Sanctuary Records (UK 1996-present)

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Started as a small label, Sanctuary eventually grown out to a full blown music group (see the Sanctuary Records Group).
Nowadays, it's still active under the group's umbrella.
Note that there also exist a US branch, though 2005-2007 severe loss for the group reoriented its activities toward IPR and it stopped releasing records. US releases events should be filled under the US label instead.
Note that there exists a number of specialized Sanctuary subsidiaries under which releases should be properly filled.
This label should (theorically) be used only for UK/European "Sanctuary" releases.

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Handsome (bonus track edition)Kilburn and The High RoadsDigital Media18
Live at LastBlack SabbathDigital Media9
  • XW1980-07-01
The CollectionGary MooreCD14
82876 62391 2828766239126
Somewhere in TimeIron MaidenEnhanced CD10