Elektra (1950–1989, revived 2009–06-01; read annotations before use)

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please link releases between 1989–2009 that bear the logo with a lowercase "e" perched atop an inclined capital "E" to Elektra Entertainment even if the label name just says "Elektra".

evolution of Elektra logo (1950–present): http://logos.wikia.com/wiki/Elektra_Records

1950: founded by Jac Holzman and Paul Rickolt as Elektra Records.
Elektra logo (original, 1950–1965)
Elektra logo (1965–1980)
1973-08: renamed Elektra/Asylum Records upon merger with Asylum Records, but informally still referred to itself as Elektra Records thereafter.
Elektra logo (1980–1989)
1989: renamed Elektra Entertainment, "a division of Warner Communications Inc."
Elektra Entertainment logo (1989–2004)
1994: renamed again as Elektra Entertainment Group
2004-02: merged into Atlantic Records and moved under the newly-formed Atlantic Records Group; became dormant until 2009.
Elektra logo (reintroduced 2004-2009)
Elektra logo (2009-06-01–2013) : Elektra formally revived as independent entity under Warner Music. (note rounded corners in the prongs of the E and revised font in the "elektra" wordmark)
Elektra logo (2013–present) : Elektra introduces its latest logo (note square corners in the prongs of the E and and revised font in the "elektra" wordmark)

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New SongsJohn Gruen & Georgiana Bannister12" Vinyl11
EKLP 1[none]
Jean Ritchie Singing The Traditional Songs Of Her Kentucky Mountain FamilyJean Ritchie10" Vinyl16
Voices of HaitiMaya Deren10" Vinyl9
Kentucky Mountain SongsJean Ritchie10" Vinyl16