Many of this label's releases have individual disc cat#s and, more importantly, barcodes. These should not be treated as individual releases, even if they're being re-sold in all shapes and forms all across the web. Note down the disc barcodes in the release annotation. Disc cat#s often come in the form 54321/#; note this down as 54321 for the release, and, as a second cat#, 54321/1-23 for the discs, if that release is a 23-disc release.

On releases imported to the US, one can find a sticker with a barcode that starts with (0)84 (→ Example). Do not add an extra release for this, but note it down in the annotation as being the US import barcode. For the barcode field, use whatever's under that sticker. If there's nothing, check the "This release has no barcode" box.

The usual barcode starts with 50284 (in the case of 5-digit cat#s), or 50293 (in the case of 4-digit cat#s).
5-digit cat#s usually denote an XE release (mostly with STEMRA rights society logo).
4-digit cat#s usually denote ... I don't know what (mostly with MCPS rights society logo).

Annotation last modified on 2014-11-12 18:21 UTC.


Quantz, Stamitz, Stalder: Flute ConcertosPeter Lukas GrafCD9
RequiemBerlioz, Keith Lewis, Chor des NDR Hamburg, ORF-Chor, Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Eliahu Inbal2×CD7 + 4
  • DE1988-09-14
Brandenburg Concerto 4-5-6Johann Sebastian Bach; Consort of London, Robert Haydon Clark(unknown)9
BE 0025028421936024
Water Music / Music for the Royal FireworksHandel; Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Sir Neville MarrinerCD25
Palestrina Madrigals. First book of madrigals for four voicesGiovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina ;Concerto Italiano & Rinaldo AlessandriniCD29