Lightning Records (Belgian dance music umbrella label)

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SatisfactionPower Process12" Vinyl4LIRE94008743212318722
Bonzaï: The Fourth LevelVarious Artists2×CD12 + 12743212472721
Bonzaï Compilation 5: Into Another DimensionVarious Artists2×CD11 + 1274321 28865 2743212886528
TransfigurationDave DavisCD2BR96100743213377322
Outsiders (Remixes)Yves DeruyterCD5743213377827
Best of BonzaïVarious Artists2×CD15 + 1574321-441212743214412121
30 Classic Anthems from Belgium's Legendary After-Club GlobeVarious Artists2×CD15 + 155413647 00522
Zillion The FirstVarious ArtistsCD1664701615413647016122
Bonzaï ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD16BCD 97001743213637624
Zillion the SecondVarious Artists2×CD16 + 17LIRECD980035413647021027
Headhunter 2000Front 24212" Vinyl3LIRE980035413647029719
Headhunter 2000:/ Part 2Front 24212" Vinyl3LIRE98003R5413647029788
Wall StreetDJ Fred & Arnold T12" Vinyl4LIRE98004
Re:BootFront 242CD13LIRECD980074009880455029
Zillion 3: The Magic RideVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15LIRECD980105413647026329
Carat 8Various Artists2×CD16 + 16LRCD990275413647043227
Headhunter 2000Front 242CD1064703265413647032627
Jungle SpiritDJ Fred & Arnold TCD26470367
From Bonzai With Love '99Various Artists2×CD15 + 1064703778715576026621
A Classic Trance CollectionVarious Artists2×CD12 + 1264704235413647042329
House Of FrankensteinFranky Stein & The Creeps12" Vinyl2LIRE99005
Jungle SpiritDJ Fred & Arnold T12" Vinyl4LIRE99006
I'll Be ThereBlue Nation12" Vinyl3LIRE990075413647039411
Zillion 5 Club EditionVarious Artists2×CD18 + 18LIRECD990315413647043128
It's AlrightBlue Nation12" Vinyl2LR990085413647045511
Zillion 6 Club EditionVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15LRCD990295413647048826
From BeyondPushCD101-00-0275413647050522
From Bonzai With Love 2000Various Artists2×CD15 + 151-00-0295413647056524
Bonzai 11 presents…Various Artists2×CD13 + 131-00-0305413647057125
SuperstringCygnus XCD22-00-0385413647062020
Choose LifeHumateCD55413647 05192 55413647051925
Turn up the Bass: Mission TwoVarious ArtistsCD206-00-002
Zillion 7 Club EditionVarious Artists2×CD17 + 176-00-0045413647057828
O.T.B. (On The Beach)York12" Vinyl4LR-2000-009
O.T.B. - On The Beach (Remixes)York12" Vinyl2LR-2000-011
Retro Arena 2 (disc 1)Various ArtistsCD286-01-039
Things to ComeTropicana feat. DJ BartCD22-01-0415413647066622
Retro Arena SummermixVarious ArtistsCD22-01-0625413647074528
Battle of the DJ's: Push vs. AirwavePush vs. Airwave2×CD15 + 156-00-010
Battle of the DJ's: Yves Deruyter vs. Mark EGVarious Artists2×CD12 + 156-01-0255413647069326
Boccaccio BeachVarious Artists2×CD20 + 106-01-0375413647073224
Zillion Beach 2001Various ArtistsCD216-01-0475413647077420
Zillion 12 Club EditionVarious Artists2×(unknown)17 + 176-01-0545413647081724
Reachers of CivilizationYork12" Vinyl3LR-2000-0125413647064017
Retro Arena Vinyl OneVarious Artists12" Vinyl4LR-2001-0135413647069913
BeautyBroncko12" Vinyl4LR-2001-017
Retro Arena Vinyl SixVarious Artists12" Vinyl4LR-2001-0195413647079011
Extreme Frequencies Vinyl OneV-One / Dominica12" Vinyl2LR-2001-0205413647082219
Extreme Frequencies Vinyl TwoJürgen Driessen / Ariane12" Vinyl2LR-2001-0215413647083018
Retro Arena, Volume 4Various Artists3×CD25 + 25 + 106-02-057
ConnectedAyu12" Vinyl4LR-2002-025
Bonzaï 10th Anniversary EditionVarious Artists2×CD15 + 151-02-045
XTC: Music for the MindVarious Artists2×CD13 + 136-02-0755413647091624
Special LoveMass Production12" Vinyl2LIRE 004