Big Sky Music (publisher for Bob Dylan)

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founders:Bob Dylan (in 1969)
parent label:Universal Music Publishing Group (from 2020-12-07 to present)
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1969 –Country Pie
1969 –I Threw It All Away
1969 –Lay, Lady, Lay
1969 –One More Night
1969 –Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You
1970 –All the Tired Horses
1970 –Day of the Locusts
1970 –Father of Night
1970 –In Search of Little Sadie
1970 –Minstrel Boy
1970 –New Morning
1970 –One More Weekend
1970 –Sign on the Window
1970 –The Man in Me
1970 –Three Angels
1970 –Time Passes Slowly
1970 –Went to See the Gypsy
1970 –Winterlude
1971 –Watching the River Flow
1971 –When I Paint My Masterpiece
Alberta #1
Alberta #2
Belle Isle
If Dogs Run Free
If Not for You
It Hurts Me Too (Bob Dylan arrangement)
Little Sadie
Living the Blues
Nashville Skyline Rag
Peggy Day
Sarah Jane
Spanish Is the Loving Tongue (Bob Dylan arrangement)
Tell Me That It Isn't True
To Be Alone With You
Wanted Man
Wigwam (instrumental song)