Verve Forecast (Verve’s folk and smooth-jazz subsidiary)

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Initially created in 1967 as a folk music focused emanation of Verve Records, it quickly changed its name from Verve Folkways to Verve Forecast due to naming issues with other existing labels.
Going silent with the rest of Verve in the 70s, it was revived during the 90s to (re)issue smooth-jazz, then went silent again after the Seagram merge (its roster being transfered to GRP).
Revived again in 2004 to handle the Verve Music Group non jazz stuff, it inherited from Blue Thumb Records.
Late issues bear the typical VMG ASIN-look-alike catalog numbers, B000XXXX-YY where YY is the product type.

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Lost & FoundLedisiCD16B0008909-02602517330016
Son of Skip JamesDionCD13B0010173-02602517491595
Love TattooImelda MayCD12B0013082-02602517905610
Pure CottonThe James Cotton Blues BandCD11FTS-3038
Charmed & StrangeYoavCD11B0010369-02602517623330
The Orchard (Special Limited Edition)Lizz WrightCD1317564510602517564510
The OrchardLizz WrightCD12B0010292-02602517511262
Forgetting Sarah MarshallVarious ArtistsCD16B0011179-02602517674424
Limits of the SkyThe BridgesCD12B0010931-02602517643505
FiresightJessie BaylinCD12B0010924-02602517643277
Nobody Left to CrownRichie HavensCD130600753093146
New York CityBrazilian GirlsCD11B0010929-02602517643475
North Hollywood ShootoutBlues TravelerCD10B0011814-02602517817234
ThirteensLeona NaessCD11B0011854-02602517657137
Words and MusicAqualungCD10
The Women (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Various ArtistsCD12B0012002-02600753115022
Back to the RiverSusan TedeschiCD11B001151302602517755772
Forgetting Sarah MarshallVarious ArtistsCD160602517674424602517674424
Back to the RiverSusan TedeschiCD11VRVFB001151302
Mama RosaBrian Blade(unknown)13B0012613-02602517974579
Taller ChildrenElizabeth & The CatapultVinyl13
Taller ChildrenElizabeth & The CatapultCD12
Taller ChildrenElizabeth & The CatapultVinyl13
Leaving on a MaydayAnna TernheimCD11B0013019-02602527071046
Turn Me LooseLedisiCD14B0012677-02602527069722
The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides AgainJohn FogertyCD120013286000602527143323
The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides AgainJohn FogertyCD + DVD-Video12 + 4B0013286-00602527143323
The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides AgainJohn FogertyDigital Media12[none]
OYEAHJovanotti2×CD12 + 806025272835000602527283500
The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides AgainJohn FogertyCD120602527143262602527143262
UnbrokenKatharine McPheeCD13B0013207-02602527131061
Summer of Better TimesKurt MalooCD10272186-80602527218687
Among the Oak & AshAmong the Oak & AshCD13B0012931-02602527049380
The Pursuit (deluxe edition)Jamie CullumCD16B0013655-00602527246574
The PursuitJamie CullumCD14B0013655-02602527240107
BackatownTrombone ShortyCD14B0014194-02602527364131
Magnetic NorthAqualungCD12
TerrifiedKatharine McPheeDigital Media1
Mean Old Man (Deluxe version)Jerry Lee LewisCD18B0014675-02602527470924
BackatownTrombone ShortyCD1506025 27479470602527479477
FellowshipLizz WrightCD120602527470900602527470900
FellowshipLizz WrightCD12B001467302602527470900
Home Sweet Mobile HomeNellie McKayCD13B0014721-02602527480862
Home Sweet Mobile HomeNellie McKayDigital Media17USUM71021195
Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love YouKatharine McPheeCD10B0014838-02602527453125
Selections From Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love YouKatharine McPheeCD3EG074a0063880
The Other Side of ZeroElizabeth and the CatapultCD11B0014836-02602527504971
The Other Side of ZeroElizabeth and the CatapultDigital Media12
The Sun Shines AgainSunshine AndersonCD10B0014948-02602527528229
The LetterAvantCD12B0015135-02602527578170
The LetterAvantCD11602527503950
Mean Old ManJerry Lee LewisCD102747091602527470917
ContactBoney JamesCD10BOO15375
Pieces of MeLedisiCD12
Listen to Me: Buddy HollyVarious ArtistsCD16B0016050-02602527815145
Pieces of MeLedisiCD120602527684475602527684475
Laughing Down CryingDaryl HallCD10VRVF B0015927-02602527785004
Smoking in HeavenKitty, Daisy & LewisCD13B0015992-02602527805795
Laughing Down CryingDaryl HallCD100602527785004602527785004
HollywoodThe Puppini SistersCD11B0016309‐02602527815510
ConquerCarl ThomasCD11001551202602527673523
For TrueTrombone Shorty12" Vinyl14B0015586-01602527877297
The DreamerEtta JamesCD11B0016128-02602527831893
Scale it Back (Remixes)DJ ShadowDigital Media5
RAMUMickey HartCD12B0027530-02602567010777
American DreamJ.S. OndaraDigital Media10602567941927
RocketEdie Brickell & New BohemiansDigital Media13
American Dream (SST studio session) (Mastered for iTunes)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577199264
American Dream (SST studio session)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577199288
LebanonJ.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577110870
Lebanon (SST studio session)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577229299
Lebanon (SST studio session) (Mastered for iTunes)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577229305
Saying GoodbyeJ.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577110894
Saying Goodbye (SST studio session)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577229381
Saying Goodbye (SST studio session) (Mastered for iTunes)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577229398
Torch SongJ.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577428722
Torch Song (SST studio session)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577229343
Torch Song (SST studio session) (Mastered for iTunes)J.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577229350
Tales of AmericaJ.S. OndaraCD11B0028977-02602567927099
Tales of America (Mastered for iTunes)J.S. OndaraDigital Media110602567941842
Tales of AmericaJ.S. OndaraDigital Media110602567941859
Mother ChristmasJ.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577519963
Revolution BluesJ.S. OndaraDigital Media10602577516641
Nice ThingsTank and The BangasDigital Media1
Green BalloonTank and The BangasCD17B0029799-02602577453090
Green BalloonTank and The BangasDigital Media17
RougeYunaDigital Media11
Charmed & StrangeYoavCD11B0010369-02602517425378
The BelieverRhett MillerDigital Media12[none]