Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars LiveEarthCD5NQR001
The Life & Times of Laddio BolockoLaddio Bolocko2×CD6 + 10NQR002899922001024
IIPharaoh OverlordCD6NOQ003[none]
Electric Turn to MeElectric Turn to MeCD4NOQ004
Clouds Move So FastElectric Turn to MeCD5NOQ005
Legacy of DissolutionEarthCD6NOQ006656605905624
Gamelan Into the Mink SupernaturalThe Psychic ParamountCD5NOQ007
Coptic LightCoptic LightCD3NOQ008
Origins and Primitives, Volume 1The Psychic ParamountCD7NOQ009
Origins and Primitives, Volume 2The Psychic ParamountCD7NOQ009
Operator Dead... Post AbandonedBurning Star CoreCD4NOQ014
Focus LevelEndless BoogieCD10NOQ013899922001130
Doug PaisleyDoug PaisleyDigital Media9NOQ017-2899922001178
Doug PaisleyDoug PaisleyDigital Media9[none]
Reading All the Right Signals WrongFinalCD8NOQ018-2899922001185
Papercut TheatreBurning Star CoreCD4NOQ022899922001222
CoconutsCoconuts12" Vinyl5NOQ023-1899922001932
CoconutsCoconutsDigital Media6NOQ023CD
Full House HeadEndless BoogieCD8NOQ 024-2899922001246
Constant CompanionDoug PaisleyCD9NOQ025-2899922001253
IIThe Psychic ParamountDigital Media6NOQ026
IIThe Psychic ParamountCD7NOQ026-2899922001260
AffirmedNathan SalsburgDigital Media8
CastlemusicJennifer CastleDigital Media9
Grace and LiesFamily BandDigital Media9[none]
Long IslandEndless BoogieCD8NOQ031-2899922001314
MatinicusEndless Boogie12" Vinyl3NOQ35.5
Ride Out the DarkHoundstoothDigital Media10
Hard For To Win And Can't Be WonNathan Salsburg(unknown)9
Born With the CaulCian Nugent & The CosmosCD3NOQ034-2899922001345
Born With the CaulCian Nugent & The CosmosVinyl3NOQ034-1899922001802
Ride Out the DarkHoundstoothCD10899922001338
Strong FeelingsDoug PaisleyCD10NOQ036-2899922001369
Strong FeelingsDoug PaisleyDigital Media10NOQ036
Electric UrsaJoan ShelleyCD8NOQ-043899922001437
Intensity GhostChris Forsyth & The Solar Motel BandCD5NOQ-041899922001413
Silent PassageBob CarpenterCD100899922001390
No News from HomeHoundstoothCD11
DusklandZachary CaleCD90616892277248
DusklandZachary CaleDigital Media9
Over and EvenJoan ShelleyCD12NOQ-047616892303640
Live & Unreleased 1997–2000Laddio Bolocko2×CD + DVD10 + 9 + 5NOQ048-2616892342045
Live & Unreleased 1997–2000Laddio BolockoVinyl19
Bugger MeSam CoomesCD9
Cost of the Cold b/w Here and WholeJoan ShelleyDigital Media2
Joan ShelleyJoan ShelleyCD11NOQ053616892469148
Joan ShelleyJoan ShelleyDigital Media11
Vibe KillerEndless BoogieCD7NOQ052616892468646
Vibe KillerEndless BoogieDigital Media9
TrilogyCarpenter Brut3×12" Vinyl6 + 6 + 65760674602557606744
Dreaming In The Non-DreamChris Forsyth & The Solar Motel BandCD4NOQ055-1
The Other YearsThe Other YearsCD10
Starter HomeDoug PaisleyDigital Media9
All Time PresentChris ForsythDigital Media8
Vol I, IIEndless BoogieDigital Media6
Coming Down for YouJoan ShelleyDigital Media1
Like the River Loves the SeaJoan ShelleyDigital Media12
All Time PresentChris ForsythCD8NOQ062-2843563111130
Focus LevelEndless BoogieCD10NOQ013-2899922001130