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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
holds phonographic copyright for
James K. PolkThey Might Be Giants3:05
(I’m Gonna) Split This Room in HalfUncle Kracker3:04
Bad BloodMinistry5:00
Can We Still Be FriendsTodd Rundgren3:34
Old EnoughNickelback2:46
The RainbowWeen2:46
The ReckoninggODHEAD4:04
Archive Series, Volume No. 3Iron and Wine
1960You’re Sixteen
1966 –When a Man Loves a Woman
1973Feedback on Highway 101
1973Join Me in L.A.
1973Poor Poor Pitiful Me
1975 –Hooked on Your Love
1975 –Let’s Do It Again
1975 –Something He Can Feel
1980 –It Used to Be Me
1980 –Slow Fade
1981Just Say I Love You
1982 –The Woman in Me
1985 –Don’t Make Me Wait
1985 – ????Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)
1985 – ????Watching the World
1987 – ????Bare My Soul
1987 – ????Control
1987 – ????Dust
1987 – ????Healing Waters
1987 – ????Man of a Thousand Dances
1987 – ????Power Over Me
1987 – ????Stand and Deliver
1987 – ????The Border
1987 – ????The Tube
1989 – ????Forever
1990Hundreds of Tears
1990 –Ant
1991 –Forever Isn’t Long Enough
1991 –Missing You Now
1991 –New Love
1991 –None of It Matters
1991 –Now That I Found You
1991 –Save Me
1991 –Steel Bars
1991 –We’re Not Makin’ Love Anymore
1992Can't Stop Messin'
1992Shut Up and Dance
1993After the Flesh
1993Golgotha Tenement Blues
1993 –Strong Enough
1997Carrying Your Love With Me
1997Fearless Love
1997One Belief Away
1997This Kiss
1997 –Good King Joy
1997 –Promises to Keep
1997 –This Christmas Day
1998 –Christmas Canon (original version)
1998 –Fly Away From Here
1998 –La copa de la vida
1998 –Music Box Blues
1998 –The Cup of Life
1999Send It On
1999 –Bella
1999 –I Am Made of You
1999 –Livin’ la vida loca (Spanish version)
1999 –Livin’ la vida loca (English version)
1999 –Love You for a Day
1999 –Shake Your Bon-Bon
1999 –She’s All I Ever Had
1999 –Spanish Eyes (Ricky Martin)
2000Come On Back
2000Don't You Know
2000Gimme What You Got
2000It's All Coming Back
2000Loola Loo
2000Mommy Can I Come Home
2000Stand Up (And Be Strong)
2000The Beginning
2000The Door
2000 –Love This Way
2001I Can't Help You Now
2003 –All in WaitWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Caught in the Rain
2003 –City Beneath
2003 –Control ItWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Dead WorldWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Destroy AllWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Everything After
2003 –InvincibleWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Kill Your IdolsWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Living Rooms
2003 –Look Right Through Me
2003 –MonsterWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –New PainWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –OtsegolectricWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Places for Breathing
2003 –Re Use
2003 –Seven
2003 –Shadow ZoneWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –SoWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
2003 –Spin
2003 –Straight Jacket Labels
2003 –The OnlyWarner‐Tamerlane Pub. Corp.
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