Journey Is Over Now Comity CD 4 THRT015
3‐Way Split As We Draw / Euglena / Hexis 12" Vinyl 7 THRT016
New Thing... The Phantom Carriage CD 7 THRT012
Love Sex Machine Love Sex Machine 12" Vinyl 8 THRT019
Shooting Blanks & Pills Cowards CD 6 THRT022 [none]
Split Cortez / Plebeian Grandstand 10" Vinyl 2 THRT023
Me From Myself, to Banish Direwolves 12" Vinyl 6 THRT024
Phœbus Cortez 12" Vinyl 10 THRT028
Eiskalt Vuyvr 12" Vinyl 9 THRT029
Falls The Phantom Carriage Digital Media 8 THRT030 [none]
Shame No Omega Digital Media 12 THRT031 [none]
Shame No Omega 12" Vinyl 11 THRT031
II Eibon 12" Vinyl 2 THRT032
Amen Death Engine CD-R 4 THRT033
Where Vultures Land (deluxe edition) Elizabeth 12" Vinyl 13 THRT035
Amen Death Engine 10" Vinyl 4 THRT033
Hoarder Cowards 12" Vinyl 5 THRT034
Hoarder Cowards Digital Media 5 THRT034 [none]
Sans Éclat Death Mercedes CD 10 THRT037
Sans Éclat Death Mercedes 12" Vinyl 10 THRT037
Insomnia Elizabeth Digital Media 4 THRT038 [none]
Rigorisme Calvaiire Digital Media 4 THRT020 [none]
Forceps Calvaiire Digital Media 10 THRT039 [none]
It's Not Jazz, It's Blues Daggers 12" Vinyl 12 THRT040
It's Not Jazz, It's Blues Daggers Digital Media 12 THRT040
Aegri Somnia Direwolves 12" Vinyl 11 THRT041
Lowgazers Plebeian Grandstand Digital Media 8 THRT042 [none]
Mirages As We Draw Digital Media 11 THRT046 [none]
Fractures Nesseria Digital Media 10 THRT047
Rise to Infamy Cowards 12" Vinyl 10 THRT048
Rise to Infamy Cowards Digital Media 10 THRT048 [none]
Mud Death Engine Vinyl 7 THRT049
Mud Death Engine CD 7 THRT049
Mud Death Engine Digital Media 7 [none]
Malaise The Rodeo Idiot Engine Digital Media 9
False Highs, True Lows Plebeian Grandstand Digital Media 8 [none] [none]
False Highs, True Lows Plebeian Grandstand CD 8 THRT053 [none]
The Eternal Drift's Canticles Verdun CD 5 THRT054 3770005948528
Purge Fange CD 6
DECLINE Vermin Womb Digital Media 10 THRT056
Un Deuil Indien Satan Digital Media 10 THRT059
Pourrissoir Fange CD 6