President Records (London-based label created by Edward Kassner in 1966. (also known as President) Label of the company President Records Ltd.)

~ Label


Raggin' the RagsHarry Roy and The Hotcha Boys12" Vinyl12
PLP 1001[none]
Rough RiderThe Four GeesVinylDisc2
(The Best Part of) Breaking Up / AgainThe Symbols7" Vinyl2
19926 AT
I Feel Love Comin' OnFelice Taylor7" Vinyl2
PT 155[none]
What You Gonna DoLloyd Alexander Real Estate7" Vinyl2
PT 157[none]
Hold Me Closer / Baby Come BackThe Equals7" Vinyl2
PTF 135[none]
SensationalThe Equals12" Vinyl12
PTL 1020[none]
I Can See, but You Don't Know / Gigolo SamThe EqualsVinyl2
14 620 AT
Viva Bobby Joe / I Can't Let You GoThe Equals7" Vinyl2
PT 260
Rub A Dub DubThe Equals7" Vinyl2
PT 275[none]
The Exceptional ExceptionThe Exception12" Vinyl12
PTLS 1026
FallingThe Iron Maiden7" Vinyl2
14 641 AT
HairShe Trinity7" Vinyl2
PT 283
Back on My Feet Again / PsychoJanie7" Vinyl2
PT 309
Back on My Feet Again / PsychoJanie7" Vinyl2
PT 309
Equals at the TopThe Equals12" Vinyl13
PTLS 1038
Tracking With Close-UpsSweet Slag12" Vinyl7
PTLS 1042[none]
Air FiestaMatata12" Vinyl12
PTLS 1052
IndependenceMatata12" Vinyl12
PTLS 1057
Touch Me Baby (Reaching Out for Your Love) / Tell the WorldMaria MorganVinyl2
PT 440
Baby Come BackThe Equals7" Vinyl2
Early Winter: Johnny WinterJohnny WinterCD14
PRCD 116
Crimes of PassionRick WakemanCD11
Hometown GirlsDenny LaineVinyl10
PTLS 1080
PCOM 10885017447410885
IndestructibleMike D'Abo12" Vinyl12
PTLS 1084
Wings on My FeetDenny LaineCD12
Tomorrow's TroubadorMike D'Abo12" Vinyl12
PTLS 1090
The Black EarthThe Black Earth12" Vinyl10
PTLS 1091069007100120
Lonely RoadDenny LaineVinyl14
PTLS 1092
The TalismanForcefieldVinyl9
PTLS 1095
Time MachineRick WakemanCD9
To Oz and BackForcefieldVinyl10
PTLS 11005017447211000
Sea AirsRick WakemanCD12
SpecialSir James7" Vinyl2
  • GB1990-12-01
PT 589
Santa SangreSimon BoswellCD17
PCOM 11045017447411042
Let the Wild Run FreeForcefieldVinyl9
PTLS 11105017447211109
Night AirsRick WakemanCD10
RWCD 95017447400091
The Classical ConnectionRick WakemanCD10
The Classical Connection 2Rick WakemanCD12
RWCD 145017447400145
Aspirant SunshadowsRick WakemanCD11
African BachRick WakemanCD10
RWCD 205017447400206
PCOM 11215017447411219
Surface TensionCircusCD15
PCOM 11275017447411271
Bless YouThe Ink SpotsCD22
PLCD 5355017447615358
Wakeman With WakemanWakeman with WakemanCD11
Heritage SuiteRick WakemanCD12
RWCD 165017447400169
Aspirant SunriseRick WakemanCD11
RWCD 175017447400176
No Expense SparedWakeman with WakemanCD12
RWCD 225017447400220
On me dit que je suis fouArt SullivanCD12
Blue NightsDenny LaineCD15
PCOM 1132
Feelin' FunkyMatataCD13
PCOM 11345017447411349
Romance of the Victorian AgeRick Wakeman & Adam WakemanCD13
RWCD 255017447400251
Light Up the SkyRick Wakeman & His BandCD4
  • -1994
VisionsRick WakemanCD12
The Original ThrillerAugustus PabloCD15
PRCD 6055017447610056
The Legendary Cleo BrownCleo BrownCD17
What Is This Thing Called LoveArtie Shaw featuring Mel Tormé & The Mel-TonesCD25
PLCD 5575017447615570
Here Comes The Blues Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll V0lume 4Wynonie HarrisCD27
PLCD 5595017447615594
Is It Love You’re AfterTina CharlesCD4
The Family AlbumRick WakemanCD15
RWCD 45017447400046
Preludes to a CenturyRick WakemanCD12
  • GB2000-03-14
RWCD 335017447400336
Chronicles of ManRick WakemanCD13
RWCD 345017447400343
Live at Max's Kansas CityThe TroggsCD14
  • US2002-07-02
Purification by SoundOliver WakemanCD12
  • GB2003-05-26
Bobby's Girl (Bobby's Girl - The Complete Seville Recordings)Marcie BlaneCD22
  • GB2004-11-29
PRCD 1595017447611596
What Does A Girl Do? Femme Pop from the President VaultsVarious ArtistsCD22
RetroRick WakemanCD10
  • GB2006-04-10
RWCD 385017447400381
Tracking With Close-UpsSweet SlagCD7
  • JP2006-06-21
Get Rid!Robots in DisguiseCD11
  • GB2006-07-03
DisguisesRobots in DisguiseCD12
  • GB2007-12-10
RID GET25017447999021
We're in the Music BizRobots in DisguiseCD10
  • GB2008-02-04
RID GET35017447999038
Happiness v SadnessRobots in DisguiseCD10
  • GB2011-07-11
The Sex Has Made Me StupidRobots in DisguiseCD7
  • GB2015-10-07
Ooh, Baby, Ooh / Teenage MeetingDave Appell & The Apple JacksVinyl21006
Springtime in Monaco / 900 MilesBilly MermanVinyl21009
Strike AgainThe Equals12" Vinyl12APTL 1030
The Final ToccataDavid HickenCD12
PRCD 1395017447611398
Arms of the GodKalenda MayaDigital Media10