Songs For CruisingThe FairlanesCD15
Another One of Those DaysHomeless WondersCD11SH005
Bite Your TongueThe FairlanesCD8SH012667928001221
I've Been EverywhereNobodysCD12SH-019
Homeless WondersHomeless WondersCD14SH-020[none]
No Borders: A Collection of Japanese & American HardcoreVarious ArtistsCD18SH-015667928001528
Sweatpants U.S.A.OblivionCD10SH-16
Inverse, Reverse, PerverseApocalypse HobokenCD23SH-014
Punk... It's All About the Orchis FactorVarious ArtistsCD26
Endorsed by YouThe GamitsCD12SH-018[none]
The Party's OverSmoking PopesCD10SHM 8005667928800527
Welcome to NowhereThe FairlanesCD12SH022667928002228
A Small Price to PayThe GamitsCD7SH023
The True Face of PanicPremonitions of WarCD7SHM8004
Playing 4 Square 2Various ArtistsCD24SH024-2
Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six StringsStereotyperiderCD12SH025
Who Wants to Play Bass?Armchair MartianCD13SH 054-2667928005427
This Time Everything Is MineDuvall / SevilleCD8SHM 8003667928800329
Suburban Home Distribution Spring 2002 SamplerVarious Artists(unknown)23
Smoking Popes: TributeVarious ArtistsCD13SHM 8006667928800626
Pulled OverKut U UpCD9SHM 8015
Split EPBayside / Name TakenCD8SHM 8016667928801623
Playing 4 Square 3Various ArtistsCD23SH027
Black Heart AffairLove Me DestroyerCD13SHM 8021[none]
MuscleAdventures of JetCD12SH026
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth IsSplit HabitCD10SH8024667928802422
Method: Fail, Repeat...The Kite-Eating TreeCD10SHM 8023667928802323
A Frank Exploration of Voyeurism and ViolenceKane HodderCD6SHM 8027667928802729
Under the InfluenceStereotyperiderCD7SH029
Make-Up for the InauguratedIrradioCD10SHM 8030
AntidoteThe GamitsCD11SH030
Drive to Nowhere: Verity's NovelLaymen TermsCD12SH031
The Pleasure to Remain So HeartlessKane HodderCD11SHM 8037667928803726
For the First Time in Years... I'm Leaving YouMadison(unknown)7
Summer Hits No. 1The Queers(unknown)15
3 Weeks InLaymen TermsCD4SH028
Prolonging the InevitableStereotyperiderCD11SH032
Campaign Moving SlowWe're All BrokenCD12SHM 8033
Symbiotic Disharmony, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD22
Reclamation ProcessThe RiseCD12SH 033
Tiny AirplaneSanawonCD10SHM 8050[none]
Oil and Water EPThe Cardinal SinCD6SHM 8051
Ghost BuffaloGhost BuffaloCD12SH036
Hurry Up and WaitThe Cardinal SinCD12SHM 8060667928806024
It's Crazy.Drag the RiverCD13
Rivanna JunctionTim Barry(unknown)10
Last Night In Town/ Hot Damn!/ Gutter Phenomenon Vinyl Box SetEvery Time I Die3×12" Vinyl10 + 10 + 11[none]
Hobo's DemosDrag the RiverCD12SH 039-2667928003928
Golden SometimesThe Gamits4×CD18 + 23 + 16 + 19SHO35
The Things Around Us BurnLove Me DestroyerCD11
ThreeTwo Cow GarageCD13
Found All the PartsDrag the River / The DentsCD8SH 049-2667928004925
Good Guys... Bad BandArmchair MartianCD31
Less Talk, More ShotsThe RevengeCD10SH 056-2667928005625
I Remember When I Was PrettyThe Playing FavoritesVinyl14
I Remember When I Was PrettyThe Playing FavoritesCD14
ThreesSparta12" Vinyl15SH 060-1
Suburban Home Records 2006/2007 Winter SamplerVarious ArtistsCD10
Kay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundKay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundDigital Media13
The MagicianGhost BuffaloCD10SH 068-2667928006820
Kay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundKay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundVinyl14
Ghost PoisonJr. JuggernautCD10
Restless RubesNinja GunCD12SHO71-2
On ParallelsLaGreciaCD11667928007025
Under The Influence Volume 1Fake Problems / Look MexicoVinyl2SH101
The Lost Broken BonesUseless IDCD12
BridgeJoey CapeCD12SH 84-2667928008428
ManchesterTim BarryCD12SH 92-2[none]
Under The Influence Volume 2Ninja Gun / Whiskey & Co.7" Vinyl2SH102
Under The Influence Volume 3Mustard Plug / Bomb the Music Industry!Vinyl2SH103
Under the Influence Volume 4Teenage Bottlerocket / The Ergs!7" Vinyl2SH104
You Can't Live This WayDrag the RiverCD15SH 066-2667928006622
Mike Park / O Pioneers!!!Mike Park / O Pioneers!!!7" Vinyl2SH-099
Adventure BoyScott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast12" Vinyl10SH67-1
Hot Damn!Every Time I Die12" Vinyl10SH72-1
Live At Munford ElementaryTim Barry7" Vinyl3SH 83-7
Speaking in CursiveTwo Cow GarageDigital Media13
Suburban Home Records Winter 2008 SamplerVarious ArtistsCD16
Songs in the key of F and UStereotyperiderCD14SH106-1-CD
Who Wants to Get DownJoey Cape / Jon SnodgrassVinyl2
Who Wants to Get DownJoey Cape / Jon SnodgrassDigital Media2
Under the Influence, Volume 6Andrew Jackson Jihad & Cobra SkullsVinyl2
Under the Influence, Volume 6Andrew Jackson Jihad & Cobra SkullsDigital Media2
Kay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundKay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundCD13
Bad at Breaking UpDrag the RiverCD20SH110-2667928011022
Visitor's BandJon Snodgrass(unknown)11
Cory Branan & Jon SnodgrassJon Snodgrass / Cory BrananVinyl7
Under the Influence Volume 12Kevin Seconds / Kepi Ghoulie7" Vinyl2SH154-7
Under the Influence Volume 11Joey Cape / Mike Hale7" Vinyl2SH153-7[none]
Smile Sweet FaceChad PriceCD10SH 157-2667928015723
Smile Sweet FaceChad PriceDigital Media10[none]
PrimerDrag the RiverCD20
Lives Like MineMike HaleDigital Media12[none][none]
Under the Influence Volume 5Drag the River7" Vinyl2SH 109-7
Power+Light50 Foot Wave12" Vinyl7SH116-1[none]
Under the Influence Volume 7Lemuria / Off With Their Heads7" Vinyl2SH 123-7[none]
Under the Influence Volume 9Two Cow Garage / Jr. Juggernaut7" Vinyl2SH 138-7
Somebody Loves YouAustin LucasCD11SH18-2
Speaking in CursiveTwo Cow GarageCD13SH 85-2667928008527
28th & StonewallTim BarryCD14