"Мелодия" ("Melodia") is a label that was founded in 1964 in Soviet Union and was a de facto record industry monopolist in USSR till 1984.

Since about 1975, Мелодия routinely uses following catalogue number templates:

  • М60‒XXXXXYYY - mono records (моно, thus М)
  • С60‒XXXXXYYY - stereo records (стерео, thus С)
  • Г62‒XXXXXYYY - flexible disc records (гибкие грампластинки, thus Г), usually used for EPs

Мелодия usually assigned at least 2 catalogue numbers for a disc (one for each side, more for boxed sets). So, XXXXX always seems to be a 5-digit sequential number for side A and YYY is a reduced last digits of catalogue number for side B. For example, 40081–82 means that side A has cat. no 40081 and side B has cat. no 40082.

Usage of short dashes, long dashes and whitespace between catalogue number parts seems to be random. Please enter these numbers as they are shown at the cover.

Note that М, С and Г are all Cyrillic letters (derived from terms shown above), not Latin!

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Пять минут / ТанечкаЛюдмила Гурченко / Сестры Шмелевы10" Vinyl2
Suveõhtul / SirelArtur Rinne10" Vinyl2
Kalmer TennosaarKalmer Tennosaar7" Vinyl4
Kalevipoja teekond SoomeEster MägiVinyl6
SerenaadAbi Zeider7" Vinyl4