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Catalog# is based on the periodic table of the chemical elements.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Fe₂O₃ Mlada Fronta 2×CD 15 + 14 H1
Urei Dither CD 10 He2
Repetition and Texture Kaltesglas CD 14 Li3
Hôte Beefcake CD 9 Be4
Moon_phase Displacer CD 15 B5
Summit Dither CD 10 C6
Ventre G-Nox CD 7 N7 [none]
Chemical Elements 1.0 CH District vs. Duuster CD 13 O8
Barwy Kolorow I:gor CD 17 Ne10
Le Sixième Doigt Servovalve CD 8 F9
Arroyo Displacer CD 14 Mg12 [none]
Habitat Duuster CD 11 Na11 [none]
Amek Dither CD 10 Al13
Table of Elements Various Artists Digital Media 10 P15
Chemical Elements 2.0 Cellular vs. Diakof CD 15 Si 14
Life Is Math Adapter CD 15 Cl17 [none]
Chemical Elements 3.0 Savak vs. ZymOsiZ CD 11 Ar18
Cage Fighter’s Lullaby Displacer CD 15 Ca20 [none]
Elapsed Time Céline CD 11 K19
Monokultur Mnemonic CD 14 Ti22
Table of Elements 2.0 Various Artists 2×Digital Media 14 + 14 V23
Blue Beam Geomatic CD 11 Fe26
Select and Start Action Nano CD 17 Mn 25
Expériences Modernes Millimetric CD 12 Ni28
Legacy Ex_Tension Digital Media 9 Co27 [none]
Legacy Ex_Tension CD 9 Co27 [none]
Coeur Liquid 9 Elma CD 14 Zn30
Illusion of Movement Wild Shores Enhanced CD 8 Cr24
Electronic Manifesto 4: Epitaph. The End Chapter Various Artists CD 16 Ge32
Life Is Math Adapter Digital Media 15
Keylogger Neon Electronics CD 16 Rb37 8016670170549
Le Seuil de Tolérance Ex_Tension CD 8 Ga31
Cosmochemistry Geomatic vs. Lagowski CD 11 Y39
Cosmochemistry Geomatic vs. Lagowski Digital Media 11 Y39
Wasteland Vibes Photophob Digital Media 11 Kr 36
And All The Dreams You Don't Remember Photophob Digital Media 8 Sb51
Outrun Mlada Fronta Digital Media 11 xe54
Isokinetic Alpturer Digital Media 11 Eu63
Freedom to Obey Tommy ’86 CD 13