Verve Forecast (Verve’s folk and smooth-jazz subsidiary)

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Initially created in 1967 as a folk music focused emanation of Verve Records, it quickly changed its name from Verve Folkways to Verve Forecast due to naming issues with other existing labels.
Going silent with the rest of Verve in the 70s, it was revived during the 90s to (re)issue smooth-jazz, then went silent again after the Seagram merge (its roster being transfered to GRP).
Revived again in 2004 to handle the Verve Music Group non jazz stuff, it inherited from Blue Thumb Records.
Late issues bear the typical VMG ASIN-look-alike catalog numbers, B000XXXX-YY where YY is the product type.

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…and Seven NightsJohn Lee Hooker & The GroundhogsVinyl11FT-3003
ChangesJim & JeanVinyl11FTS-3001
The First SongsLaura Nyro12" Vinyl12FTS-3020
Tim Hardin 2Tim Hardin12" Vinyl10FTS-3022
Mixed BagRichie HavensVinyl11FTS-3006
The James Cotton Blues BandJames Cotton Blues Band12" Vinyl11FTS 3023
For All the Seasons of Your MindJanis Ian12" Vinyl11FTS-3024[none]
Live at Town HallThe Blues Project12" Vinyl7FTS-3025[none]
Magic PeopleThe Paupers12" Vinyl10FTS-3026
Dave Van Ronk and the Hudson DustersDave Van Ronk12" Vinyl11FTS-3041[none]
PlaybackThe Appletree Theatre12" Vinyl16FT-3042
Something Else AgainRichie Havens12" Vinyl10FTS-3034[none]
The Secret Life of J. Eddy FinkJanis Ian12" Vinyl11FTS-3048[none]
Ellis IslandThe Paupers12" Vinyl9FTS-3051[none]
Cold Wind BluesColwell-Winfield Blues Band12" Vinyl7FTS-3056[none]
Greetings, Children of ParadiseBear12" Vinyl10FTS-3059[none]
If Love Is In Your Heart / Zig ZagFriend & Lover7" Vinyl2KF 5091
Tim Hardin 4Tim Hardin12" Vinyl11[none]
Richard P. Havens, 1983Richie Havens2×12" Vinyl9 + 7FTS-3047[none]
StreetStreet12" Vinyl9FTS-3057[none]
Who Really CaresJanis Ian12" Vinyl9FTS-3063[none]
Middle Eastern RockJohn Berberian and the Rock East EnsembleVinyl7FTS-3073
Poet And The One Man BandPoet And The One Man Band12" Vinyl9SVLP 6012[none]
The Best of Richie HavensRichie Havens12" Vinyl122317.001[none]
Songs of Innocence and ExperienceAllen Ginsberg / William Blake12" Vinyl19FTS 3083[none]
Mango TangoTom GrantCD12841 725042284172523
MoonstoneToninho HortaCD10839 734-2
Sky LightRicardo Silveira12" Vinyl9837 696-14228376961
Real Life StoryTerri Lyne CarringtonCD10837 697-2042283769724
Current EventsCurrent EventsCD9839 388 2
Silent WillAndrea MarcelliCD8843652-2042284365222
ZilZilCD8841 929-2042284192927
Edge of the WorldTom GrantCD10843 011-2042284301121
Perfect SmileShakatakCD13847 017-2
Calling YouWilliam GalisonCD11POCJ-10624988005084712
Open Your EyesShakatakCD12314 511 390-2
CapriPaolo RustichelliCD10314 517 206-2731451720628
Pocket CityArt PorterCD11314 511 877-2731451187728
Small WorldRicardo SilveiraCD13314 511 878-2
Straight to the PointArt PorterCD11314 517 997-2731451799723
Worth Waiting ForJeff LorberCD11314-517998-2731451799822
CrossingsSteve KhanCD10314 523 269-2
BewitchedLaura FygiCD12514724-2731451472428
Julian Cannonball AdderleyJulian Cannonball AdderleyCD10MG 36043
PositivityIncognitoCD13314 522 036-2731452203625
Asian GamesRyuichi Sakamoto & Bill Laswell & Yosuke YamashitaCD6314 518 344-2731451834424
