Classic CD (magazine)

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A classical music magazine that came with a free sampler CD.

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Classic CD, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD14FPCD 002 019770959720007
Classic CD, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD13[none]
Classic CD, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD15FPCD 004[none]
Classic CD, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD15[none]
Classic CD, Volume 7Various ArtistsCD11S FPCD 007[none]
Classic CD, Volume 8Various ArtistsCD15FPCD 008 01[none]
Classic CD, Volume 13Various ArtistsCD12FPCD 013[none]
Classic CD, Volume 14Various ArtistsCD13S FPCD 014[none]
Classic CD, Volume 24Various ArtistsCD12CD 24[none]
Classic CD, Volume 33Various ArtistsCD13FPCD 033[none]
Classic CD, Volume 42: DomingoVarious ArtistsCD13CD 42[none]
GalwayMozart, Beethoven, Debussy, Puccini, Wagner, Arnold; GalwayCD14FPCD 044
Classic CD, Volume 46: CallasVarious ArtistsCD11[none]
Classic CD, Volume 50: Kiri at 50Various ArtistsCD13CD 50[none]
Classic CD, Volume 54: Bizarre - But it Works!Various ArtistsCD14FPCD 024 ONE
Classic CD, Volume 54: The Best in Early Music from NaxosVarious ArtistsCD18
Classic CD, Volume 56: Christmas ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD18CD 56
Classic CD, Volume 62: Cello SpecialHolst, Mozart, Orff, Mahler, Janáček, Schubert; Pablo Casals, Jacqueline du Pré, Mischa MaiskyCD17CLASSIC CD 62[none]
Quartets SpecialDebussy, Dvořák, Boccherini, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Field, SchubertCD15CLASSIC CD 64[none]
The World’s Greatest Opera AriasVarious ArtistsCD15NAXOSCD[none]
Pavarotti in Il trovatoreGrieg, Handel, Beethoven, Falla; PavarottiCD15CLASSIC CD 66[none]
Classic CD, Volume 71: The World’s Greatest Ballet MusicVarious ArtistsCD16[none][none]
Classic CD, Volume 73: Peter Grimes and CabaretVarious ArtistsCD19
Classic CD, Volume 75: The Top Classical Recordings of All TimeVarious ArtistsCD19CCD/75/7/96[none]
Classic CD, Volume 78: Rattle Special / Dame Joan SutherlandVarious ArtistsCD20CCD/78/10/96
Broadway ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD15CCD/79/11/96[none]
Classic CD, Volume 80: Music For Young PeopleVarious ArtistsCD18CCD/80/1/12/96[none]
Classic CD, Volume 80: Christmas Classics: From Chant to CarolsBach, Britten; Carreras, Domingo, Emma Kirkby, Choir of Westminster AbbeyCD15CCD/80/2nd/96[none]
A Musical OfferingVarious ArtistsCD16RCA CD 71[none]
Classic CD, Volume 83: The Very Best of BritishVarious ArtistsCD12CCD/83/2nd/97[none]
Wagner: Die MeistersingerVarious ArtistsCD1084[none]
Classic CD, Volume 86: Music for WeddingsVarious ArtistsCD16CCD/86/06/97[none]
Classic CD, Volume 89: The ConductorVarious ArtistsCD13CCD/89/09/97[none]
Christmas Classics: 800 Years of Beautiful Seasonal MusicVarious ArtistsCD15CCD/93/2ND/97
Classic CD, Volume 93: Fairy TalesVarious ArtistsCD17CCD/93/13/97[none]
Classic CD, Volume 103: The All-Time Greatest PianistsVarious ArtistsCD18CCD/103/10/98[none]
Classic CD, Volume 105: Music from the Heavens: The Best of Taverner, Pärt and GoreckiVarious ArtistsCD16CCDUS/105/12/98[none]
Music Inspired by GhostsMozart, Beethoven; Vienna Boys’ Choir, Charlotte Church, Barbara Hendricks, Anne‐Sophie MutterCD18CCD/106/13/98
Classic CD 106: 1000 Years of Beautiful Christmas MusicVarious ArtistsCD17CCD/106/2nd/98
Classic CD, Volume 109: World ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD16CCD/109/2nd/99[none]
Classic CD, Volume 111: MenuhinElgar, Bartok, Beethoven, Indian; Menuhin, Barbara Bonney, Duke Ellington, Martha ArgerichCD18CCD/111/5/99[none]
Classic CD, Volume 124: The Hottest New Names in MusicVarious ArtistsCD17CCD/124/05/00[none]
Classic CD, Volume 123: Classic CD Awards 2000Various ArtistsCD13CCD/123/2nd/00
100 Best CDs of the DecadeVarious ArtistsCD20