MN Records (Michael Nyman Records)

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The Piano SingsMichael NymanCD16MNRCD1035060116570472
The Draughtsman's ContractMichael NymanCD7MNRCD 1055060099970030
The PianoMichael NymanCD14MNRCD1075060099970054
Man and Boy: DadaMichael Nyman2×CD9 + 10MNRCD 1015060099970016
The LibertineMichael NymanCD17MNRCD 1045060116570250
Nyman/Greenaway RevisitedMichael NymanCD13MNRCD106
Six Celan Songs / The Ballad of Kastriot RexhepiMichael Nyman; Hilary Summers, Sarah Leonard, Michael Nyman Band, Michael NymanCD7MNRCD108
Nyman BrassMichael NymanCD17MNRCD 110
Acts of Beauty / Exit no ExitMichael Nyman(unknown)16MNRCD 1095060116570571
Love Counts: An Opera In Two ActsMichael Nyman2×CD7 + 14MNRCD 111/1125060116570618
Mozart 252Michael NymanCD11MNRCD113
8 Lust Songs: I Sonetti LussuriosiMichael NymanCD8MNRCD114
The GlareDavid McAlmont and Michael NymanCD12MNRCD116814199010036
Accoustic AccordionsMichael Nyman & Motion TrioCD10MNRCD117
The Coldest Place on EarthMcAlmont & NymanCD2
Vertov SoundsMichael NymanCD10MNRCD118
Collections (Portrait Of A Label)Michael NymanCD16MNRCD204
Michael NymanMichael NymanCD7MNRCD 1235060211140105
Sangam: Michael Nyman meets Indian MastersMichael NymanCD4MNRCD1195060211140068
Ingrid Bergman in Her Own WordsMichael NymanDigital Media14
Michael Nyman and “The Tempest”Michael Nyman2×CD20 + 14MNRCD1405060211140297
Symphonies - Symphony No. 5, Symphony No. 2Michael Nyman; The World Orchestra, Josep VincentCD8MNRCD 134
McQueenMichael Nyman2×Digital Media15 + 15