UndercoverArt PorterCD11314 523 356-2731452335623
West Side StoriesJeff LorberCD11314 523 738-2731452373823
In TempoSadao WatanabeCD13527 221-2731452722126
100° and RisingIncognitoCD13314 528 000-2731452800022
100° and RisingIncognitoCD13P2-280000208311306225
State of GraceJeff LorberCD10314-531-555-2731453155527
OceanoSérgio MendesCD13314 532 441-2
Planets, Rivers and...IKEABendik HofsethCD11531 234 2
Beneath the SurfaceIncognitoCD14314 534 395-2731453439528
Midnight Without YouChris BottiCD10314 537 132-2731453713222
Forever's a Long, Long TimeOrquestra WasCD11314 533 915-2731453391529
Beneath the Surface (BMG club edition)IncognitoCD14314 534 395-2[none]
Get It TogetherPete BelascoCD125339672
TimePeaceTerry CallierCD12537 317-2731453731721
Pleasures of the NightWill Downing and Gerald AlbrightCD10314 557 613-2
Return of the HeadhuntersThe HeadhuntersCD10539 028-2731453902824
Love Theme From SpartacusTerry CallierCD4569 707-2731456970721
Pleasures of the NightWill Downing and Gerald AlbrightCD10VERCD39
Sweet Somewhere BoundJackie GreeneCD13B0004708-02602498820599
Lazy Lover EPBrazilian GirlsCD5B0003152-02602498633205
While the Music LastsJesse Harris & The FerdinandosCD14B0002193602498619308
Live Your Life With VerveVarious ArtistsCD11VERR-01339-2602498624494
Brazilian GirlsBrazilian GirlsCD12B0003229-02602498634134
Don't StopBrazilian GirlsCD5B0004399-32602498807392
Dreaming Wide AwakeLizz WrightCD130602498815533602498815533
Dreaming Wide AwakeLizz WrightCD12B0004069-02
Catching TalesJamie CullumCD14B0005478-02602498740996
Catching TalesJamie CullumCD + DVD14 + 1B0005562-10602498742839
Brokeback Mountain: Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious ArtistsCD17B0005604-02602498865859
Brazilian GirlsBrazilian GirlsCD12B0003229-02[none]
Don't StopBrazilian Girls12" Vinyl5B0004245-11
Brokeback MountainGustavo SantaolallaCD22VERRO1478-2[none]
Separate WaysTeddy ThompsonCD12B000413202075021039919
The BelieverRhett MillerCD12B0005616-02602498867068
American MythJackie GreeneCD140602498790861602498790861
Brokeback Mountain Theme 'The Wings' RemixesGustavo SantaolallaCD3B0006615-32
The River in ReverseElvis Costello & Allen ToussaintCD130602498560570602498560570
The River in ReverseElvis Costello & Allen ToussaintCD13B0006660-02602498560570
The River in ReverseElvis Costello & Allen ToussaintCD + DVD-Video13 + 1B0006801-10602498567258
Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man: Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious ArtistsCD16B0007169-02602517024083
Riverside Battle SongsOllabelleCD13B0006756-02602498785195
Monsieur Gainsbourg: The OriginalsSerge GainsbourgCD13B0007020-02602498397480
North Hollywood Shootout (BMG club edition)Blues TravelerCD10B0011814-02[none]
Talk to La BombBrazilian GirlsCD12B0006224-02602498509609
JiqueBrazilian GirlsCD5VERR 01512-2
Leonard Cohen: I'm Your ManVarious ArtistsCD160602517024083602517024083
The River in ReverseElvis Costello & Allen Toussaint2×12" Vinyl6 + 7B0006839-01602498564547
Last CallBrazilian GirlsCD2B0007364-32602517043220
Riverside Battle SongsOllabelleCD13602498785195
Ember EPJessie BaylinDigital Media3[none]
Talk to La BombBrazilian GirlsCD1406025 17229210602517229211