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Electronic music label founded in Berlin in 1996. Now has offices and distribution in several countries. Company name is Stud!o K7, but the current logo/imprint is simply !K7.

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X-Mix-2: Destination Planet DreamLaurent GarnierCD1
  • DE1994-04-18
X-Mix, Volume 3: Enter Digital Reality!Richie Hawtin / John AcquavivaCD2
  • DE1994-11-14
X-Mix, Volume 4: Beyond the HeavensDave AngelCD17
  • DE1995-04-24
netWORKS.1: An intelliNET CompilationVarious ArtistsCD11
  • DE1995-05-08
DJ-Kicks: C.J. BollandCJ BollandCD15