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Rosewood, Volume 2Bill NelsonCD15BN-RWV2
The Alchemical Adventures of Sailor BillBill Nelson and his Lighthouse Signal Mechanism OrchestraCD12CD‐003[none]
Rosewood: Ornaments and Graces for Acoustic Guitar, Volume OneBill NelsonCD15SONOLUXE CD 001
Neptune’s Galaxy: The Sailor Bill CompanionBill NelsonCD5CD-004
Return to Jazz of LightsBill NelsonCD12CD-005[none]
And We Fell Into a DreamBill NelsonCD15CD 008[none]
Gleaming Without LightsBill NelsonCD7SONOLUXE CD 006
Silvertone FountainsBill NelsonCD15CD009
Mazda KaleidoscopeBill NelsonCD8CD011
Golden Melodies of TomorrowBill NelsonCD18CD012
I Hear ElectricityBill NelsonDigital Media23012[none]
Illuminated at DuskBill NelsonCD18CD010
Fancy PlanetsBill NelsonCD14CD013
Here Comes Mr MercuryBill NelsonCD14CD014
Theatre of Falling LeavesBill NelsonCD14CD015
Non‐Stop Mystery ActionBill NelsonCD6CD016
Picture PostBill NelsonCD22CD017
Frost-O-MaticBill NelsonDigital Media1
Fables and Dreamsongs: A Golden Book of Experimental BalladsBill NelsonCD12CD018
FantasmatronBill NelsonCD14CD0195060114363151
Signals From Realms of LightBill NelsonCD7CD0205060114363236
Model VillageBill NelsonCD14SLSCD 001
Songs of the Blossom Tree OptimistsBill NelsonCD15SLSCD 0020114363489829
The Last of the Neon CynicsBill NelsonCD9CD021
Joy Through Amplification (The Ultra-Fuzzy World of Priapus Stratocaster)Bill NelsonCD26CD022
The Palace of Strange VoltagesBill NelsonCD7CD023
The Dreamshire ChroniclesBill Nelson2×CD17 + 17CD0245060114363755
Blip!Bill NelsonCD22CD0255060114364134
The Tremulous Doo-Wah Diddy: Blip! 2Bill NelsonCD14CD026[none]
Albion Dream VortexBill NelsonCD14CD0270114363489829
The Sparkle Machine: Several Sustained MomentsBill NelsonCD14CD0285060114364486
The Dreamer’s Companion, Volume 1: How I Got My Secret PowersBill NelsonDigital Media14CD029[none]
Neptune’s Galaxy: The Sailor Bill CompanionBill NelsonDigital Media5CD004[none]
The Dreamer’s Companion, Volume 2: In This I Reveal My Secret IdentityBill NelsonDigital Media14CD029[none]
The Dreamer’s Companion, Volume 3: Songs of the Bel-Air RocketmanBill NelsonDigital Media14CD031[none]
Pedalscope: Music Created for the Film ‘Velorama’Bill NelsonCD14CD0335060114364721
Fantastic GuitarsReeves Gabrels · Bill NelsonCD11CD0345060114364738
Stereo Star MapsBill NelsonCD16CD035[none]
Shining ReflectorBill NelsonCD14CD036[none]
Quiet BellsBill NelsonCD18CD037[none]
Swoons and Levitations: Musical Magic From Fantasmo's SoundariumBill NelsonCD18CD0385060114365193
The YearsBill NelsonCD12CD039[none]
Plectrajet: Painting With Guitars, Volume TwoBill NelsonCD12CD0405060114365315
Electric AtlasBill NelsonCD14CD 0415060114365438
Perfect MonstersBill NelsonCD15CD 042[none]
All That I RememberBill NelsonCD16SLSCD 003[none]
New Northern DreamBill NelsonCD17SLSCD 004[none]
Luxury Wonder MomentsBill NelsonCD18CD043[none]
Tripping the Light FantasticBill NelsonDigital Media12[none]
Tripping the Light FantasticBill NelsonCD12CD0445060114366220
Songs for GhostsBill Nelson2×CD14 + 14