Total Film (British film magazine)

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Starship Troopers: A New Kind of Enemy - A New Kind of WarVarious ArtistsEnhanced CD5MOVM13/2/98[none]
Scream 2Various ArtistsCD5MOVM17/6/98[none]
Classic Movie ThemesVarious ArtistsCD14MOVM18/7/98[none]
Classic Movie Themes 2Various ArtistsCD15MOVM24/1/99[none]
The World Is Not EnoughVarious ArtistsEnhanced CD17MOVM35/12/99[none]
The Total Film CDVarious ArtistsCD10MOVM41/6/00[none]
Classic Movie Themes 3Various ArtistsCD15MOVM43/8/00[none]
The Perfect Storm (Multimedia CD-ROM)George Clooney, Mark WahlbergData CD12MOVM/44/9/00[none]